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The Sanctification of Our Actions – Nineteenth Day of August

The Sanctification of Our Actions.
“He hath done all things well.” — St. Matt. 7:37.


He who has not experienced it cannot understand how important it is to our sanctification to be attentive and not to be unfaithful in little things. The demon makes use of this means to make us unfaithful in great one. — St. Teresa.

St. Laurence Justinian was more attentive to avoid failing in small things than in more considerable faults. He gave as a reason that when we have a horror of small sins, we have a horror also for greater ones. It suffices to have faith, and not to be deprived of sense, to fly those sins which make us worthy of eternal damnation; but it belongs to the servants of God to fear more than death little sins. He who fears God, said the Holy Ghost, neglects nothing, omits nothing.

There are communities, like that of the Trappists, where a religious, if he be guilty of a great fault, is punished very lightly, if at all; but they do not spare those who fail in little things. Spiritual advantage particularly demands it. It is the great means of preserving in a house religious regularity.


My God, I take the resolution to be faithful in a little things. I will be faithful in them so that I may not fall into greater, and to show that I love Thee.

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