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Our Lady’s Army of Advocates Texas Conference


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A Successful Dallas Conference Sets the Stage for The Fatima Center’s 2018 Efforts

A Special Report from Our Lady’s Apostolate

Dozens of likeminded, concerned Catholics gathered in Dallas, Texas from March 9-11, 2018 for “On Borrowed Time: The Battle for Marriage and the Family.” The first of Our Lady’s Army of Advocates conferences hosted by The Fatima Center in 2018, it was one of the best and most successful to date. Attendees commended the practicality, focus, and timeliness of the weekend.

Nine excellent speakers, including three priests, presented outstanding talks and workshops on the Message of Fatima and the battle underway in the Church and the world being waged over marriage and the family.

Fr. Michael Rodriguez greeted guests with his Welcome Speech at Friday night’s Opening Dinner. Fr. Rodriguez described the three battles of our day: the Battle for Marriage and the Family, the Battle for the Traditional Catholic Mass and Faith, and the Battle for Souls. He encouraged those in attendance to pray Three Hail Mary’s for a better understanding of these issues, throughout the conference.  

Conference Master of Ceremonies Brendan Young gave Saturday’s first talk, called On Borrowed Time: The Battle Intensifies. The Web Editor for Catholic Family News, Mr. Young explained how today’s “decisive battle” was prophesied by Sr. Lucy in 1957 and confirmed by her in the 1980’s. He went on to describe our role in the battle, and the means for victory given us by Our Lady.

Fr. Paul McDonald spoke on The Social Reign of Christ the King, Beginning in the Family. A parish priest near Niagara Falls, Ontario, and long-time friend of The Fatima Center, Fr. McDonald outlined the sovereignty of Our Lord, why and how He must rule over all times, places and persons. He went on to describe the example of Ecuador’s own Consecration to the Sacred Heart in 1874, and how that Consecration was put into practice. Father also spoke on the importance of Enthronement and Consecration to the Sacred Heart in the home.

Traditional Franciscan Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea addressed Living the Fatima Message in the Family. The powerful preacher and speaker detailed many of today’s problems affecting the Church and the family, and how Our Lady’s Message can and must be the solution to this concentrated “diabolical disorientation,” as Sr. Lucy called it. 

Writer and attorney Christopher Ferrara presented This Time It’s Different: Cardinals and Bishops Must Resist the Pope to Defend the Church. As disorder and lenience rule in today’s Church, and the confusion of the past half-century seeming to culminate in Amoris Laetitia, Mr. Ferrara described how prelates must summon the necessary courage to do their duty in resisting the Pope. The Consecration of Russia is the solution chosen by Heaven to restore order to the Church and mankind.

Traditional Catholic apologist and radio host David Rodriguez provided attendees with an engaging workshop entitled The Traditional Mass: A Refuge in a Time of Crisis. Mr. Rodriguez used various examples of the beauty and orthodoxy inherent to the Traditional Roman Rite which have always sustained Catholics during periods of heterodoxy and uncertainty in the Church’s history.

Acclaimed attorney and international child rights advocate Elizabeth Yoreclosed Saturday with a bonus presentation entitled Save the Persecuted Christians. Mrs. Yore provided not only her own expert commentary, but moving photos and video footage to illustrate the very real and calculated violent oppression of Christians being carried out today, throughout the world. This terrorism is especially directed toward women and children, part of the ongoing battle against the family. The only real and effective solution to this is Our Lady, Who told us that only She can help us.

Sunday’s proceedings opened with Fr. Michael Rodriguez’s talk My Immaculate Heart Will Triumph: Purity in Marriage and the Family. Fr. Rodriguez explained the nature and importance of purity in marriage and the family, in its various aspects, including a deep reverence for Almighty God as instilled in the Little Shepherds of Fatima by the Angel and Our Lady. The priest of the Diocese of El Paso also described various ways to guard purity, including different forms of devotion to the Blessed Virgin and St. Joseph.

Dr. Brian McCall, professor and associate dean at the University of Oklahoma’s Law School, presented The Attack on the Natural Law on Marriage. Dr. McCall described the unchangeable and timeless nature of marriage, the teaching of ancient Greek philosophers and especially the doctrine of the Angelic Doctor, Saint Thomas Aquinas. The professor also exposed modern errors, including those incorporated into Amoris Laetitia.

Remnant Newspaper editor Michael Matt’s talk was entitled Raising Catholic Kids in an Anti-Catholic World. Mr. Matt offered those present a number of amusing and helpful examples on the topic, gleaned from his own two-decades-long experience of being a traditional Catholic father.

Elizabeth Yore provided the final talk of the conference, called The New World Order Pope and Building the Resistance Movement. Mrs. Yore masterfully detailed the connections and shared ideologies of the present Pontiff and the architects of the New World Order, especially George Soros. Themes like global warming are distractions from the real, pressing issues of the day, and these will only be solved by the Consecration of Russia and the subsequent restoration of the Traditional Catholic Faith. To help bring this about, we all must do our part in resisting the novelties of the current Pope, and do everything we can to fulfill all of Our Lady’s Fatima requests.

Finally, Fr. Michael Rodriguez hosted a popular “Ask Father” session, answering numerous questions posed by the audience.

The conference also included the daily Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and recitation of the Rosary. Attendees had the chance to approach the various priests present, purchase interesting books and quality sacramentals, and take home helpful Fatima Center literature and other materials, not only for their own benefit, but to help their family members and friends learn more about Our Lady’s crucial Message.

A real and affirming sense of camaraderie was felt at meals and break times, as returning and newly-enlisted advocates in Our Lady’s Army prepared themselves to return to the intensifying battle, and help win Her victory!

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