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Letters from the Synodal Abyss

Letter #6:
A Sham to the Very End

by Christopher A. Ferrara
October 22, 2015

With the work of the small language groups done, Phony Synod 2015 moves to the drafting phase in which the Pope's unelected, progressive-dominated committee of ten compose a final document purporting to be the sense of the Synod on the matters before it. This will be unveiled to the Synod Fathers today (October 21) for a mere half day of debate, including a laughable 2.5 hours of general discussion and debate among them this evening.

The document produced by this unelected committee is in turn to be based on an Instrumentum Laboris (working document) larded with more than eighty additional paragraphs of tendentious verbiage composed by unknown authors and tacked onto the final document of Phony Synod 2014. Thirteen leading cardinals, in their now famous letter to the Pope, have rightly protested that the Instrumentum "cannot adequately serve as a guiding text or the foundation of a final document."

The final document of 2014 in turn contains three paragraphs the Synod Fathers rejected but which Francis ordered included in the report anyway. Those three rejected paragraphs, like the other eighty since added by shadowy authors, favor Holy Communion for public adulterers, acceptance of "homosexual unions," a positive view of cohabitation, and, in the infamous added paragraph 137, the reduction of the intrinsic evil of contraception to a matter of the individual conscience. A Synod on the Family is what they are calling this subversive sham.

This year the Synod Fathers are acting through the small language groups because general discussion and voting on amendments among the Fathers at large is forbidden according to the Phony Synod game plan. Yesterday the small groups submitted modi or suggested amendments to the Instrumentum, which the unelected drafting committee was supposed to take into consideration in producing this year's final document.

English language group D, headed by Cardinal Thomas Collins and Archbishop Charles Chaput, provided this devastating list of the topics the Instrumentum fails to address:

  • ...the roles of mother and father...

  • ...the right of a child to have both a mother and a father.

  • ...the role of godparents

  • ...[t]he place of Catholic schools

  • ...chastity formation

  • ...the danger of government authorities doing sex education

  • ...Mary, the mother of Jesus...

  • ...gratitude to consecrated women...

  • ...[the role of] religious teachers...

  • ...the importance of family prayer, meditation and popular religiosity...

  • ...the importance of praying for our deceased family members and… those family members praying for us in the Communion of Saints.

Group D also noted that "Most members felt that No. 137 [opening the door to contraception use as a matter of "conscience"] should be removed from the text or completely rewritten, because the way one forms one's conscience is handled poorly in the current document."

Evidently, the members of Group D thought they were attending a Synod on the Family, not realizing that it was actually a Synod on how to legitimate adultery, homosexuality, cohabitation and contraception.

As widely reported yesterday and the day before, however, the controllers of Phony Synod 2015 — all handpicked by Francis — have learned that the Synod majority this year would do the same thing as the Synod majority last year: refuse to commit ecclesial suicide by institutionalizing sexual immorality in the Church.

It turns out there is little support as well for the synodal radicals' desperate move, strongly suggested by Francis himself in his speech on October 17, to allow such moral questions to "devolve" to episcopal conferences for decisions on a national or continental level — that is, to commit ecclesial suicide in a different way by dismembering the Church into regions with differing views on the "pastoral" situation of those in an objective state of mortal sin and thus different sacramental disciplines. Cardinal Pell dispelled that heretical nonsense with this devastating riposte: "You cannot have two people in the same situation with the same dispositions; one goes to Communion and it (is) a sacrilege and in the country next-door it is a cause of grace… Catholic means 'universal,' not 'continental.'"

So, it would appear (at least as of this writing) that the controllers of Phony Synod 2015 have failed again in their plot to topple the Church's moral edifice under the guise of defending the family — perhaps the single greatest fraud ever attempted in the Church's long history of ecclesiastical treachery by wayward prelates.

Unbowed, however, these con men are running their scam to the bitter end. At yesterday's press conference, with the synodal majority clearly having turned against them, the Synod controllers trotted out none other than that Hogarthian model of a corrupt authority figure, Cardinal Marx, who is hosting lavish dinners in a luxurious archdiocesan-owned "guest house" in Rome. Marx, who was allowed to dominate the entire press conference, prattled on about the admission of divorced and "remarried" Catholics to Holy Communion as if the issue were going swimmingly his way. Not a word was said by any of the press conference participants about the view of the silent and largely silenced majority: that the Church's bimillenial sacramental discipline must remain untouched, just as Benedict XVI and John Paul II insisted.

The players in this rigged game still hold what they believe is a trump card: the "final word" from Francis, to which the panel at yesterday's press conference adverted repeatedly and ominously. Indeed, one cannot discount the possibility of another appearance by "the God of surprises" and the hurling of thunderbolts from on high, including some version of the "devolution" scheme.

The faithful can only pray that the Church is spared from this "divine" wrath by the true God who is her Founder. Here we can only cling to the promises of Christ that He would be with His Church until the consummation of the world.

As far as the consummation of the Synod is concerned, John Vennari and I will be here until the very end of this sorry affair, telling the truth as we see it.