Confidence – Eighteenth Day of October


“Have confidence.” — St. Mark 6:50.


Let us place our confidence in God and establish ourselves in an entire dependence on Him. Then fear not what men may say or do against us, all will turn to our advantage. Yes, if all the earth should rise up against us, nothing will happen but as God pleases, in Whom we have established our hopes. — St. Vincent de Paul.

A missionary of his congregation, having written to the saint that some powerful persons were endeavoring to destroy the society, he replied, “Let us firmly establish ourselves in an entire dependence on the holy providence of God; let us not be alarmed by these idle fears; for the rest, nothing will happen but as God wills.”


My God, I depend entirely on Thy providence. I place in Thee my hope. Nothing will happen to me except as Thou wilt. I will bless Thee for all. I desire only to do Thy will, to please Thee.

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