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Would you buy a Used Synod from this Man?

by Christopher A. Ferrara
February 2, 2015

Take a long look at this man. It’s Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, Pope Francis’ handpicked General Secretary of that completely unnecessary, Modernist-dominated sham called the “Synod on the Family.” The Phony Synod’s first session in 2014, conducted in semi-secrecy, was quickly exposed as camouflage for an attack on the family by way of a “pastoral opening” to divorced and “remarried” Catholics, cohabiting Catholics, and even “homosexual persons,” whose “gifts” and “orientation” should be “valued” by the Church, according to the Phony Synod’s outrageous and utterly disgraceful midterm report — created without any participation by the actual Synod Fathers, who were not consulted before its publication and distribution to the world press. 

The menacing, thug-like mien in the photo above (and in many other images on the Internet) comports well with Baldisseri’s behavior during its past proceedings and currently, during the long run-up to the Phony Synod’s second stage in October 2015.  For example, during a conference at the Vatican on January 22-24 staged by the Pontifical Council for the Family at which lay movements were supposed to provide their views for the upcoming Synod’s consideration — another sham — Baldisseri made it clear that he and the Phony Synod’s controllers could not care less about any view of the laity in support of the infallible doctrine and bimillenial discipline of the Church.  Confronted by one lay commentator after another speaking in support of traditional doctrine and discipline, Baldisseri testily defended Cardinal Kasper’s right to attack the very teaching reaffirmed by John Paul II only 33 years ago in Familaris consortio: that the indissolubility of marriage and the sanctity of the Blessed Sacrament preclude the admission of public adulterers to Holy Communion.  Quoth Baldisseri:

Therefore, there’s no reason to be scandalized that there is a cardinal or a theologian saying something that’s different than the so-called ‘common doctrine.’ This doesn’t imply a going against. It means reflecting. Because dogma has its own evolution; that is a development, not a change.

Here Baldisseri reveals the very theme of the Phony Synod: that dogma can “evolve” under the guise of a “development” that is really a contradiction: in this case, that it can “evolve” from a dogmatically-linked prohibition on the admission of public adulterers to the Sacraments into a “pastoral” acceptance of their admission on “a case-by-case basis,” as the Phony Synod’s equally phony midterm report put it.

Baldisseri thus blithely expounds the very error that the Oath Against Modernism prescribed by Saint Pius X for all clerics and theologians — conveniently abandoned after Vatican II — was designed to flush out and destroy:

Therefore, I entirely reject the heretical misrepresentation that dogmas evolve and change from one meaning to another different from the one which the Church held previously. 

As the First Vatican Council solemnly and infallibly declared in line with all Tradition:

[T]hat meaning of the sacred dogmas is ever to be maintained which has once been declared by Holy Mother Church, and there must never be any abandonment of this sense under the pretext or in the name of a more profound understanding.

Baldisseri and the other controllers of the Phony Synod know full well that any change in practice that contradicts dogma — in this case the dogma of the indissolubility of marriage — represents a doctrinal not merely a “pastoral” change.   And they mean to have it at Phony Synod 2015. This could not have been clearer than it was at the recent sham conference of the lay movements during which, as Mary Madise, Director of Voice of the Family, has warned:

Cardinal Baldisseri publicly corrected a delegate who protested about attacks on Catholic teaching. It was noticeable that he refused to do the same when the Church’s teaching on contraception was denied a few moments later by a different delegate. The impression given is that the only sin today is to uphold what the Church has always taught.

Furthemore, as the redoubtable Hilary White of LifeSiteNews reports, during a recent interview Baldisseri admitted what was already obvious: that the documents of the Phony Synod were all reviewed and approved by Pope Francis, including the midterm report with its call for an opening to “gays” and public adulterers. And it was Francis who ordered that the midterm report be circulated to the world’s bishops despite its rejection by the actual Synod Fathers (as opposed to the controllers).

In short, the Phony Synod continues to move forward like a Trojan Horse in the City of God — erected and filled with Modernist subversives by the same Pope who made Baldisseri its General Secretary. We can only hope and pray that, in the midst of unprecedented diabolical disorientation in the Church, the Holy Ghost protects the family from the Synod on the Family, which, like the slogans and programs of Stalinist Russia, is precisely the opposite of what it purports to be: that is, a Synod Against the Family.