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Letters from the Synodal Abyss

Letter #8: A Procedural Joke

by Christopher A. Ferrara
October 24, 2015

Yesterday (October 23) the Synod Fathers completed their ludicrous one-day examination and debate of the Synod's final document, drafted by the unelected committee of ten and spanning (according to some reports) 50 pages. The only draft the Fathers were provided was in Italian, a language most of the Synod Fathers do not speak, there being no time in the midst of the synodal rush job to provide translations into the various languages spoken by the participants. Today, of course, the Church lacks a universal language, Latin having been abandoned in favor of the current Tower of Babel arrangement in the liturgy and otherwise.

Any suggested amendments to the final document would also have been in languages other than Italian, thus requiring translation into Italian to the extent they were incorporated in the final draft to be voted upon today (Saturday).

The decision as to which amendments to incorporate will be left to the same shadowy committee of "experts" that earlier supposedly reviewed — in only one day — the previously submitted 800-1000 proposed amendments to the working document (Instrumentum laboris), also in many different languages, which process preceded the final document considered today.

As for the voting today, there will be no time to translate the completed final document into the various languages spoken by the voters, so once again the Synod Fathers will have only an Italian version to look at. Simultaneous translators will read this aloud to them, and they will be expected to vote YES or NO electronically on each paragraph as it is read aloud.

Then the Fathers will be asked at some point to vote YES or NO electronically on the document as a whole, which opens the door to contradictory and confusing results. Suppose, for example, 70 percent of the Fathers vote against a certain paragraph, but 66 2/3 percent vote in favor of the document as a whole. How would those two results be reconciled? Will the vote for the document as a whole include paragraphs that did not receive the required 2/3 support, or will Francis order that the rejected paragraphs be included in the whole document as he did with the final report last year? Will Francis suspend the 2/3 requirement as he sees fit in the same manner he did last year, requiring only 50% plus one to accept a paragraph or the document as a whole, while maintaining the 2/3 requirement for rejection?

Imagine being asked to attend a meeting to vote on a document containing important propositions that will affect the lives of many millions of people. Imagine that your participation is subject to these conditions: (a) the document on which you will vote will not be written in your native language but rather in a language you can neither speak nor read; (b) you will have no written translation in your own language; (c) on the day you vote on these life-altering propositions, someone will read the document aloud and you will be expected to vote YES or NO based on what a simultaneous translator tells you is being read. How would you feel about attending such meeting? Manipulated, perhaps?

Quite simply, is this a joke? Of course it's a joke — like the rest of a "Synod on the Family" that manifestly has had nothing to do with the family but rather with providing a venue for Francis' handpicked cabal of agitators to attempt to undermine the moral edifice of the Church by accommodating public adultery, cohabitation, and even the "orientation" of people whose "lifestyle" is defined by the same abominable vice for which God destroyed Sodom.

This Synod, in short, is madness. And today, after the electronic votes are in, we will perhaps have some indication of where the madness will lead next. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for Us!

UPDATE: The vote is here in Rome. We will update this story later tonight by video.