Poland Conference 2019 – Pictures Added!

The Fatima Center invites you to
An Historic Fatima Conference 
in Warsaw, Poland

October 11-13, 2019

A Catholic Treasures Pilgrimage 
to Poland and Prague

October 14-22, 2019
with Father Isaac Mary Relyea & Father Michael Rodriguez


Poland has a rich, Catholic heritage that dates back over a thousand years. During the last century, Poland resisted Nazism and Communism and the wave of secularism that has swept over the Western world. More people in Poland identify themselves as Catholic, attend Mass weekly and pray than in any other European country. 

Today, however, during a time of an unprecedented crisis in the Church, there are troubling signs for Catholicism in Poland. Weekly Mass attendance among Polish youth is plunging. Unless immediate action is taken, Poland will follow the rest of the Western world into moral and spiritual ruin.

This October, on the weekend of the 102nd anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun, The Fatima Center will bring the Message of Our Lady of Fatima to Poland with an historic conference in Warsaw.
Join us to learn about and help spread Our Lady’s Message for our times. After the conference, join Father Isaac Mary Relyea and Father Michael Rodriguez for a pilgrimage to holy sites in Poland and Prague, where St. Kolbe, St. Stanislaus, St. Hedwig, St. Wenceslas, St. Norbert, and many others led exemplary Catholic lives.

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