Confidence – Sixteenth Day of October


“Have confidence.” — St. Mark 6:50.


To seek eagerly or with much haste to provide against the accidents of life, or remedy those which attend us, shows a great want of confidence in God. In thus providing for ourselves we show that we confide more in our own care than in His protection, and that we rely more on human wisdom than on His Word. — St. Vincent de Paul.

Father Alvarez was the rector of a very poor college, and the Father who had charge of the household often came to him, relating the pressing needs of the house, and concluding always by saying there was but one thing to be done, to abandon the college. The holy rector, who confided greatly in Providence, asked him if he had recommended his affairs to God. The Father replied that he had not the time to pray. “It is the first thing you should have done,” replied Father Alvarez. “Hasten not to consult God by praying for some time. Do you think this flock has no Master Who wills not that those who belong to Him should live? Go in peace, and believe that all does not depend upon our industry.” The Father obeyed, and it always happened, he said, that Providence provided for their wants by means which often appeared miraculous.


I firmly believe, O my God, that Thou wilt think of me, wilt watch over me, if I am faithful. Thou art the best of masters. I will confide in Thee. Thou wilt conduct me, and nothing will fail me.

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