An Evening Discussion with Fr. James Mawdsley


On Monday April 25, 2022, The Fatima Center hosted its first live and public conference since the onset of COVID related restrictions. Our content director, David Rodríguez, interviewed Fr. James Mawdsely, before an audience of sixty people in Northern Kentucky (Cincinnati metropolitan area). After an informal “Meet and Greet”, Fr. Mawdsley led the Holy Rosary. The interview was followed by a riveting Q&A session with Father providing direct and honest answers to highly complicated (and sensitive) issues plaguing our Church today.

Read the article, “Have Peace in God, Never Lose Hope, and Keep on Fighting.”

The Interview is located HERE on our website (also at Rumble, YouTube, FC Podcast).

The Q&A session is located HERE on our website (also at Rumble, YouTube, FC Podcast).

The response to these events from devotees of Our Lady’s apostolate has been overwhelmingly positive. Here are just a few comments we have received.

From a priest in Australia: “Father Mawdsley’s faith and courage were truly palpable and his answers were simple, straightforward and direct. The answers he gave to certain thorny questions were sound deductions of Thomistic thought and the law of the Church.”

From Elena in North Carolina: “I love the joy and calmness that exudes from Father Mawdsley. My husband and I have learned so much from the ‘Father Gruner and John Vennari’ days and are still learning and being inspired by the work of The Fatima Center and all the great priests you bring to us. Thank you!”

From Maria in Indiana, who also attended our Youth Conference a few years ago: “The video interview was amazing. Father is very inspiring. The Q&A was fabulous. My family and I hope to meet Father one day in person.”

From Michelle in Texas: “I’ve been able to forward Father Mawdsley’s talk and many are asking if you are going to host him again. We need more priests like him.”

Father Mawdsley is currently busy writing some books (e.g. on how the Sacred Scriptures come alive in the Holy Mass and how Mary’s victory over the devil is prefigured throughout the Old Testament). These tasks demand much prayer and quiet reflection, but The Fatima Center hopes to feature him again in our videos and/or conferences.

On that note, The Fatima Center is excited to announce that we will soon be ‘back on the road.’ We are planning for weekend conferences, possibly in New Hampshire and Albuquerque, New Mexico. We are also looking to host some smaller evening conferences, similar in scope to the ‘Evening Discussions’ being held during the month of June in Oklahoma, Washington DC, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Make sure you are signed up for our e-newsletter to receive updated information for all these events.

Please keep Father James Mawdsley in your prayers.

And beg God to inspire more courageous priests to lead us laity in the great spiritual battle now upon us.

And plead God to grant the necessary graces for courageous and orthodox bishops – for we desperately need Successors of the Apostles molded like St. Athanasius, St. John Fisher, and St. Anthony Mary Claret – to lead us in this dire conflict.

St. John Mary Vianney’s Prayer for Priests

O God, we beg Thee to give Thy Church today many priests after Thy own Sacred Heart. May they be worthy representatives of Christ the Good Shepherd. May they wholeheartedly devote themselves to prayer and penance; be examples of humility and poverty; shining models of holiness; tireless and powerful preachers of the Word of God; and zealous dispensers of Thy grace in the Sacraments. May their loving devotion to Thy Son Jesus in the Holy Eucharist and to Mary His Immaculate Mother, be the twin fountains of fruitfulness for their apostolic labor.


Our Lady, Mother of All Priests, pray and intercede for Thy sons.

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Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!