Fr. Isaac's Response to Coronavirus, Q&A, Remedies and Rosary

The Message Addressed to Christian Countries

Implicit in the Message of Fatima is a warning for all Christian countries. The Message of Fatima calls upon these countries to reject the Masonic godlessness that has enveloped and destroyed Christian society, and turn for strength to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. They are being asked once again to unequivocally recognize the Social Kingship of Christ, and harmonize their government, their laws, institutions, and all public life and society with His laws.

The sins and offenses of people and their countries call down justice from Heaven, and they must repent and return to God. If they do, they will have peace and will avoid the chastisements of enslavement, annihilation, war, and famine. However, if they do not reform themselves as true Christian countries they will be chastised in a terrible manner. We can see that many countries are already being punished for their transgressions, and that more and more are being imbued with the errors of Russia, God’s chosen instrument of chastisement. Thus it is necessary for countries to be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to pray the Rosary daily — asking Our Lady’s help — to obtain all the graces needed to reform and subject themselves completely to Our Lord, or else face the terrible fate of war, enslavement and perhaps complete annihilation.

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