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What's So Funny, Cardinal Tobin?

by Christopher A. Ferrara
April 20, 2017

Meet the “gay-friendly” Cardinal Francis Tobin, Cardinal Archbishop of Newark, created a cardinal and assigned to that See by — of course — Pope Bergoglio, who is seeding the entire Church with such prelates.

Perhaps the picture alone suffices to demonstrate what we are dealing with in Tobin: yet another constantly grinning and guffawing, quite well fed, ecclesial subversive cum miter and trendy vestments, intent on submitting the Church to the demands of political correctness, including the demands of the “LGBT community” — that is, the “community” of those who habitually engage in one of the sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance.

Joseph Sciambra, who by the grace of God abandoned that particular sin, along with pornography and the occult, has been instrumental in documenting Tobin’s revolting accommodation of sodomy in the Newark Archdiocese (hat tip to John Zmirak regarding Sciambra’s blog).

Sciambra reports that “two Catholic parishes in New Jersey are cosponsoring a May 21, 2017 LGBT Pilgrimage and Mass to the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark, New Jersey. According to a flyer for the event, the Pilgrimage and Mass are taking place: ‘With the blessings and best wishes of His Eminence Joseph Cardinal Tobin, C.Ss.R., Archbishop of Newark…’”

The Mass for this abominable “pilgrimage” will be offered by one Rev. Francis Gargani, who specializes in hosting retreats for “LGBT Catholics.” The brochure for one of these “retreats,” which Sciambra quotes, leaves no doubt that they do not involve any spiritual advice about the intrinsic disorder of the homosexual condition or the evil of sodomy:

“Through ritual prayer, reflective input sessions, shared discussion, personal time for prayer and quiet, and social gatherings, this retreat offers a special opportunity for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons to celebrate their identity and deepen their experience of community in the living God.”

The sponsor of this particular retreat is a group called “In God’s Image,” which meets at one of the two parishes sponsoring the “LGBT pilgrimage” to Tobin’s cathedral in Newark: Sacred Heart parish in South Plainfield, New Jersey in the Diocese of Metuchen. The group’s name, along with the description of its “retreat,” makes it clear that the members hold to the utter blasphemy that “God’s Image” is reflected in the disordered sexuality of the “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender” perversions, and that the members view their sexual disorders as constituting their “identity” and thus something to “celebrate.”

Sciambra notes that the members of “In God’s Image” claim that they “acknowledge and respect the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church.” But “acknowledge” and “respect” are not the same as “accept” and “obey.” Indeed, like all clever ecclesial subversives, the members of this group that celebrates sexual deviancy deny precisely what they pretend to affirm. Hence, as Sciambra further notes, the Sacred Heart parish website, whose home page features “In God’s Image,” also has a link to “the radical gay-affirmative documentary ‘Owning Our Faith,’” in which a “gay” man who claims to be “married” to another “gay” man, declares:

“If we leave it, if we abandon the Church then it’s never going to change. So we have to continue living here, being an example and encouraging other people to be that example because that’s what’s going to change the Church.”

The other parish sponsoring this “pilgrimage” is (Sciambra reports) the Church of the Precious Blood in Monmouth Beach in the Diocese of Trenton. This “gay-friendly” parish boasts of an “LGBT Faith Sharing Ministry” that was established by one Dena Walter Reger, who declares that as “the proud mom of a wonderful gay son, I started an LGBT ministry at the Church of the Precious Blood in Monmouth Beach, New Jersey with the support of a very accepting pastor. We have experienced further acceptance from the parish and especially the parish council.”

Tobin, Sciambra concludes, has lamented that “In too many parts of our church LGBT people have been made to feel unwelcome, excluded, and even shamed.” But not in the Archdiocese of Newark, where people afflicted by disordered tendencies can not only flaunt their disorders but proclaim them proudly as the very basis of their identity and even a reflection of “God’s image,” receiving a royal welcome from Bishop Tobin and the conspicuous use of his cathedral.

Not so welcome — predictably enough — are politically incorrect Catholics who dare to speak out about the grave evils of our decadent, libertine social order, such as the renowned pro-life priest Father Peter West. As John Zmirak reports (citing an article by Life Site News): “The Archdiocese of Newark says it will crack down on an outspoken pro-life priest after a hit piece on a local news site against him. On Wednesday, published a scathing article about posts made by Father Peter West on his Facebook page. The article says West ‘has repeatedly railed against Muslims,’ voiced ‘strong support for the president’s travel ban’ and ‘assailed millennials as “snowflakes”,’ among other accusations.”

As Crux magazine online has reported: “Archdiocese spokesman Jim Goodness told in a statement ‘that a priest doesn’t give up his freedom of expression when he’s ordained. But Goodness said West’s actions raise concerns and they will be addressed according to church protocols.’” At the same time, however, another priest of the Archdiocese, one Father Alexander Santora, is left free to launch public attacks on President Trump, including his declaration on Twitter that “We need more people with the courage of Elie Wiesel in this time of presidential autocracy. Trump is dangerous,” while hailing Hillary Clinton as “the Healer in Chief.”

In short, Tobin is the perfect Bergoglian prelate. Perhaps that explains why he is so often seen laughing: The joke is on us. And on the Church. But while the devil may be laughing right along with Tobin, faithful Catholics are imploring Heaven for an end to the ecclesial corruption spreading everywhere in what must be the final stages of the unparalleled crisis predicted in the Third Secret of Fatima.