RECAP: Reparation for Our Nation

Confidence – Fifteenth Day of October


“Have confidence.” — St. Mark 6:50.


In the different employments and in the cares which attend them, we must not be disquieted nor act with haste. Devote a reasonable and moderate attention to them, and then leave them to Divine Providence, giving place to Him to regulate things and manifest His will. Be certain that when God wills that an undertaking succeed, delay never harms it; there is always more of Him in proportion as there is less of ourselves in it. — St. Vincent de Paul.

The practice of this saint was to employ human help, no matter how seemly or necessary it might be, only after having had recourse to the divine. He recommended his affairs much to God, remaining tranquil that God might direct all to His own ends and greater glory. He was accustomed to say that matters succeeded well when we follow them, not precede them. One of the Ladies of Charity, full of zeal, begged him with much importunity to look for persons for the establishment of the Congregation of the Daughters of Charity. He felt that it would be difficult to find such as he thought suited for this work. Therefore, regardless of her prayers, he remained quiet, only having recourse to God by fervent prayers, waiting for Providence to discover some means to establish society so useful. Events proved that he had acted wisely in deferring the matter. When the time came he made use of the favorable moment the Lord presented and the matter succeeded admirably.


My God, I will undertake nothing without having first recommended it to Thee. I beseech Thee make Thy will known, because I will only what is Thy will.

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