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The Vatican II Light Show

by Christopher A. Ferrara
December 10, 2015

Fifty years after the vaunted “opening to the world” at Vatican II, it has come to this: using Saint Peter’s Basilica, the heart of worship in the Holy Catholic Church, as the backdrop for a kindergarten-level light show featuring, among other worldly images, various wild animals, marine creatures, butterflies, scenes of “climate change”, a Muslim woman in a burka praying to Mecca, and this rather telling panorama: 

The Vatican fiddles with light shows while Rome burns.

This absurd and sacrilegious spectacle is what the Vatican thought suitable on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, which was also the 50th anniversary of the Council.

And as it was all unfolding, the Nativity Scene in Saint Peter’s Square was shrouded in darkness. How fitting, really. For the eclipse of the Faith is what the Council’s “opening to the world” is all about. 

On the 50th anniversary of that ill-starred gathering we reach, finally, the terminus of the process of accommodating the Church to the world that the Council unleashed: Saint Peter’s Basilica itself is made the screen on which the world projects its images, while the Church’s sacred images are hidden in the blackness surrounding the basilica.

What vanity, what foolhardy leap of pride has led the Church to this awful state?  Paul VI knew the answer even as early as the Council’s final session, although he refused to believe that the answer was true: “some have been inclined to suspect that an easy-going and excessive responsiveness to the outside world, to passing events, cultural fashions, temporary needs, an alien way of thinking, may have swayed persons and acts of the ecumenical synod, at the expense of the fidelity which is due to Tradition, and this to the detriment of the religious orientation of the council itself.” 

That, as anyone can see today, is exactly what did happen, but Paul VI would have none of it: “We do not believe that this shortcoming should be imputed to it, to its real and deep intentions, to its authentic manifestations.”  Never has a Pope been so wrong. And never has the Church suffered so much from the errors of Popes in the exercise of their fallible prudential judgment.

The Vatican II Light Show could not have been better devised by the “Light Bearer” himself to mock the wayward hierarchs who have surrendered to the spirit of the age while insanely proclaiming themselves more authentically Catholic than all their predecessors.

In the hands of Our Lady of Fatima lies the plan for an escape from this madness.