Our Lady of Sorrows with Our Lord

Know Mary, Know Jesus … No Mary, No Jesus!



How will you survive the next seven years?
You won’t without a Marian Devotion!

You and I must enroll in
the school of Our Lady!

The Fatima Center has begun an ambitious project to “enroll” as many souls as possible in “the school of the Blessed Virgin.” In a series of videos and podcasts entitled “Know Mary, Know Jesus” (a.k.a. No Mary, No Jesus), traditional priests will help us grow in our love for the Holy Mother of God  – pondering Her life, Her virtues, Her mysteries, and Her many titles. Production on this series has already begun, but we need your help to bring this important endeavor to completion!

In our diabolically disoriented age, we must have a tender devotion to Our Lady to persevere in grace. Such a devotion is not optional – Our Lord insists upon it. When Sister Lucia asked Our Lord why He would not convert Russia without its Consecration, He replied: “Because I want My whole Church to acknowledge that Consecration as a triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary so that it may … put the devotion of the Immaculate Heart beside the devotion to My Sacred Heart.”

To love someone, you must first know him or her. Our Lady is too little known in the world today. Instead, many attack Our Lady’s Immaculate Conception, Her role as Co-Redemptrix, Her Rosary, and other Marian devotions. This series will not only deepen your devotion, but help explain Our Lady to others. The Scriptures promise that those who explain Her will have eternal life.

“KNow Mary, KNow Jesus” series can be found here

A new episode will be posted every Sunday at 10 AM EST on our YouTube channel

Video Series includes:

Father Daniel Couture

Father Michael Rodriguez

Father Shannon Collins



The “KNow Mary, KNow Jesus” series is essential for The Fatima Center because it advances our primary objective. This series will help many souls come to know and love Our Lady, imitate Her virtues, and explain Her to others. It will help us make Reparation to Console Our Mother – The Fatima Center’s theme for 2021 – by performing the Five First Saturdays devotion with greater fervor. It will help merit the graces so desperately needed for the Church hierarchy to consecrate Russia.

Given the importance of this project, we are determined to launch it immediately, despite not having the funds to complete it. The costs of quality video production are high, but the stakes in the battle for souls are higher. 


Our Heavenly Queen is the highest created model of Christian virtue. She is blessed among women – blessed in the great humility She modeled in the Annunciation, blessed in the great generosity She modeled at the Marriage feast in Cana, blessed in all the virtues modeled throughout Her life. By your prayers and donations, please help us make Her better known, honored, and loved throughout the world for the good of souls. May Our Lady, in turn, reward you!

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