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Who taught you the Faith? Was it your parents, a priest, a nun, or a teacher? 

Who is teaching the Faith to young people these days?  How often have we seen our siblings, children, grandchildren, other family members and friends, who were once Catholic, get swallowed up by the depraved culture that surrounds us. We know it takes a strong faith to stand in this hurricane of godlessness!


Will you help young people come to know the love Our Lord and Our Lady have for them? Will you help sponsor our first –


Our Lord asked, “When the Son of Man comes, shall He find faith on the earth?” Today, His question is more relevant than ever. 

Just last month, over 90% of the young people of Ireland – Catholic Ireland? – voted to legalize the killing of the unborn. A Gallup poll from April disclosed that only 25% of young American Catholics attend Mass weekly. 

The faith of the young is dying.  Who will teach it to them?  Will it be




The whole secular world is sunk in hedonism and materialism! Our young people are hammered on all sides by those who want them to think life is about pleasure and how much stuff you can lay your hands on! 

These days we cannot even count on the Vatican to transmit the truths of the Faith.  Our conference will take place one month before the Vatican’s Youth Synod in October.  Incredibly, instead of teaching young people the life-giving truths of Our Lord, the Vatican wants youth to tell the Church what it should teach.

Correspondent Edward Pentin reported that the Vatican issued a working document for its Youth Synod that “appears to place heterosexual and homosexual couples on the same level” and put on its synod website a photo of a “girl wrapped in a rainbow flag, the emblem of the homosexual movement.” 

The spiritual hunger of the young is real and deep, a source of anguish crying out in the depths of their being!  Only the Catholic Faith and the Fatima Message can satisfy that hunger.

The speakers at our “Fatima for the Next Generation” Conference will address what it means to be young and Catholic in today’s world in light of such vital questions as:

  • What is my role as a young Catholic in the world today?
  • Where can I learn the true Faith amid all the confusion?
  • How can I make progress in the spiritual life?
  • How do I remain pure in an impure world?
  • How can the Message of Fatima help me save my soul?

Youth attending the conference will also have the opportunity to hear Mass, go to Confession and receive spiritual guidance from four faithful priests.  They will also meet other young Catholics like themselves from all over North America.

If our conference is a success, we will consider having others in the near future.  If we can create a core of young, committed Catholics, armed with the Message of Fatima and the true Faith, we can gain a foothold on the future.

To pull off this conference, we need your help more than ever!

Please pray for the success of our conference.  And if you can, please help us out with the costs of the conference. 

To encourage young people to attend, we have set very reasonable prices for the weekend.  This means that we have to bear much of the financial burden.  Despite our best efforts, that burden is still substantial – more than $200 per person for the weekend. 

Given our precarious financial situation, we are concerned that we have put ourselves out on a financial limb by undertaking this project.  But we are consoled by two truths. 

First, we have Our Lady on our side.  Without Her, we can do nothing; with Her, there is nothing we cannot do.  I know She will help us find a way to make this project work.

Second, you have never let us down.  Through all of the years during which Father Gruner labored alone to keep the Message of Fatima alive and through the tumultuous three years since his passing, you have always stood with us.  I know you will help us find a way to make this project work.      

So, if you can, please make a donation to help us with the conference expenses.  All of the Masses offered and Rosaries said at the conference will be for the intentions of the donors who made the conference possible and we will ask the young people attending to keep you in their prayers for long afterwards.  

All of us remember with deep gratitude the efforts of people in our past who helped us to come to or deepen our Catholic faith.  Through your prayers and donations towards our youth conference, you have the opportunity to play that role for a young Catholic.  Our faith is truly the most precious gift we have.  What a great privilege it is to help to give that gift, and the everlasting benefits that it brings, to another soul.


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