Confidence – Third Day of October


“Have confidence.” — St. Mark 6:50.


Will you have an assurance that you may and that you ought to confide in God? Here is one. Our Saviour has said, I will never abandon you; I will be always with you. If a man who is honest and powerful promised that, you would have confidence in Him. God promises, and you doubt! Do you wish a foundation more sure than the word of God, Who is infallible? Yes, yes, He has promised. He has written, He has given His word. You insult Him if you have not the greatest confidence in Him. — St. Augustine.

St. Hugh, Bishop of Langres, during one night was very much troubled and afflicted in thinking of some evil which threatened him. Recollecting himself, he struck his breast, crying out: “Unfortunate that I am! God has promised to assist us in all our tribulations, and I fear! If anything of evil happen, will it not be by the permission of God, and will I not derive benefit therefrom?”

St. Rose of Lima, whose mother was naturally timid and fearful, inherited this weakness herself. She dared not go from one room to another alone without a light, unless she prayed; then she ceased to fear, or overcame it. One evening she retired into the garden to pray, and remaining longer than usual, her mother became alarmed and went to seek her. But, being afraid to go alone, she begged her husband to accompany her. When Rose saw them she excused herself, and returning with them, made this reflection: “My mother, who is timid when alone, has no fear when with her husband; and I, who am accompanied by my Divine Spouse — I, who have Him beside me, who have Him in my heart, am afraid!” This thought banished forever her terror; when thoughts of fear attacked her, she said: Non timebo mala, quoniam tu mecum es, “I fear nothing, since Thou art with me.”


My God, I have the greatest confidence in Thee. Thou has said, I will never abandon thee. I believe Thee, Thou Who art truth itself.

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