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Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, in “gay” rainbow sunglasses,
holding up “official papal milkshake” at Philadelphia sandwich shop.

The Pontifical Academy for Life Becomes
The Pontifical Academy for Joie de Vivre

by Christopher A. Ferrara
June 28, 2017

The Bergoglian henchman Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, the pro-“gay,” pro-Communion for public adulterers prelate, featured in an obscene homoerotic mural he commissioned, is doing what he is expected to do as head of the recently gutted Pontifical Academy for Life: seeding it with pro-abortion and pro-euthanasia subversives.

Sandro Magister reports that, following the removal of all prior members of the Academy, Paglia has appointed (among others) the following perpetrators of abominable evil:

  • Katarina Le Blanc of the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, who employs in her research human embryonic stem cells taken from murdered embryonic human beings;
  • Japanese Nobel laureate Shinya Yamanaka, who defends the use of human embryonic stem cells even though he has developed a means of procuring pluripotent stem cells from mice;
  • the Israeli Avraham Steinberg, who defends both abortion (in certain cases) and “the destruction of embryos for scientific use”;
  • Maurizio Chiodi, an Italian “moral theologian,” who defends the use of contraception so long as there is a supposed “intention of fertility” — which would justify every case of the use of contraception to limit the number of children, including contraceptive methods such as the Pill, which are often abortifacient in effect.

Then, of course, there is the appointment of the Anglican “moral theologian” Nigel Biggar, who declares outright that abortion is permissible until “18 weeks after conception.” Paglia, being a guileful henchman, attempted to cover up Biggar’s pro-abortion “ethic” by claiming (in comments to Vatican Insider) that Biggar’s remarks to the rabid pro-abortion philosopher Peter Singer were the only basis for the charge that he is pro-abortion, whereas Biggar “has never written anything on the issue of abortion” and that regarding euthanasia “he has a position absolutely in keeping with the Catholic one.”

False on both counts, as Magister notes: “But it didn’t take much to discover that neither statement corresponds to the truth, and that Biggar has expressed his liberal positions on abortion in a 2015 article for the ‘Journal of Medical Ethics,’ and on euthanasia in his 2004 book ‘Aiming To Kill. The Ethics of Suicide and Euthanasia.’” But what’s a lie or two in service of the Bergoglian dictatorship of “mercy”?

In short, the Pontifical Academy for Life is now thoroughly infiltrated by open opponents of the absolute sanctity of human life from the moment of conception until natural death. Thus, not only the Sixth Commandment but also the Fifth Commandment is under attack from the very summits of the Church.

But the Academy will still host meetings and conferences in the beautiful city of Rome, while Paglia and all his collaborators will enjoy, along with Pope Bergoglio, the innumerable perks of ecclesiastical power, including the papal junket to Philadelphia in 2015, where Paglia sipped his official papal milkshake while sporting his “gay”-themed sunglasses. There is money to burn and there are good times to be had for all who participate in the circus that passes for the “Holy See” today, when it seems that even the Vicar of Christ has become the Vicar of the Zeitgeist.

Think of the New and Improved Pontifical Academy for Life as the Pontifical Academy for Joie de Vivre­ the joy of worldly living according to worldly acceptance of what the Church has always condemned as grave sins and intrinsic evils that can never be justified under any circumstances.

But God will not be mocked. The fun times at the circus will end sooner or later. And the ending will not be pleasant for the ringmasters.