Youth Conference in Buffalo - September 14-16 Event Info

Youth Conference in Buffalo, NY – September 14-16



Come Join us in Buffalo, NY on September 14-16

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“Thou hast made us for Thyself, O Lord, and 
our heart is restless until it finds its rest in Thee.”
 – St. Augustine

In the madness of the modern world, those who want to live the truths of the Catholic Faith often turn to the past. But if the Church is to survive, we must also look to the future.


Like St. Augustine in his time, many Catholic young people today are restless. They believe in Jesus but are not sure what relevance He has for the challenges they face. How can they learn about and grow in the True Faith, while dealing with the pressures brought on by school, work, family, friends, society, the culture and the pleasures and temptations that surround them? Many young Catholics don’t know what the Church teaches on issues that are important to them. Many others  have never even heard of Fatima. This must change!

Our Lady came to Fatima to three young children. She told them what we must do NOW to make the future a time of peace in which the love of God will guide our hearts and minds. It is by acting NOW – in the present – that we can shape the world we live in and the world future generations will inherit. 

Decide now to come away from your restless life for a weekend. Meet Our Lord at Mass and in 
Confession.  Learn about the truths taught by Our Lord, His Church and Our Lady of Fatima, all of which will answer the deepest yearnings of your heart. Listen to talks from amazing speakers on vital issues and get to know other Catholic young people like yourself from all over North America.

After the conference, you will return to your life refreshed, with a new purpose, and on fire with love for Our Lord, Our Lady, and your glorious Catholic faith. By changing your life, you will change the lives of those around you and, together with them, will change the world.

So why a youth conference?  
To save your soul and the souls 
of those you love. What could be more important? Join us!


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