Confidence – Eighth Day of October


“Have confidence.” — St. Mark 6:50.


Let us endeavor to conceive a great diffidence in ourselves, and always to have this truth present to our mind, that of ourselves we are good for nothing, that we can but spoil the designs of God. If we keep this thought in view, it will cause us to depend entirely upon God and bring us often to Him to obtain His help. — St. Vincent de Paul.

Father Dupont has said that those causes which were for many a subject of discouragement, as the consideration of our weakness, or human frailties, or sins committed, augmented rather than lessened his confidence in God, because it obliged him to meditate upon the goodness and mercy of God, to Whom he had consecrated all that he was and all that he had.

Someone asked Wenceslaus, king of Bohemia, when his army was destroyed and he himself made prisoner, what was the state of his mind. He replied that he had never been more tranquil before in his life. He gave as his reason: “When I was surrounded by human aid, I scarcely had time to think of God; but now, when deprived of it, I place all my confidence in Him. I firmly trust that He will not abandon me.”

St. Philip Neri advised those whom he directed to say frequently: “Do not trust me, my God. I shall certainly fall if Thou dost not come to my help. Aid me; of myself I can only do evil.”


Come to my help, assist me continually, O Lord. When left to myself I can only offend Thee. I place all my confidence in Thee. Thou wilt not abandon me; I ask it through the merits of my Saviour.

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