Prayer – Twenty-Ninth Day of September


“We ought always to pray.” — St. Luke 18.1.


There is a certain manner of walking in the presence of God, in which, if the soul desires it, she can be always in prayer and continually inflamed with the presence of God. It is, to think in our different occupations that we do the will of God, and to rejoice therein. — Rodriguez.

St. Francis of Sales, for some years before his death, could not give much time to prayer, owing to the many duties which occupied him relating to the salvation of other. His daughter in Christ, St. Jane Frances, asked him one day if he had prayed. “No,” replied he, “but I have done that which is of more value than prayer.” It was that he kept himself continually united with God. “It is necessary,” he said, “in this world to make a prayer of work and actions.” By this means his life was a continual prayer. Not content to enjoy a delicious union with God by prayer, when there was time to pray, he was still farther united to Him by the joy he experienced in constantly doing His holy will.


My God, grant me grace to be continually united to Thee by love, thinking that I do Thy will, and rejoicing in it.

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