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Brace for Impact: Synod of Doom Smuggles
 Kasper Proposal Back onto Synod Floor

by Christopher A. Ferrara
June 26, 2015

From its very beginning the “Synod on the Family” has been operating as a forum in which the Modernist enemies of the family plot and scheme in secrecy or semi-secrecy to find some way to overturn the Church’s perennial discipline barring public adulterers — the divorced and “remarried” or cohabitating couples — from receiving Holy Communion. The conspirators also seek to create an “opening” to “gays” and their “unions.” They are authorized by Francis to advance their scheme under the cover of anonymous addresses, creating what Francis calls a “protected space” — meaning a place where they can plot and scheme against the Church without having their names revealed to the Catholic faithful.

But the conspirators’ aims, if not their names, are stated in the revolting midterm report that Francis ordered published and circulated to the world’s bishops, even though the majority of the Synod Fathers rejected it last October. Therein we find a proposal to admit public adulterers to Holy Communion on “a case-by-case basis” — meaning, of course, in every case once exceptions are allowed — along with praise for the “orientation” of homosexuals who, says this disgraceful document, find “precious support” in their “homosexual unions.”

What has justly been called the Phony Synod would at this point be more aptly called the Synod of Doom, for the doom of the Church’s moral teaching would result if the fast-approaching second session of this subversive coven succeeds in overriding conservative opposition from the prelates of Africa, Poland and some parts of Italy, as well as Cardinals Burke and Pell.

In fact, the Synod of Doom will continue to feature the “Kasper proposal” to destroy the doctrine on the indissolubility of marriage, which was defended even by John Paul II in paragraph 84 of Familaris Consortio, by admitting public adulterers to Communion. The evil proposal has been stealthily repackaged in paragraph 123 of the Instrumentum Laboris (working document) for the second session.

The context of paragraph 123 is the search for a “penitential way” for public adulterers to receive Communion, as if the Church did not already have a “penitential way”: making a good confession, vowing to end the adulterous relations, and living without such relations under the same roof if necessary for the sake of children. Instead, however, the Synod of Doom will entertain the idea found in paragraph 123 (translation by Rorate Caeli):

Others, for the penitential way, intend a process of clarification and of a new direction, after the failure experienced, accompanied by a delegated presbyter. This process should lead the person concerned to an honest judgment of his proper condition, wherein also the same presbyter may reach an evaluation so as to make use of the power to bind and loose in a way adequate to the situation. 

Whom do the conspirators that infest the Synod of Doom think they are kidding? In simple language, this proposal, if adopted, would mean that any parish priest could absolve any couple living in a state of continuing adultery from their mortal sin and admit them to Communion with no change in their adulterous way of life, after an “evaluation” that would be nothing more than permission to continue sinning mortally while receiving the Blessed Sacrament.

We must remember that Francis himself has personally granted two womenJacqueline Lisbona and Claudia Garcia Larumbe — his personal “permission” to do precisely what paragraph 123 would permit everywhere in the Church: partake of Holy Communion while living in adultery. We must also remember that it was Francis who promoted the Kasper proposal in the first place by having Kasper present it during an address at the preparatory meeting for Synod I at which Kasper was the only speaker.

The Synod of Doom approaches. We must pray that the Holy Ghost protects the Church from this travesty, which Francis conceived and put into motion, where conservatives will debate with Modernists over whether to destroy the moral edifice of the Church.

Our Lady of Fatima, intercede for us!