Series: Know Mary, Know Jesus

Confidence – Nineteenth Day of October


“Have confidence.” — St. Mark 6:50.


Weak souls, who are filled with self-love and a desire to be esteemed, at the first sign of the slightest calumny take fire, burn with indignation, and cannot recover their peace without many words escaping them. It is not thus with generous souls, who seek only to please God. They know well that God sees their innocence, and that He will not fail to defend them in the way which is most for their good. — St. Augustine.

St. Francis of Sales wrote to the Bishop of Belley as follows: “I have learned that in Paris they have torn my reputation in a most beautiful manner, but I hope that God will mend it so that it will be better than ever, if that be necessary for His service. I desire no other reputation than what is necessary for that. Provided that God is served, what matters it to me if it be done with a good or a bad reputation?” Let him dispose of me as He wills, since I belong to Him. If my abjection serves for His glory, should I not glory in being lowly and despised?

At another time a great calumny was invented against this saint in a matter of chastity. He did not try to justify himself, dear as this virtue was to him, of that of which he was accused. His friends, astonished that he did not defend himself, endeavored to convince him that he was obliged to do so. “A good reputation,” said they, “is necessary that our ministry be not unfruitful.” He only replied, “God knows what good name I need for my ministry; I desire no more.”


My God, I will seek in all things to please Thee. I belong to Thee, dispose of me as Thou wilt. Dost Thou will that I be persecuted, despised? If it be for Thy glory I am resigned, I will it, I desire it.

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