Series: Know Mary, Know Jesus

Confidence – Thirtieth Day of October


“Have confidence.” — St. Mark 6:50.


Temptations are beneficial to you if you resist them from the commencement, if you have recourse to God with much confidence and humility. — St. Jerome.

He who does not combat the temptation is already half vanquished, if not entirely, said this Father. It is with a temptation as with a spark of fire: if it falls upon the clothing, it is easy to extinguish it, to prevent it from doing much harm; but it one does not immediately take means to arrest its progress, what disastrous consequences will follow!

“In temptation we must have recourse to God, throwing ourselves into His arms, upon His breast, acting,” says the Abbé John, “as a man would who, being under a great tree, sees coming towards him several wild beasts; he mounts the tree to place himself in a secure place. We must reflect upon what the Scripture says that God is always at our side to help us.” “We must consider,” say St. Augustine, “that Our Lord sees us, and watches the manner in which we fight.” When this saint was tempted he humbled himself before God, saying, “Lord, I am but dust and am weak; if Thou dost not protect me and take me under the shadow of Thy wing, the birds of prey will devour me.” Again he imagined he saw Our Lord exhorting him to have courage, extending one hand to help him, and holding in the other a brilliant crown to recompense him if was victorious.


My God, when I am tempted I will throw myself with confidence into Thy arms, I will say with love, my tender Father, have pity, save me, or I shall perish.

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