Mesmerized By The Bear

The Great Soviet Deception, Part II

America and the West are being massively deceived in the current atmosphere of peace, disarmament and partnership between East and West. We face incredible danger over the next few years if current trends are not reversed. Readers of this report are strongly encouraged to distribute it as widely as possible — especially to government, military, and media leaders in America, the NATO countries, South Africa etc.

Due to lack of space we are unable to reprint the full report but please write The Fatima Crusader if you wish a copy of the complete report.

by Don McAlvany, Editor of The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor. 
Originally published in the MIA, May, 1990

“The Soviet goal remains world domination.” General Bernard W. Rogers — NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander — Europe. 1979-87.

“To defeat an enemy you must first demoralize them and destroy their will to resist. The most consummate art is to subdue your enemies without having to fight them on the field … Destroy by all means the weapons supplies of your opponents.” Sun Tsu — “The Art of War” — 500 B.C.

War to the hilt between communism and capitalism is inevitable. But today we are too weak to strike. Our day will come in 30 – 40 years. But first we must lull the capitalist nations to sleep with the greatest overtures of peace and disarmament known throughout history. And then, when their guard is dropped, we will smash them with our clenched fist.” Dimitri Manuilski — In a speech to the Lenin School for Political Warfare in Moscow in the 1930s.

From his many public statements, we know Gorby is working for the total enslavement of the whole world to Communist Russia. He is using the U.S.A. to pay the billions of dollars it costs to bring this about.

Is communism really dead? Is the cold war really at an end? Is Gorbachev really a great man of peace? Is the Soviet empire really in its terminal crisis? Why have American leaders for over 50 years consistently helped the Soviet empire grow and expand even as its leaders have promised to bury us? The answers to these questions could determine the future of mankind for generations, if not for centuries.

What is really happening in the Soviet empire? It is not disintegrating as the Western press keeps repeating. It is restructuring, rearranging, reorganizing, and rearming preparatory to its final thrust for world domination in the next five to ten years. Communism is not dead, as long as the Marxist-Leninist religion and dream of world conquest lives on in the minds of its leaders in the Kremlin. Gorbachev is not a great man of peace nor is the cold war over as long as his military machine continues to grow to the most formidable size in world history and he continues to ship $15-$20 billion in Soviet arms a year to Angola, Mozambique, Libya, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Central America, and the Philippines while fanning a dozen wars of national liberation.

Mikhail Gorbachev is not a reformer, nor a closet liberal, nor a Christian, as the Western media tells us. He is the hardest core Marxist-Leninist since Lenin himself — the man former Soviet President Andre Gromyko described as: “Behind the smile are teeth of iron.” In a speech to a large group of Russian students [11-15-89] Gorbachev said: “We are for a Lenin who is alive … In building our future we are basing ourselves upon the gigantic intellectual and moral potential of the socialist idea linked with the theory of Marxism-Leninism … We see no rational grounds to give up the spiritual richness contained in Marxism … “Through restructuring [perestroika] we want to give Socialism a second wind and unveil in all its plenitude the vast humanist potential of the socialist system. To achieve this, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union returns to the origins and principles of the [Bolshevik] revolution, to the Leninist ideas about the construction of a new society … Our Party was and remains the Party of Lenin … In short, we are for a Lenin who is alive … We must seek the answers guided by the spirit of Leninism, the style of Lenin’s thinking, and the method of dialectical cognition.”

Does this sound like a man who is presiding over the death of communism? The Lenin whom Gorbachev worships said: “We advance through retreat”; “When we are weak, boast of strength”; and “When we are strong, feign weakness.” The old dialectical Leninist doctrine of taking two steps forward, and then one back, to confuse your enemies, is certainly being applied by his disciple, Gorbachev, today. It is called “scientific socialism” by the faithful, and of course Gorbachev has said that he does not want to discard socialism but to renew, restructure and strengthen it.

At first glance, it seems as if the communist bloc is unraveling. But in reality, the Soviet Union is in complete control of the liberalization process and is simply meticulously following the KGB script laid out by Yuri Andropov and the KGB almost ten years ago. But there is a second script, a script being pushed by Western socialist leaders from Washington to Bonn to Brussels, and that script calls for a world, socialist government (the New World Order) by the end of this decade, which will merge the economic and political interests of America, Western and Eastern Europe, the Soviet bloc and the Orient into one giant world socialist government (or dictatorship).

There is also a third script, one which is harder to define or quantify, but which is nevertheless coming to the forefront and that is the script of the New Age Movement — an occultic, quasi-supernatural script which calls for a global government by the year 2000. All three of these scripts (conspiracies, if you will) have a target date of around the year 2000 for their respective forms of world government; all three parallel, overlap, co-operate and mutually advance each other; all three (in the view of this writer) are distinctly different; and all three (in the view of this writer) have an evil, supernatural, satanic dynamic pushing them along. As things now stand, it would seem that some combination of these three scripts (or conspiracies) could succeed in establishing a global government before this decade is over.

This issue of MIA will analyze these three scripts; it will analyze the Soviet’s great strategy of deception in Europe; it will examine current developments in Nicaragua; look at the massive Soviet arms buildup and explore a strategy of survival for America.

I. A Tale Of Three Scripts

A. The Soviet Strategy In Europe

What is happening in Europe today is an elaborate Soviet script (written almost a decade ago) to rearrange the European chess board in such a way as to shift the balance of world power, or correlation of forces in favor of the Soviet Union by the end of this decade. Some of the key elements in this script are:

1) Russia would feign economic collapse  She is actually far stronger than the West is now being misled to believe as any close analysis of her military strength and production, her space program, her oil, minerals, and industrial production would indicate. Soviet leaders have simply chosen to direct most of their economic energy into military expansion instead of normal economic endeavors. The Soviet and Western press complain about a shortage of soap and toilet paper, while the Kremlin builds a multi-billion dollar nuclear submarine every 37 days out of titanium which the Pentagon cannot afford.

2) Russia would declare communism dead, the cold war over and a new wave of democracy emerging in the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc. Communist Parties throughout the bloc would be innocuously renamed [i.e., Social Democrats etc.], reorganized, restaffed with lesser known communists at the top, and secret police organizations “publicly” disbanded, but “privately” renamed, reorganized, and perpetuated. Opposition political groups would be allowed to flourish, but would be infiltrated by the communists and the secret police. Rigged elections would be held with much media fanfare. It should be remembered that the communists like to produce their own competition — a fake competition which they control [i.e., Solidarity in Poland].

[Ed. Note: The name communism will fade from the scene and some name similar to Democratic Socialism will be adopted. All communists will call themselves “socialists” almost from this time forward.]

3) The Iron Curtain would be opened and the Berlin Wall dismantled  The psychological impact of these moves on the West and the “illusion” of the collapse of communism was calculated by Andropov and Co. to almost totally eradicate the “threat perception” from the Soviets in the West.

4) The Soviets would launch the most spectacular disarmament campaign in history – “publicly” making great concessions, signing the INF Treaty and the START Treaty, and then massively cheating on these and all previous treaties, while professing to be abiding by same. Only gullible Western belief in elements 1-3 above would entice the West into massive disarmament while the Soviets continue the most massive but clandestine arms buildup in history. [See Section IV below]

5) The Soviets would allow East and West Germany to reunite  but only if a united Germany becomes neutral, pulls out of NATO, and allows Soviet troops to remain stationed on its soil. Since Germany is the key country in NATO, her withdrawal would cause the collapse of NATO and all of Europe will become neutral and Finlandized.

[Ed. Note: Finland was a country which Stalin permitted in 1949 to do everything it wanted, while remaining as much at Stalin’s mercy (via vast military intimidation) as any part of Soviet territory was. To be at a dictator’s mercy cannot be called freedom in the Western political sense. Finland was given its special status because of Stalin’s permission and the military Sword of Damocles the Soviets had over its head. Finland almost always votes with the Soviets in the UN. A neutralized, disarmed, post-NATO Western Europe will be similarly Finlandized.]

Once German reunification has occurred, Russia will make a major effort to separate Germany from the rest of its Western neighbors politically, militarily, and psychologically.

6) America would be pressured to pull all of its troops and armament out of Western Europe  in the new post-cold war, post-communism era of European neutrality. Pacifist European governments and populations would demand such a pull-out and leftists/communists pressure in the European and US media, and Congress, would make such a US pull-out a fait accompli. Indeed such pressure in Europe and America has already begun.

7) America and the West would come in and financially bail out the “newly democratized” Eastern European states and the Soviet Union itself  America and Western Europe will pick up the $40 – $50 billion a year tab for financing Eastern Europe formerly paid by Russia. Direct US financial aid to Russia has already been proposed in the US Congress and by certain Establishment types. US bank, IMF, and World Bank credits to Russia are beginning to flow, and over the next five years over $100 billion in credits and business projects in Russia will be injected by the West.

8) High technology transfers from America and the West would accelerate  in the light of elements 1-5 above.

Much of Russia’s high technology has come from the West (bought, borrowed, given, stolen, etc.). America built the highly acclaimed Kama River truck factory for Russia in 1972 and Bush is busy modernizing it for Gorbachev today. It produces 300,000 military vehicles per year. Nixon and Kissinger pushed through the sale of America’s ball bearing technology in the early ’70s which allowed the Soviets to produce MIRVed (multiple warhead) missiles. Soviet espionage stole the US secret to the atom bomb detonator and the US technology on our nuclear submarines running silently. Now new Russian subs run silently and are therefore difficult or impossible to detect.

The Soviets did not just fall off the turnip truck technologically. (Never underestimate your enemy!) They lead America in space and many areas of weapons technology, and graduate ten times more scientists and engineers than America does each year. But they hope to make some quantum weapons breakthroughs in the 1990s in post-nuclear weaponry which are currently developing with new high technology from Japan, Europe, and America — breakthroughs which could seal America’s fate once and for all. The Soviet hierarchy believes that the key to world domination is unlimited access to Western science and technology.

9) NATO and the Warsaw Pact would be dissolved and an all European security force combining the armies of Eastern and Western Europe would be formed. Of course, Russia would be the dominant military factor in a demilitarized Europe, and would then Finlandize the balance of Europe. Western Europe would have to be completely denuclearized in this scenario (and is moving rapidly in that direction at this writing).

10) Eastern and Western Europe would be merged into one common European home – This merger would first be economic, and then political. A united Europe would be neutral, socialist, Finlandized, and would exclude the US economically and militarily. Soviet policy has never wavered from driving the US (their ultimate enemy) out of Europe and isolating America. Gorbachev and “the script” visualize one socialist union from the Vladivostok to the Atlantic — dominated by Russia of course.

11) The Chinese threat to Russia’s southeast would be neutralized by the signing of a Sino/Soviet non-aggression pact. Such a treaty is being presently negotiated and some partial agreements have already been signed.

12) With Russia’s Western and Eastern flanks neutralized, America excluded from Europe, disarmed and demoralized, Russia would be free to move militarily into the Persian Gulf to dominate the Persian Gulf oil fields. That is part of the Brezhnev Doctrine (1973) to grab the two treasure chests upon which the West depends: The Persian Gulf oil fields and the strategic minerals of Southern and South Africa. The latter could be a fait accompli within 2-4 years and the former by the latter part of the 1990s. When that happens, the West will have been checkmated and the de facto surrender (it would innocuously be called “accommodation”) of the US and the West would in all likelihood follow.

[Ed. Note: Some students of the BIBLE call that the Armageddon Scenario.]

The above twelve-part scenario is the KGB script for Soviet world domination by the end of the 1990s. It was first written about by two former KGB officials: Anatoliy Golitsyn, about a decade ago, and published in his book, NEW LIES FOR OLD (now out of print) in 1984; and Ion Pacepa in his book, RED HORIZONS. These former KGB operatives believe that “the script” is intended to rescue and expand Eastern Europe and Russia’s tyranny, convert it into a Euro-socialist communist tyranny; and then into a universal socialist tyranny via: 1) a unified Europe; 2) an all European common market; and 3) finally a New World Order.

The report by D. McAlvany has 2 more sections here namely:

B. The Push For A New World Order

C. The New Age World Government

But the text of the 2 sections is omitted here due to lack of space. To obtain a copy of the complete report write The Fatima Crusader or call 1-800-263-8160.

II. Theaters Of Deception

“All warfare is based on deception” Sun Tsu, 500 B.C.

“In consequence, the communist strategists are now poised to enter into the final, offensive phase of the long range policy … to engage in maneuvers and stratagems beyond the imagination of Marx or the practical reach of Lenin and unthinkable to Stalin. Among such previously unthinkable stratagems are the introduction of false liberalization in Eastern Europe, and probably, in the Soviet Union and the exhibition of spurious independence on the part of the regimes in Romania, Czechoslovakia, and Poland.” Anatoliy Golitsyn from his book NEW LIES FOR OLD — written in 1984, pg. 327 & 328.


The present Soviet leadership has developed history’s most comprehensive and Machiavellian plan to destabilize the West and ultimately defeat it through systemic deception. The Soviets have learned that the American people have a very short attention span, are easily seduced by media-generated illusions, and find it difficult to detect camouflage and deception. They are presently creating the illusion of peace, the death of communism, the demilitarization of the Soviet bloc, and friendship — while planning and perpetrating exactly the opposite.

As Gary Moes wrote recently in the CHALCEDON REPORT (P.O. Box 158, Vallecito, CA 95251): “About 30 years ago, a congress of all world communist parties agreed to resurrect a strategy which Lenin implemented with astonishing success in morally and physically disarming the internal and external opponents of his program. The strategy, conceived by his secret police, was disinformation — the deliberately false portrayal of the true conditions and practices of the communist world in order to elicit desired reactions from the non-communist world. In periods of true weakness and crises within the communist world, the carefully crafted image was one of aggressive strength and expansion, and all communist practice was geared to create that image. In periods of actual strength and solidarity within the communist leadership, the system was portrayed as weak, struggling, transitional and (because of humbly admitted needs) open to co-operation with the Western family of nations.

“To dissipate the barriers posed by the military/industrial colossus in the West, the Soviet bloc had to be portrayed as peace-loving and on a road toward convergence with the West ideologically — in short, no longer a threat. Thus the massive and disarmament drives of recent years. To disarm the democracies, there had to be convincing proof that the democratic road was being taken. And to convince the world that the forces for democracy were real, there would have to be, for a time, resistance from on high, even feigned capitulation.

“This strategy has been detailed and comprehensive, almost beyond imagination, and the current swift events in the Eastern Bloc are the culmination of long years of careful planning and skillful manipulation. The extent of the deception and its detailed objectives have been known (though largely disregarded) for several years, thanks to revelations by a handful of key, knowledgeable insiders who have defected to the West, notably the former KGB officer Anatoliy Golitsyn and the former chief of the Romanian secret service Ion Pacepa. Both have written alarming exposes of the disinformation program; Golitsyn’s NEW LIES FOR OLD (Dodd, Mead & Co., 1984) and Pacepa’s RED HORIZONS (Regnery Gateway, 1988). A new book by Edward Jay Epstein, DECEPTION (Simon and Schuster, 1989), pulls together the revelations of these two experts and further analyzes the implications for the West of the communist disinformation strategy.”

“Golitsyn, writing the bulk of his work prior to Brezhnev’s death, predicted in minute detail the current events, which he portrayed as the culmination of a long time of massive deceptions.

“In his 1984 book he wrote: ‘Certainly, the next five years will be a period of intense struggle. It will be marked by a major coordinated offensive intended to exploit the success of the strategic disinformation program over the past 20 years and to take advantage of the crisis and mistakes it has engendered in Western policies toward the communist bloc. The overall aim will be to bring about a major and irreversible shift in the balance of world power in favor of the Soviet bloc as a preliminary to the final ideological objective of establishing a worldwide federation of communist states … Western acceptance of the new ‘liberalization’ as genuine would create favorable conditions for the fulfillment of communist strategy for the United States, Western Europe, and even, perhaps, Japan.'”

The report by D. McAlvany has 7 more extremely important sections here namely:


A. Deception in Poland
B. Deception in Romania
C. Deception in East Germany
D. Deception in Czechoslovakia
E. Deception in Afghanistan and Angola


A. Who is Violeta Chamorro and Can She Turn Nicaragua Around?
B. Will the Sandinistas Really Yield Power?

But the text of those 7 sections is omitted here due to lack of space. To obtain a complete report write The Fatima Crusader or call us at 1-800-263-8160.

III. Is Communism Really At An End In Nicaragua?

C. Conclusion

In addition to the army, the Sandinistas may also continue to control the Interior Ministry — which is in charge of the communist secret police (i.e., the Sandinista State Security Command). The Sandinistas will have 40% of the Parliament, and can thereby block any constitutional changes. They have already voted themselves total amnesty for their theft, murders, and other atrocities and legalized the confiscation of over 10,000 homes during the ’80’s by thousands of Sandinista party officials. They will control the military, have at least partial control of the Secret Police, and will, therefore, still exert major control over the country.

The Sandinistas control the following institutions in Nicaragua: 1) The Army; 2) The militia; 3) The Police — both Secret and overt; 4) The committees for Defense of the Revolution  which for a decade have spied on the populace and distributed food ration cards; 5) The Intelligence Agencies; 6) The trade union; 7) The street mobs; 8) The television stations; 9) The schools and educational system; and 10) All government departments — trade, justice, education, etc. The communists will not quickly, if ever, relinquish control of these groups. They will through their traditional tactics of agitation, subversion, and manipulation remain a powerful fifth column within Nicaragua until they can push their revolution back into total power — but only after massive U.S. economic aid has come in a la Eastern Europe.

IV. The Soviet Military Buildup vs. Western Disarmament

“Proposals for nuclear and conventional force reductions are flowing freely from Soviet officials. Hopefully they will eventually lead to something good. On the other hand, real-world trends in Soviet strategic nuclear weapons deployment — the kind that directly threaten the United States — have little or no resemblance to Mikhail Gorbachev’s soothing words.” Major General Henry Mohr (U.S. Army Ret). March 3, ’89.

“Since Gorbachev took office, the Soviets have fielded more tanks and artillery pieces than currently exist in the combined armies of Britain, France, and West Germany.” General James Galvin, Supreme Allied Commander in Europe.

“The Soviets hope their reductions will diminish the West’s perception of a Soviet threat while enhancing the reality of that threat. This is consistent with Gorbachev’s claims that the goal of Gorbachev’s glasnost policy is to ‘eliminate the enemy of the USSR’.” Eugene Rostow, Chairman, Committee on the Present Danger, September 5, ’89.

Soviet military power and superiority over the US, NATO, and the West combined is formidable and growing, in spite of the perception of peace, disarmament, the death of communism, end of the cold war, and breakup of the Soviet empire. Today, the Soviet Red Army is the world’s strongest and best equipped with modern weapons, a fact which any top military or intelligence official in the world (if he can speak freely) will acknowledge. While America invests 6% of GNP annually on defense, and our allies roughly half of that, the Soviets spend a staggering 18%.

Soviet Military Supremacy

– 1990 UPDATE –

1. ICBM launchers
1,448 (plus 200 covert SS‑16s)
Heavy ICBM launchers
820 plus
2. ICBM launchers reload/refires
1,448 (plus 200 covert SS‑16s)
3. ICBM warheads
7,000 to 8,200
4. ICBM warheads reload/refires
7,000 to 8,200
5. Counterforce ICBM warhead
6,140 to 7,372
6. Counterforce ICBM reload/refire warheads
6,140 to 7,372
7. Ballistic Missile Submarines
8. Intercontinental‑range SLBMs
9. Intercontinental‑range SLBM warheads
10. Total SLBMs (Sea‑Launch Ballistic Missiles)
11. Total SLBM warheads
12. Cruise Missile Submarines
13. Estimated SLCMs (Sea‑Launch Cruise Missiles)
3,000 to 6,000
14. Intercontinental Bombers
15. Bomber weapons
16. Total Intercontinental Delivery Vehicles
Total Intercontinental Warheads
15,188 to 16,420
17. Online Ballistic Missile Throw‑weight
estimated 4.4 million lbs
estimated 12.4+million lbs
18. Predominant Age of Strategic Systems
average 20 years
average of 4 or fewer years
19. Estimated Strategic SAMs
20. ABMs (Anti‑Ballistic Missiles)*
100 (plus about 8,000 estimated strategic ABMs with covert ABM capability)
21. Estimated ABM‑capable SAMs
22. Interceptor Aircraft
23. Air‑defense Radars
7,000 plus
24. operational ASAT Systems
6 system types
25. Satellites for Detecting Submerged Submarines
estimated 2 system types
26. Percentage of ICBMs defended by ABMs
estimated 60% to 80%
27. Modern Chemical Weapons Production Facilities
28. Modem Chemical Weapons
claimed 50,000 agent tons
29. Biological Weapons
tonnage uncertain
30. Combat Divisions
31. Navy Battle Force Ships
32. Attack Aircraft
33. Tanks
34. Armored Personnel Carriers
35. Artillery Tubes
36. Military Space Mission Launch Sites
about 10
more than 150
37. Space Launches per Year
about 10
about 100
38. Ratio of Soviet Payload Weight to US Payload Weight in Orbit per Year
39. Soviets Ratio of Reconnaissance Satellite Launches per Year
40. ICBM tests per Year
fewer than 10
estimated 150
41. Short‑Range Tactical Ballistic Missiles
42. Tactical Nuclear Delivery Aircraft

* The 1990 Joint Chiefs of Staff Military Net Assessment predicts that in 1993 the USSR will have 500 dedicated ABM launchers as compared to 100 allowed under the Nixon-Brezhnev ABM treaty. Current Soviet mass production of additional ABM launchers for nationwide deployment (far more than required for upgrade of the Moscow ABM system) is indicated by the JCS analysis.

Sources: Soviet Military Power, 1989; Annual Report to President and Congress, 1990; President’s Reports to Congress on Soviet Arms Control Non-Compliance; Soviet Military Capabilities, 1986; DOD and ACDA documents, 1984; and various press.

A recent Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) report indicates that the Soviets have more than 5.5 million people under arms (including 530,000 internal security troops) compared to 2.1 million Americans under arms. Several hundred thousand Soviet military personnel are also based in Cuba, Libya, Vietnam, Angola, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Peru, Laos, Cambodia, India, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, and at least 14 locations in Africa according to the report. The report also indicates the Soviets possess 620 nuclear armed bombers versus 244 for the US (many of which are 30 years old, nearly obsolete B-52 bombers). The Soviets are currently producing 45 new bombers and 700 new fighter planes a year.

The Soviets are continuing their rapid deployment (by the hundreds) of the SS-24 rail mobile missile and the SS-25 road mobile missile. On 3/29/90, Senators Malcolm Wallop, Jesse Helms, and Steve Symms wrote to President Bush challenging him on four major Soviet INF Treaty violations. One of these includes the secret delivery of 120 Soviet SS-23 missiles covertly deployed with the East German, the Czechoslovakian, and the Bulgarian armies. Moreover, recently the Soviets for a period of three weeks denied the US its INF Treaty monitoring rights on three Soviet missile railcars at the Soviet Votkinsk missile factory, and refused to allow operation of our Cargo scan x-ray system. The Bush Administration has reluctantly admitted under questioning that there have been 300 technical and other violations of the INF Treaty by the Soviets since 1988.

Moscow’s naval buildup continues to accelerate, with four large, modern, new aircraft carriers; 7,000 merchant marine ships (virtually all of them outfitted for electronic spying and other military uses); a fleet of 450 submarines now being upgraded with large numbers of advanced Typhoon and Delta IV submarines, and new Akula Sierra nuclear-powered attack submarines armed with SSN-21 Samson nuclear tipped cruise missiles. The Soviet Navy is currently developing and will deploy in the 1990s subs capable of diving over one mile deep with speeds of 50-100 knots; highly accurate torpedoes which travel at speeds of 200-300 knots; sea-launched cruise missiles with a range of over 1,600 nautical miles; air defense missiles on subs; and vertical short take-off and landing aircraft on submarines.

[Ed. Note: Over the next 10-20 years, submarine warfare will be the most effective and dangerous forms of warfare (because subs are so difficult to detect and defend against). At this writing, the Soviet Union has over two dozen nuclear submarines deployed off the US East and West coast and in the Gulf of Mexico with nuclear missiles targeted on major American cities and military installations.]

Any Soviet naval disarmament which is taking place involves only old and obsolete warships, of no real military value such as the Sverdlov class cruisers, Kotlen and Kanen type missile-carrying escort vehicles, Riga-class frigates, and November, Hotel and Whiskey class submarines.

MIA readers who would like to gain some perspective on today’s high tech submarine warfare are encouraged to see the excellent new film: THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER.

While during the Reagan Administration, America produced only 50 new ICBM’s, the Soviets produced three new classes of missiles: 100 SS-24’s with 10 warheads each; 130 SS-25’s; and a large number of illegal SS-26’s. The Russians are well ahead of us in outer space with two space stations, while we are years away from our first. US defense spending has shrunk 16% since 1985, and during the same period Soviet military expenditures have increased by 25%, with great emphasis on procurement of new weapons. Soviet production of advanced, state of the art T-80 main battle tanks, with shell resistant reactive armor, is now at a rate of 3,500 per year — adding to an almost 50,000 tank advantage which the Soviets presently enjoy over the US.

As General Sir Walter Walker (former NATO Commander-Northern Europe) recently said, “The Soviet Union’s most modern tanks are now on the ground and are so well armored that they are virtually indestructible. NATO’s tanks lack the fire-power to penetrate them. Clearly Gorbachev can afford to make massive cuts in the number of obsolete Warsaw-Pact tanks and still be left with a modern tank force that is far superior to NATO’s.”

[Ed. Note: The Soviets believe in quality, high tech military equipment, and produce it. But they also believe in quantity and the military doctrine of “preponderance,” which means to overwhelm your enemy with vastly superior numbers of weapons or men. Most chess champions use the concept of “preponderance” to overwhelm their opponents.]

B. Some Strange And Ominous Soviet Military Deployments

For a peace loving superpower (in the “post-cold war era”) the Soviets are accelerating some very strange and ominous military deployments. On the Kola Peninsula (in Northern Europe, near Scandinavia) the Soviets have deployed 446 naval aircraft; 212 surface warships; 142 submarines; one naval Spetsnaz brigade; a naval infantry brigade; 2 motorized rifle divisions; 22 air bases; 2 strategic nuclear bomber bases; 18 secondary airfields; 9 army bases; 9 submarine bases; and one theater nuclear missile launch complex. Opposing this Soviet military might are 500 Norwegian border guards. (Norway refuses to allow NATO troops to be stationed on its soil). In time of war, the Soviets could sweep down the Scandinavian Peninsula in about 48 hours, completely outflanking Western Europe.

Soviet military activities in and around Alaska have also increased dramatically over the past two years, with abundant evidence of numerous Spetsnaz incursions into our northernmost state. General Thomas McInerney, Commander of Alaskan Air Command, was quoted in AIR FORCE MAGAZINE (Feb. ’89) as saying that during 1987, 56 Soviet aircraft were intercepted in Alaskan airspace with the number greatly increased in 1988 and ’89. Lt. General Jimmie V. Adams, Vice Commander of the US Tactical Air Command has said, “We expect to see the cruise missile threat (near Alaska) grow to 1,000 missiles and 150 bombers by 1995.”

[Ed. Note: The Soviets are presently showing great interest in Alaska. This sparsely populated state (with a population under 400,000) is strategically located only a few miles from Siberia and the Soviet mainland. Dozens of business, educational, cultural, and political delegations from Russia have been visiting Alaska over the past three years, and the Soviet espionage in Alaska has increased dramatically. Aeroflot planes are seen periodically landing at the Anchorage Airport. If the Soviets were to ever attack America, they would first move to occupy Alaska. A small handful of Spetsnaz teams could do so with ease.]

Almost two years ago, Soviet Marshall Sergei Akhramreyev projected a simulated missile strike on Pearl Harbor and Hickam Field in Hawaii, by firing a SS-26 missile capable of carrying 20 warheads, 220 miles north of the Western Hawaiian Islands. US Naval officials understood that the Russians were serving notice that at any time they could destroy our bases in the Pacific. Elsewhere in the Western Pacific, the Soviets are replacing their older TU16 bombers and MIG-23 fighters at Cam Ranh Bay in Vietnam with newer, high performance Backfire and Bear F Mod III bombers, and SU-27 Flanker and MIG-29 Fulcrum fighters.

[Ed. Note: Meanwhile, as the Soviets increase their military deployments in Southeast and Northeast Asia, America is moving toward closing its strategic Philippine bases, Clark Field and Suvic Bay, and pulling its troops out of South Korea.]

C. Soviet Arms Shipments To Their Communist Allies

It is very strange that at a time when Communism is “allegedly” dead, the cold war is “allegedly” over, and Russia is “allegedly” bankrupt, that the Soviets are shipping annual military aid (totaling over $15.5 billion) of $4 billion to Afghanistan, $2.5 billion to Vietnam, $6 billion to Cuba, $ 1.5 billion to Angola, and $1 billion to Nicaragua (this according to Senator Orrin Hatch [R-UT]).

Hatch, (a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee) recently pointed out that additional billions in Soviet arms, including sophisticated MIG 29’s, Hind 24 helicopter gunships, Mi-17 troop transport helicopters, a myriad of SAM missiles, SCUD missiles, tanks, armored vehicles, small arms, etc. are being shipped annually to the Soviet’s allies in Cambodia, Mozambique, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Syria, Libya, North Korea, and to a host of communist liberation groups (i.e., ANC, PLO, IRA, New People’s Army in the Philippines etc.) around the world.

D. Where Does All The Soviet Steel Go?

In 1959, then Senator John F. Kennedy was struck by a discrepancy between the Soviet output of steel (i.e., 54.9 million metric tons) and the small amount of that steel used for cars and other consumer goods. Kennedy concluded that the vast lion’s share of that steel (i.e., probably over 90%) was going into military production, and that was at a time when less than 1% of US steel production was going into military weapons production.

In 1989, the Soviets produced 160 million metric tons of steel (more than three times the level of steel production in the late 1950s) but they only produced 1,217,000 cars, using less than 5% of total Soviet steel output. Other consumer products and new construction are only estimated to use another 5% or so of the Soviet steel production. QUESTION: Where is the rest of the Soviet steel production (i.e., about 144 million metric tons per year) going? ANSWER: Into the building of the biggest military machine in history.

[Ed. Note: Study the Soviet Military Supremacy — 1990 updated chart above and you will know where the Soviet steel is going — it is going into the Soviet’s clandestine military buildup.]

E. The Western Stampede To Disarm

“In military affairs, perestroika and modernization of Soviet technology under the new economic thinking and more open East/West trade, will help increase the military might of our country … and Soviet disarmament proposals act as solvents to disarm the military industrial complex of NATO.” General Vladimir Kryuchkov — Chief of the KGB — November 1989.

As MIA has written many times, the chief objective of the current glasnost/perestroika disinformation campaign emanating from Gorbachev and the Kremlin leaders is to neutralize NATO, see the US troops and weapons pulled out of Europe, see Western Europe collapse into neutrality and see America and the West disarm. The Soviets have proposed to pull all but 195,000 troops out of Europe, but even if they should pull them all out, they are only 375 miles away and could be back in a matter of 48 hours. Meanwhile, the withdrawn US forces will be 3,750 miles away, across the Atlantic, with a large portion of the 450 Soviet submarines and the powerful Northern Fleet around the Kola Peninsula poised to intercept them.

In mid-March, NATO commanders for Central Europe citing the changes in Eastern Europe, cancelled war games that were scheduled to take place in the latter half of March. In March, Iceland, one of NATO’s key maritime members, began urging naval disarmament, with the Prime Minister stating that other NATO members are also beginning to favor naval disarmament.

In February, President Bush proposed the withdrawal of 105,000 US troops from Europe, and in March, the new Czech President, Vaclav Havel, proposed that NATO and the Warsaw Pact be superseded by a new system of mutual, common, or collective security — merging the members of the NATO and Warsaw Pact military forces into one great all-European military/police force. (This proposal is as absurd as merging the Nazi/Axis powers during WWII with the Allies.)

[Ed. Note: “Merger” is to be the name of the game politically, economically, and militarily in Europe over the next five years, and in America as well.]

Meanwhile, in America, the US Communist Party, and its dozens of related front organizations, is cranking up an intense propaganda campaign for America to drastically reduce our military forces and arsenal in the light of the “death of communism,” “end of the cold war,” and “democracy in Eastern Europe.” The campaign is catching on in the leftist US media and among Congressional Liberals and is likely to gain terrific momentum in the months to come.

Gus Hall, the Secretary General of the CPUSA has boasted that the Party is more influential today than at any time in its history, because it is convincing the American people that the Soviet Union is no longer a threat. In its official publication, it calls itself the “internal force” and the “internal sector” of the world revolution. Its propaganda is replete with calls for “economic conversion” its words for the “peace dividend” which is gaining strength in the national consensus.

McAlvany Report Conclusion

The Bible warns in Jeremiah to “beware when men cry peace, peace, and there is no peace” and in 1 Thes. 5:3, “While people are saying peace and safety, destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they shall not escape.”

America and the West are being seduced today by one of the most cleverly deceptive strategies, or scripts, in history. The Soviet Union is arming more rapidly today than any country in history while claiming to be disarming. As Stalin once said: “Words have no relation to actions, otherwise, what kind of diplomacy is it? Words are one thing, actions another. Good words are a concealment for bad deeds. Sincere diplomacy is no more possible than dry water or wooden iron.”

And LENIN ONCE SAID: “In war, never tie your hands with considerations of formality. It is ridiculous not to know that a treaty is a means of gaining strength … Treaties are like pie crust — made to be broken.” And Lenin added: “They disarm, we build.” While America and Western Europe, relying on Soviet “promises” of good intentions, are massively disarming, the Soviets (who possess the largest and most formidable war machine in history) continue to build.

As we plunge toward a new world order, whether installed or implemented by America’s and Europe’s liberal, socialist establishment, or by the New Age movement, or as this writer believes more rightly, by the incredible military supremacy of the Soviet Bear, the world is moving over the next couple of years toward its most dangerous juncture since 1938 — when we found ourselves in the countdown to World War II.

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