Confidence – Ninth Day of October


“Have confidence.” — St. Mark 6:50.


I exhort you not to depend upon the friendship or the protection of men; of themselves they are not capable of helping us. When Our Saviour sees that we depend upon them, He departs for us. — St. Vincent do Paul.

This saint not only did not seek the protection or support of the great, by frequently refused it when voluntarily offered to him. The governor of a certain city begged him to intercede for him at the court that he might be successful in some affair he had undertaken, and promised in return that he would protect, as far as in his power, the saint’s missionaries who were being molested by some parties at that time. The saint replied: “I will serve you as far as depends upon myself; but as to the congregation for which you promise to intercede, I beg of you to leave it in the hands of God and of justice.” He made it a rule to seek for nothing through the favor of men.

The brother of St. Jane Frances, who was archbishop of Bourges, desired her to write to the Queen, who had recommended herself to her prayers and those of her Order, saying that it might be beneficial to her to have such a protectress. The saint replied to her brother that she would pray for her Majesty, but refused to write, saying to her religious: “I cannot and ought not to do it. We should remain humble and live a hidden life. We will not seek to attract the esteem of the great. If we do our duty to them by praying for their preservation, for their prosperity, and especially for their salvation, God, Who takes care of all, will dispose them favorably towards us when we need their protection.”

St. Teresa said one day: “I understand now more than ever that there is no reliance to be placed upon the promises of men. The only Friend in Whom alone I can confide is Jesus Christ. When I lean upon Him I am strong, I feel that I could resist all the world if opposed to me.”


Lord, Thou art my refuge, my strength. I will confide in Thee, I will always depend on Thee alone.

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