54-day Rosary Novena: Day 10 - Joyful in Petition

Confidence – Second Day of October


“Have confidence.” — St. Mark 6:50.


It is certain that God desires that which is most advantageous to us much more than we desire it ourselves. He knows better than we by what means is entirely in His hands, since it is He Who disposes of all, regulates all things in the world. It is also certain that in events which happen, that which befalls us will always be best for us. — St. Augustine.

St. Francis of Sales, knowing that all the accidents of life, without exception, happen by the order of Providence, reposed in Him with the greatest tranquility, like a child of the bosom of his mother. He said that Our Lord had inspired him with this lesson from his childhood, and that if he had to return to the world, he would despise more than ever all human wisdom, and let himself be entirely governed by divine Providence.

“Let us always serve well our good God, and He will not abandon us,” wrote to his parents that great servant of God, St. Joseph Labre.


O God, Who art my Father, I repose in Thee as a little child on the breast of his mother. Thou wilt not abandon me if I serve Thee with love.

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