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Chronology of Four Cover-Up Campaigns

Fatima: A Strangely Persistent Mystery (An Introduction)
Persecution of Father Gruner
Suppression of the Third Secret
Consecration of Russia Disinformation
Silencing of Sister Lucia


In the light of these facts, it is impossible to avoid the conclusion that a powerful faction in the Vatican is determined to suppress the Message of Fatima.

They oppose the consecration because, among other things, it interferes with their political strategy of appeasement of Russia and their policy of “ecumenism” with the Russian Orthodox and, for that matter, their general policy of ecumenism that denies the necessity of conversion of the non-Catholic to the Catholic Faith (for his own eternal salvation) — despite Our Lady’s warnings and Russia’s continuing persecution of the Church.

They hide the real Third Secret because it describes and condemns the very things they have done and are still doing.

They harass Fr. Gruner because he dares to point out these truths, and urges the Church to heed the Message of Our Lady.

They silence Sr. Lucia because she would otherwise confirm what Fr. Gruner is saying and clearly indicate that the Vatican officials are in grave error about Fatima.

They even clearly and implicitly deny the apparitions themselves, attempting to dismiss them as “private revelations” and dismissing the Secret of Fatima as if it were a fabrication of Sr. Lucia, despite the fact that the whole Message of Fatima was confirmed by an unprecedented miracle witnessed by over 70,000 people and announced 3 months in advance.

This disturbing situation gives millions of Catholics yet another reason to worry about the state of the Church hierarchy today. Their handling of every aspect of Fatima has been deeply flawed from the beginning, and has become progressively more questionable with each passing decade. And during those same decades, the Church has experienced a series of mounting calamities: massive defections of the faithful in many parishes, plummeting enrollment in seminaries, widespread disobedience of basic teachings on contraception, abortion and divorce, and horrific revelations of homosexual abuse of young boys by members of the clergy — not to mention the 50,000 defections from the priesthood and the more than 100,000 nuns defecting from the religious life in the past 40 years.

Nor are these problems abating; the storm continues, and worse is yet to come. In the U.S., the Church still faces costs for court-ordered settlements with abuse victims that may bankrupt many dioceses. Rooting out abusers in the priesthood, and tightening standards for accepting new vocations will only aggravate the existing critical shortage of priests, further weakening the Church’s ability to fulfill its essential functions. And meanwhile, financial support among the faithful is waning, and disputes over basic doctrines are bringing to light the actual schism between liberal and conservative factions. The outlook is bleak, and seems destined to get bleaker. And all the while, the remedy provided by Our Lady of Fatima remains neglected, ignored and unused.

The sordid story of repression and manipulation that has left a message from Heaven unheeded for so long is shocking in itself, but its consequences are even worse. The Church can survive bad leadership; it has endured this misfortune before. But millions will not survive the horrors to come if Our Lady’s request for the consecration of Russia is not fulfilled.

That is what is at stake here. This is a battle not simply for the levers of power in the Vatican, but for the very existence of entire nations as well as the salvation of billions of souls in a war-torn world. Will this dire situation be prolonged for decades to come? Or will the faithful demand that the Church return to its roots, and heed the words of the Mother of God? Unlikely as it may seem at the moment, there is reason to hope.

There is reason to believe that silencing Sister Lucia and hiding Our Lady’s words will not keep Her Message from ultimately reaching mankind.

There is reason to believe the Vatican will drop its pretense that the consecration of Russia has been done, and a majority of bishops will demand that it be done as requested.

There is reason to believe that the content of the real Third Secret will finally be revealed.

And there is reason to believe that Fr. Gruner’s 25-year-long crusade will ultimately succeed in bringing the Message of Fatima to fruition.

That reason is nothing less than a promise from Heaven, made by Our Lady of Fatima Herself when She said: “In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.”

But that triumph, as does the very mission of the Church Herself, depends upon the obedience of God’s human agents in the Church to what He has decreed. This duty of obedience falls upon not just the hierarchy, but on every member of the Church — including you, the reader.

Unless YOU lend your prayers and other efforts to the cause of fulfilling the Fatima Message, the cover-up will continue and the disastrous consequences of ignoring the Message will continue to mount. “If My requests are granted, many souls will be saved and there will be peace. If not, Russia will spread its errors throughout the world, raising up wars and persecutions against the Church, the good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated.” The time to act is now.

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