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Bishop Paprocki Defends the Divine and Natural Law
But why is he exceptional?

by Christopher A. Ferrara
June 26, 2017

The Church's bimillenial discipline is collapsing in place after place as public adulterers in "second marriages" are admitted to Holy Communion without ceasing their adulterous relations, while Pope Bergoglio remains publicly silent as he privately approves the debacle Amoris Laetitia has triggered.

Naturally, therefore, the demand now arises for similar implicit recognition of "gay marriages." After all, it was also Pope Bergoglio who approved and ordered published the Phony Synod's "interim relatio," which queries, respecting homosexuals, whether Catholic "communities" are capable of… accepting and valuing their sexual orientation" — that is, their "intrinsically disordered" propensity to commit "acts of grave depravity" — and declares that "homosexual unions" can provide "a precious support in the life of the partners."

Enter Bishop Thomas John Paprocki of the Diocese of Springfield, Illinois into the maelstrom of the Bergoglian tumult. Bishop Paprocki has already made it clear that (despite what Pope Bergoglio obviously desires) the divorced and "remarried" will not be receiving Holy Communion in the Diocese of Springfield unless they repent of their adultery and refrain from sexual intimacy.

But on June 12 the bishop issued a further decree — it is truly incredible that such a decree is now necessary — stating that no member of the diocesan clergy or other diocesan employee may "assist at or participate in the solemnization or blessing of same-sex marriages, including providing services, accommodations, advantages, facilities, goods or privileges for such events."

Further, the decree states, "given the objectively immoral nature of the relationship created by same-sex marriages, persons in such unions should not present themselves for Holy Communion, nor should they be admitted to Holy Communion." Only in danger of death should a person involved in such a union be given Holy Communion "in the form of Viaticum if he or she expresses repentance for his or her sins."

I hesitate to praise Bishop Paprocki for his courage, lest the concept of courage be devalued even further in this age of political correctness, when one is considered "courageous" merely for stating the obvious about the moral law. Then again, what of the evident cowardice or outright perfidy of the vast majority of the American bishops, noble exceptions such as Bishop Paprocki and Archbishop Chaput aside?

What good is a Catholic hierarchy that does not stand as one in opposition to the institutionalization of not only adultery but also sodomy in the life of the Church? Our Lord Himself answers the question: "You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt lose its savour, wherewith shall it be salted? It is good for nothing any more but to be cast out, and to be trodden on by men." (Matthew 5: 13)

We live in a time when the Catholic prelates who were given a divine commission and the divinely conferred power to convert the world have been cast out of any role in the ordering of civil society and are now trodden on by men. The Pope himself is happily trodden upon as he paradoxically basks in the world's universal approval of his acquiescence to the spirit of the age.

Such is the apostasy that begins at the top. In the midst of that very apostasy, however, lies the beginning of a most dramatic restoration. For the Mother of God will never abandon Her Church, and Her divine Son will, through Her intercession, bring about the ultimate triumph of Her Immaculate Heart.