The Devil’s Final Battle

Would you be surprised to learn that the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the sex scandals wracking the Catholic Church and the great economic collapse of 2007-2009 are profoundly related?

This relation becomes amazingly clear when the three events are viewed through the prism of the Message of Fatima. This Message is the key to understanding our present history and how our future will be determined—a future that promises either worldwide deep and lasting peace and prosperity, or death and destruction on a scale never before seen.

We have been given a choice—two paths to follow: one prescribed at Fatima by Heaven, and the other charted by human folly and demonic intelligence. The first will lead us to salvation, here and hereafter; the second, to untold suffering for all in the near future, and, for many now living, to suffer horribly for all eternity.

This latest edition of The Devil’s Final Battle places this choice before us in the plainest and most compelling terms.

The Mother of God warned us when She came to Fatima, Portugal, over 90 years ago, in a series of apparitions authenticated by a public miracle without precedent in world history. Since that time, the published prophetic admonitions in the Message of Fatima are either being fulfilled in an ongoing manner or have already been fulfilled—save for one: “various nations will be annihilated”. Our Lady of Fatima with great sadness warned that this would be one of the most terrible consequences of ignoring or despising Her requests.

The Fatima apparitions have been deemed authentic by a series of Popes and are now commemorated in the Roman Missal (the basic book of Catholic worship) by the decree of Pope John Paul II. And yet, in what must be seen as a mystery of iniquity, the Virgin”s simple requests remain unfulfilled due to conscious decisions by some of the highest-ranking prelates in the Catholic Church. The result, just as She predicted, is an ever-deepening crisis in the Church and the world, accompanied by a growing sense, even among non-Catholics, that we are witnessing the beginning of an apocalypse.

Yet, Fatima remains the Only Solution that will deliver mankind—and each one of us—from the otherwise inevitable disaster NOW overtaking us.

The Fatima solution is opposed by various people. Some are what the enemies of Fatima would call “useful idiots”, some are simply ignorant or else misinformed; but there is a hard core of very intelligent, very knowledgeable people who set themselves deliberately against Our Lady of Fatima and Her Peace Plan from Heaven.

Their opposition is as REAL as it is FOOLISH. Especially foolish for those present-day powerful prelates who oppose the Fatima peace plan because they have been warned by Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself that for their opposition they will reap misfortune for themselves similar to Louis XVI, the beheaded King of France.



The Devil’s Final Battle Book One
The Devil’s Final Battle Book Two
La Battaglia Finale del Diavolo (Italian)

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