Virtue of Meekness – Twenty-Sixth Day of May


Learn of Me that I am meek and humble of heart. St. Matt. 11:29.


If it be possible, never permit yourself to become angry; never open the door of your heart to this passion under any pretext whatever. You may not be able to drive it away, neither can you control it at will; but should it happen to take possession of you, hasten and gather your forces to preserve your peace of heart, gently, without violence, as it is important not to increase the wound, but soothe it. — St. Francis of Sales.

A servant of God who was naturally of a violent temper often addressed these words to Jesus Christ: “Lord, teach me to be meek.” When tempted to anger, he repeated without ceasing these words: Blessed are the meek, happy are they who are meek! When he found that he had fallen into this fault, he hastened to make an act of contrition, gave alms to the poor, and practiced during the day many acts of sweetness.


O my God, happy are they who are meek. My dear Saviour, I will learn of Thee to be meek and humble of heart. Grant that I may practice continually the meekness that Thou commandest.

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