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God Bless Marina Nalesso

by Christopher A. Ferrara
September 28, 2016

As Catholic churchmen virtually prostrate themselves before the advance of Islam throughout what was once the heart of Christendom, practically begging for their own extinction, an Italian newscaster has quietly but courageously borne witness against this pluralist insanity.

As reported by Brietbart News, Marina Nalesso, an anchorwoman for Italy’s state-run Tg1 news show, “ignited a firestorm of criticism by wearing a crucifix around her neck while reporting the news, drawing the ire of ‘Muslims, atheists and many viewers,’ according to reports.”  One Silvio Viale, a demagogue of the Italian left, has denounced Nalesso for her “arrogance,” declaring: “TG is a public, secular news show, not a Vatican news show.”

Nalesso, however, has not done the usual apologetic backflip as required by political correctness.  Quite the contrary, on her FanPage, Nalesso declared that she wears the crucifix “out of devotion and to offer witness.”  Brietbart notes ironically that “this is not the 44-year-old TV anchor’s first offense. She has also been criticized for wearing small medals around her neck bearing the face of Jesus or the Virgin Mary.”  Oh the horror!

Rising in support of Nalesso is the Italian politician Giorgia Meloni, who rightly observes what Catholic churchmen seem unable to notice: “We have now reached the point of absurdity. Christianity is part of our culture and our history as Italians and Europeans, even if you are an atheist or believe in another religion.”

Committing her own felony against political correctness, Meloni further declares that “Whoever is bothered by a crucifix is bothered by our identity and they should go live somewhere else. A large part of the values of our civilization are bound up with that crucifix: a symbol that represents a richness for all of us, which we are proud to defend. Bravo, Marina.”  And bravo, Giorgia!

Still other evil contrarians in Italy have noted (as Brietbart recounts) that
“if the newscaster were wearing a Muslim veil instead of a Christian symbol, liberals would ‘rush to her defense in the name of sacred freedom of expression.’”  Exactly so.  But why is it so?  Why this seemingly mysterious double standard of religious expression? 

I will tell you:  It is no mystery at all, but rather the predictable outcome of the subjection of what was once Christendom to the principles of political modernity, imposed at the point of a gun during the “age of democratic revolution” that ended with the “unification” of Italy and the destruction of the papal states by Mazzini’s and Garibaldi’s Masonic armies in the 19th century.  

The “age of democratic revolution” and the imposition of the modern state system had one overriding goal: what the French political philosopher Pierre Manent has described as “the Church’s complete subordination to the body politic,” meaning the end of the Social Kingship of Christ. The “modern world” so foolishly depicted optimistically by the Second Vatican Council is all about keeping Catholics down and banishing the very thought of the Social Kingship, indeed the very name of Christ, from public life. 

And that is why Muslims who insist on wearing hijabs on camera can act as anchorwomen, blandly reporting the latest radical Islamic terrorist attack as a nebulous “tragedy” without a peep of protest, while a Catholic woman who wears a modest crucifix is furiously savaged by public opinion.  Muslims are not Christians, you see, but Catholics are!

So, God bless Marina Nalesso.  And God save us from the spineless prelates of the post-Vatican II Catholic ecclesial establishment, who helpfully bare their necks — and ours — to Mohammed’s perpetually swinging sword in obedience to the dictates of a pluralism whose very aim is the destruction of the Church they refuse to defend like men.