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The Sounds of Silence

by Christopher A. Ferrara
July 16, 2015

Ireland, once a bastion of the Faith, voted to adopt “gay marriage” by popular referendum, the first country in the world to do so by that means.  Pope Francis said nothing in opposition to the measure before the vote and nothing afterwards to protest the outcome.  The Vatican at large was likewise silent. In the United States the Supreme Court imposed “gay marriage” on the fifty states. Neither Francis nor the Vatican uttered a peep in opposition. 

Instead, Francis has issued a 185-page encyclical on a supposed “ecological crisis” in which not one word is devoted to contraception, which has undermined the foundations of marriage and facilitated universal fornication and adultery, or the rampant sexual immorality that is destroying the very fabric of society.  References to abortion are confined to “the human embryo” with the actual practice of abortion ­— the brutal killing of human beings in the womb, even at the point of delivery — passed over in silence.  Even the weak argument against abortion is stated in “ecological” terms: “Since everything is interrelated, concern for the protection of nature is also incompatible with the justification of abortion.”  Incredibly, the mass murder of unborn children is depicted as a lack of “concern for the protection of nature.”

Silence in the face of unspeakable moral horrors, but 185 pages devoted to “the protection of nature” of which the “human embryo” is merely a part.  What is to account for this bizarre refusal to address the real crisis of our time: not ecological but Christological, meaning the world’s rebellion against Christ and the law of the Gospel?

In his encyclical Communium Rerum (1909), Saint Pius X decried a state of already pandemic immorality that nonetheless pales in comparison to the monstrous iniquity that prevails today.  He warned that “efforts of all kinds are being made to supplant the kingdom of God by a reign of license under the lying name of liberty. And to bring about by the rule of vices and lusts the triumph of the worst of all slaveries and bring the people headlong to their ruin­…” At the same time an internal war was being waged “by unnatural children, nestling in the very bosom of the Church in order to rend it in silence….” This war, wrote Pius X:

aims more directly at the very root and the soul of the Church. They are trying to corrupt the springs of Christian life and teaching, to scatter the sacred deposit of the faith, to overthrow the foundations of the divine constitution by their contempt for all authority, pontifical as well as episcopal, to put a new form on the Church, new laws, new principles, according to the tenets of monstrous systems; in short, to deface all the beauty of the Spouse of Christ for the empty glamor of a new culture…

Does this sound familiar? It ought to be so for anyone who has the least consciousness of the state of the Church today.  The sounds of silence in the Vatican in the face of evils not even Saint Pius X could have imagined represent the last stages of the war within the Church that great Pope described.

In the 1990s Sister Lucia wrote to Cardinal Carlo Caffara to warn him that “the final battle between the Lord and the reign of Satan will be about marriage and the family.”  With Synod 2015 fast approaching and the Vatican remaining silent as militant homosexualism advances in every nation, we are clearly in the midst of that battle — The Devil’s Final Battle. Our Lady, Mediatrix of All Graces, can secure victory against the Adversary by the grace of God, but Her promise of a final triumph remains contingent on the Church’s obedience to Her requests at Fatima.  Until then, we cannot begin to calculate the harm the Church will suffer.

Hat-tip to The Remnant’s Chris Jackson for reminding us of this encyclical.