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Where Are All Those "Moderate" Muslims Hiding?

by Christopher A. Ferrara
November 20, 2015

Holding forth on one of the many subjects on which he has no competence to pronounce, Pope Francis declared in his personal manifesto Evangelii Gaudium that “authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence.” That contention is simply ridiculous, as the entire bloody history of Islam and its endless movements of conquest demonstrate.

To say that “authentic Islam” has nothing to do with violence merely because the average Muslim is not actually engaged in jihad is like saying that “authentic Marxism” has nothing to do with violence merely because only a few Marxists have actually engaged in the violent revolution its tenets demand while the swinish masses simply go with the revolutionary flow.

As Francis and his Vatican apparatus continue obtusely to describe the massive influx of Muslims into Europe as harmless “refugees,” people who tell the truth about this inherently evil religion are letting us know what is really going on. Andrew Bieszad — who, unlike Francis, actually knows something about the subject — informs us that what is happening now is what Muslims call a hijra.  A hijra, Bieszad explains, is “movement of a group of Muslims from a predominately Muslim area to a predominately non-Muslim area, with the goal of establishing Islam’s dominance in it.”

Bieszad (who is fluent in Arabic and is intimately familiar with the Koran) notes that “Muslims have counted two great hijras in the West.” The first, which took place from 632 to 750, allowed Islamic forces to conquer all the territory from central France to present-day Uzbekistan. The second produced the fall of Constantinople (a thousand years after the fall of Rome to the barbarian hordes) and climaxed some two centuries later with a miraculous Catholic victory over Islamic forces at the very gates of Vienna in 1683, driving the Muslims all the way back to Belgrade and ending the expansion of the Ottoman Empire.

But now, Bieszad warns, “we are witnessing the beginning of the next great Islamic invasion. It may well represent an existential crisis for the West.  When the time comes, will we be ready to fight them? Everything we know and love is at stake.”

Francis and his collaborators will have none of that.  Even as Francis nearly doubles his personal security detail in the wake of the Paris attacks, while the U.S. State Department cautions against travel to the Vatican, the Vatican propaganda machine continues to promote its delusional program of “dialogue” with an illusory “moderate Islam” that poses no threat to the West or to the lives of Christians.  For Heaven’s sake, the very Imam the Pope invited to the Vatican gardens for his ludicrous “prayer for peace” ceremony took the occasion to pray to Allah for “victory over the infidels.

And where might one find all these “moderate” Muslims?  On this score, Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch has collected some interesting statistics:

  • Out of five million Muslims in France, only 30 showed up for a rally to condemn the Paris attacks.

  • In July 2015, only fifty Muslims showed up at a rally against ISIS in Ireland.

  • A whopping ten people attended an anti-ISIS really in Houston in October 2014.

  • 25 Muslims showed up in Boston in August 2013 to protest that Islam has been misperceived.

Spencer contrasts these numbers with the vast crowds of Muslims who gathered in various countries to protest the Charlie Hebdo cartoons of “the Prophet” and to justify the massacre of the cartoonists, including 800,000 in Chechnya.

The Message of Fatima — a village named after a Muslim princess who converted to the Faith — calls for the conversion of all peoples, including Muslims, to the one true religion and the Triumph of Mary’s Immaculate Heart throughout the world.  Indeed, Princess Oureana — for whom the Portuguese village of Ourem was named — converted and married a Catholic prince precisely after the Catholic reconquest of Portugal and its liberation from the tyranny of Islam.

Andrew Bieszad asks whether the West will be ready to fight when the time — fast approaching — arrives for the West’s final confrontation with Islam.  Given the collective self-delusion of the current Pope, most of the upper hierarchy, and practically every Western leader, it seems the only thing the Western world is prepared to do is to be a mindless cheerleader to the end for the very thing that destroys it.

Our Lady of Fatima, defend us!