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Crafty Cupich on the Synod of Doom

by Christopher A. Ferrara
August 31, 2015

In an interview with Catholic New World, the newspaper of the Archdiocese of Chicago, Blase Cupich reveals why Francis handpicked him to succeed Cardinal George as Archbishop of Chicago and then extended his personal invitation to attend the Synod even though he was selected only as an alternate by the American bishops.  Cupich — “just as appalled” by unemployment as by the vivisection and sale of aborted babies — is right on board with the cunning doubletalk that thinly veils the agenda of the Synod of Doom.

Asked about “confusion over what exactly the pope is saying” on various matters, Cupich piles on more confusion about the Synod in the hope no one will notice what the Synod of Doom is really all about: “While the pope may not be talking about changing church teaching, he has indicated that we do need to look at changing some of the church’s procedures and practices. Those are two different matters.”

Rubbish. This is the language of a shifty politician. The Church’s “procedures and practices” respecting Holy Matrimony are bound intrinsically to the words of Christ Himself: “Every one that putteth away his wife, and marrieth another, committeth adultery: and he that marrieth her that is put away from her husband, commmitteth adultery (Lk. 16:18).” 

Christ’s doctrine, the word of God Almighty to His subjects, and the Church’s bimillenial practice regarding the impossibility of admitting public adulterers to Holy Communion are not merely “two different matters,” as if they could be separated, but one integral whole: Divine Revelation and the Church’s obedience to it. As Cardinal Sarah has declared in response to this nonsense: “The idea that would consist in placing the Magisterium in a nice box by detaching it from pastoral practice – which could evolve according to the circumstances, fads, and passions – is a form of heresy, a dangerous schizophrenic pathology…” 

Continuing to mislead, Cupich says: “We’ve seen changes in our practices and procedures before. For instance, we’ve had different ways in which cases have been heard by our tribunals in terms of annulments. We had the so-called Petrine Privilege introduced in the 20th century that built on the so-called Pauline Privilege. So we have had changes in procedures and practices with regards to marriage cases before.”

This is a demagogue at work. Cupich knows quite well that the Petrine Privilege is no mere “change in procedures and practices” but rather a recognition by the Church that just as there is no sacramental marriage between two unbaptized persons — giving rise to the Pauline Privilege — neither is there a sacramental marriage between two people one of whom is not baptized, because Holy Matrimony cannot arise unless both parties are configured to Christ by baptism.

Both the Pauline Privilege and the Petrine Privilege, therefore, arise from the nonexistence of a sacramental marriage, but only a natural union that can be dissolved in order to allow a sincerely pursued sacramental marriage in the Church to another, baptized person if the non-baptized party to the original natural union will not convert.  The only reason the Petrine Privilege became universal in the Church during the twentieth century is that before then mixed marriages between Catholics and unbaptized persons were rare.

But, again, both privileges are based on the ontological reality that there cannot be Holy Matrimony where either or both parties are not baptized, not some optional procedural change.

And finally, this bit of demagogic baloney, which recites the Synod of Doom’s mantras for fooling everybody:

But what’s interesting or new about what the pope is doing through the synod is that he is saying “let’s not start with the rules but let’s start with where people’s lives are,” what they are going through, what their pastoral needs are at this point that cannot be ignored if the church is really going to extend the mercy of Christ. That’s where we start.
What he has shifted is the starting point. It’s not the laws and the rules, it’s the situation in which people are living and how do we extend to them the mercy of Christ. That’s his main question and he says nothing is off the table. You cannot say, “You should not say that.” He is saying, “Everything must be talked about.”

Oh please. The question of “where people’s lives are” is not separate and distinct from “laws and rules.”  The Church’s perennial discipline has addressed the same sins in the same way according to the same unchanging moral law. Where Catholics’ “lives are” today when they marry in the Church, divorce and attempt civil “remarriage” is just the same as where people’s lives where when they committed the same sin a hundred years ago, or fifty years ago, or thirty years ago: they are living in adultery. 

Nor has the Church ever failed to “extend the mercy of Christ” to such people by calling upon them to live up to the teaching of Christ, which is precisely where His mercy lies. The suggestion that under Francis the Holy Catholic Church will at last “extend the mercy of Christ” to the divorced and “remarried” is an implicit slander of every one of Francis’ predecessors, including Benedict XVI and John Paul II, both of whom affirmed the very discipline Cupich and the controllers of the Synod of Doom are hoping to undermine.

And undermining that discipline is obviously what Cupich has in mind when he says that, according to Francis, “nothing is off the table… You cannot say, ‘You should not say that’… [and] ‘Everything must be talked about.’”  Really?  Nothing is off the table? There is nothing one should not say at the Synod?  Everything can be talked about?

There is no doubt what is going on here. As the Synod of Doom fast approaches, every Catholic worthy of the name has a duty to let ecclesiastical conmen like Cupich know — loud and clear — that we are on to to their con job and will oppose their designs with all our might, as will a growing number of priests, bishops and even cardinals who have had enough of the farce Francis has been orchestrating from the moment this insane Synod was announced.