Saint Anthony of Padua and the Infant Jesus by Bartolome Esteban Murillo

Love of Jesus Christ – Eleventh Day of January

Love of Jesus Christ.

If any man love not Our Lord Jesus Christ, let him be anathema.” — 1 Cor. 16:22.


The love which God has for man has made Him prodigal, if may so express it, in giving Himself. Is it not to be prodigal, to give not only all He has, but still more — all He is? — Abbé Guerric.

To the mind of St. Augustine, it seemed that the sun, the moon, stars, mountains, rivers, all in fine, that he saw about him, spoke to him in these words: “Augustine, love God, because He has created all this for thee, that thou mightest love Him.” But if we should love the Son of God for all He has given us, what should we not return Him for having given us Himself? Says St. Bernard. He has given Himself to us entirely; all that He is is ours.

“God has made to men two admirable presents: He has given them His Word and His love, which is all that He has, all His treasure. The possession of the Son of God and of the Holy Ghost is our Sovereign Good. Let us renounce as useless all other treasures to possess these; we will then have within ourselves the plenitude, the kingdom of God.” These reflections are those of Father Surin.


O excess of folly! To have renounced by sin my Sovereign Good. I beg pardon, O my God, for all my sins. I would wish to make satisfaction for all sins committed. Father Eternal, Who art my Father, I beg only Thy divine Son and the Holy Ghost. They suffice for Thee; can they not also be sufficient for my heart?

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