Canada’s National March for Life 2022

Event Recap


Once again this year, The Fatima Center staff and volunteers brought the Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Canada to Canada’s annual March for Life. An exquisite High Mass at St. Clement Parish started off the event. At the rally on Parliament Hill, we joined thousands more to stand for “LIFE from Conception to Natural Death.” We handed out Rosaries and pamphlets promoting the Fatima Message.

Read a first-hand account of the event, “Battle at Parliament Hill.”

The March through downtown Ottawa, led by the Pilgrim Virgin Statue, was followed by priests in cassocks and students of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Academy (New Hamburg). We prayed the Rosary and sang hymns in Latin. Throughout the March, the statue of Our Blessed Mother was the prominent center of attention. At the sight of this beautiful representation of Our Lady of Fatima, the faithful stirringly knelt, prayed, took photos, removed their hats, and made the Sign of the Cross. At the same ‘Vision of Grace’, the small contingent of anti-life demonstrators, including two satanic-flag waving individuals, were driven into vulgar paroxysms of hatred. Our Lady strengthens the faithful and convicts the wicked.

Through the powerful intercession of Her Immaculate Heart, we pray that the world be freed from the satanic rite of abortion.



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2021 March for Life Recap

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