54-day Rosary Novena: Day 11 - Sorrowful in Petition

Confidence – Twelfth Day of October


“Have confidence.” — St. Mark 6:50..


He who serves God with a pure heart and seeks only His glory may always hope that what he undertakes for God will meet with success. He has a better foundation for that hope even when, judging humanly, there is little chance of success, because the works which regard the service of God are above the judgment of human wisdom; they depend upon a higher power. — St. Charles Borromeo.

This holy cardinal had recourse to God by prayer in every circumstance. By prayer he commenced and terminated everything he did, and the more difficult the undertaking the more he prayer. When it seemed that he might almost despair of success, he redoubled his supplications to God without losing confidence. The Lord accordingly blessed all his enterprises; to the great astonishment of all, he succeeded where everything seemed hopeless. Wishing to inspire a person to have confidence in God, he one day related the following which had happened shortly before: “He who has charge of the affairs of my house came to me lamenting that he had no money and that he knew not how he was to meet the necessary expenses. He begged of me to be more sparing in giving alms or in giving to other works of piety, adding that unless I did so I would be completely ruined. I replied that if he trusted in God, He would come to his assistance. This did not satisfy him, and he went away very discontented. Two hours after I received a package of letters, among which was a draft for money from Spain. I sent for my economical housekeeper. Giving him the money, I said: ‘Take this, man of little faith. Do you now acknowledge that Our Lord has not forsaken us?’” The saint added: “The reception of this money was truly a special providence in my regard. The sum of one thousand crowns, it is true, was due me, but not for two months later. Have great confidence in God — I do not say a presumptuous one; it must be regulated by Christian prudence.”


My God, grant that I may serve Thee with a pure heart; that I may seek only Thy glory. Thou wilt come to my help in all my needs, because Thou art my Father.

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