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2020 (and already 2021) have been tumultuous times to say the least! As you may understand, it has been hard for The Fatima Center to host any live events over the past 12 months. However, we did recently move our headquarters to a new office space, and along the way we realized how many great books we still have that should be in your hands! I urge you to check out our major book sale, where we are giving them away for FREE!. All we ask is that you cover shipping and handling. Scroll down for more info and to download the order forms!

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+ J.M.J. +
“And entering into the house, they found the Child with Mary His Mother,
and falling down they adored Him.”
– Matthew 2:11

Dear Friend of Our Lady,

In this our first letter of 2021, I write to you with news: The Fatima Center has moved out of Fort Erie, Ontario.

On November 27, 2020, the Feast of the Miraculous Medal, The Fatima Center completed the sale of its main building in Fort Erie and moved to its new premises in Thorold, Ontario. The Fatima Center had been in Fort Erie for the past 37 years, since Father Gruner arrived there in 1984. Father lived there, built this apostolate there, and died and is buried there.

The decision to leave Fort Erie was not easy. After prayerful discernment, we concluded it was the best course of action for the apostolate for several reasons:

    1. The Way People Interact with the World Is Changing: The Fatima Center has always communicated with the world by mail. We have spread the Fatima Message primarily with printed materials – The Fatima Crusader, books and booklets, pamphlets, prayer cards, and letters. When Father Gruner purchased our main building in 2005, we sent out 3 million pieces of mail annually and needed a large facility to store inventory. Today, people increasingly interact with the world through their computers and smartphones. We still send out a million pieces of mail yearly, but printing and mailing materials is expensive. We can reach far more people with the Fatima Message and the Catholic Faith in a cost-effective way through video, the Internet and social media.
    2. The Fatima Center’s Business Model Is Changing: New technologies, along with a decrease in donations after Father Gruner’s passing, have changed the way The Fatima Center operates. The Fatima Center had its own in-house print shop and order fulfillment section; but now we find it more cost-effective to outsource both functions to a local company. Father Gruner regularly had writers and other content producers travel to Fort Erie to work with his Fatima Center team, requiring temporary on-site housing; new technologies enable us to work with people around the world without them leaving their homes.
    3. Our Building Became Too Big for Our Needs: After outsourcing various functions and coordinating remotely with our own staff, and as our need to store inventory declined, we no longer needed such a large and costly office facility. We were using only 20,000 square feet of a facility almost twice that size. Fixing air-conditioning units, repairing potholes in the parking lot, and other repairs were costly. With today’s economic uncertainty, it was also important for us to gain some financial flexibility by unlocking the value of our building.

For the above reasons, we decided to sell our office building and move into smaller, leased offices. We scoured the area for new premises, but sadly could not find anything viable in Fort Erie. We settled on a 3000 square foot space on the second floor of a two-story building in downtown Thorold, Ontario – a small town that is a 30-minute drive from Fort Erie and 10 miles from Niagara Falls. The building is clean, has lots of natural light, and has room for a small chapel where people can pray before our Pilgrim Virgin Statue and where Holy Mass will be said on the altar on which Father Gruner used to say Mass in his private chapel.

What can you expect from The Fatima Center in its new location? Our core message remains the same: Only obedience to the Message of Our Lady of Fatima can save us from the seemingly intractable problems that beset us. We remain the only Catholic apostolate that promotes the full Message of Fatima and the traditional Catholic Faith. In the course of moving, we went through everything we owned and pared down to the essentials. We are now focused on improving everything we use to spread the Fatima Message – our print offerings, our website, our social media platforms and our videos. We have many exciting initiatives planned for the upcoming months.

In the year ahead, we hope to get to know you better. When Father Gruner died, many thought this apostolate would die soon after. Because of your ongoing support, here we are almost six years later, carrying on Father’s fight to get the Church to know and obey the Fatima Message before it is too late. We also want you to know who we are. In our mailed correspondence, you will find the first of several Fatima Center team profiles enclosed. Together, we will grow in the Faith and work to spread Our Lady’s Message.

I was sad to leave the old building, the place at which Father Gruner worked for so many years. Having visited our new premises several times since, I am renewed in hope. The Magi found Our Lord with His Mother Mary – not in the blessed stable where He was born, but in a better-suited dwelling to which they had relocated. Today, we still find Our Lord with and through Our Lady, in whatever place God leads us to occupy. While The Fatima Center is no longer in the building in which Father Gruner worked, you will still find us hard at work on the mission he gave it. With our move behind us, and with your continued support and Our Lady’s help, we will move ahead with ever-greater passion to usher in the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart.

May God Bess You and Your Family,

Miriam Gruner

P.S. Our move disclosed we are overstocked on several important books. We are happy to send copies of those titles for free to those who cover the shipping costs. Please see the enclosed flyer for details.

P.P.S. The Message of Our Lady of Fatima is more urgent today than ever before. Please help us to use all the means at our disposal to spread it worldwide.


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[*] You cover only the cost of shipping and handling.

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