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The Four Cardinals Plead for an Audience
Why It Will Never Happen

by Christopher A. Ferrara
June 20, 2017

The Corrispondenza Romana website has just published the full text of a letter from Cardinal Carlo Caffarra to Pope Bergoglio dated April 25, 2017. Cardinal Caffarra is one of the four cardinals who presented to Pope Bergoglio the famous and never-answered dubia concerning the disastrous Amoris Laetitia (AL). He is also the cardinal whom Sister Lucia warned about the coming “final battle between the Lord and the kingdom of Satan” over “marriage and the family” — the battle now raging throughout the Church, thanks to AL.

Of course, Pope Bergoglio has given no response to the dubia even after they were made public nearly a year ago. He will never respond because the “doctrinal anarchy” AL has provoked is exactly the outcome he intended. Surely the four cardinals know this, yet they continue to take a ceremonial approach to this crisis, politely begging the Pope for an audience he will never give them. That is, they seek another opportunity for private remonstrance with a Pope whose actions have caused a public scandal he refuses to address because the scandal is exactly what he planned from the beginning: a piecemeal acceptance of Holy Communion for public adulterers in certain dioceses, leading ultimately (if that were possible) to a total collapse of the Church’s bimillenial Eucharistic discipline in defense of the indissolubility of marriage and the infinite dignity of the Blessed Sacrament (before which he will not genuflect or kneel).

Cardinal Caffarra does not shrink from exposing the magnitude of the scandal. He writes (translation mine):

“A year has passed since the publication of Amoris Laetitia. During this time, there have been published interpretations of certain objectively ambiguous passages which are not merely divergent from, but contrary to, the permanent Magisterium of the Church. Notwithstanding that the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has many times declared that the doctrine of the Church has not changed, there appear numerous declarations by individual bishops, Cardinals, and even Episcopal Conferences which approve what the Magisterium has never approved. Not only access to the Holy Eucharist by those who objectively and publicly live in a situation of grave sin, and intend to remain therein, but also a conception of the moral conscience contrary to the Tradition of the Church.

“And thus it happens — oh, how painful it is to see this! — that what is a sin in Poland is good in Germany, that which is prohibited in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia is licit in Malta. And so it goes. There comes to mind the bitter observation of B. Pascal: ‘Justice up to the Pyrenees, injustice beyond; justice on the left bank of the river, injustice on the right bank.’”

Let us not mince words: Cardinal Caffarra is protesting, however politely, an attack upon the Church by the Pope himself, who remains silent, and is evidently pleased, as the incalculable damage he is causing spreads from diocese to diocese and nation to nation.

And yet, in the face of this outrage, absolutely unparalleled in the history of the papacy, Cardinal Caffarra concludes his letter, not with a justified demand for rectification of the scandal, but rather by pleading that “our conscience impels us to humbly and respectfully request an Audience.”

An audience! An audience that will never be granted by a Pope who has ignored all their entreaties for nearly a year because he manifestly has no intention of heeding them. For this disaster is what he has wanted from the very beginning of his pontificate.

When will someone, anyone, in the upper hierarchy actually stand up in opposition to this wayward Pope? Why have the laity been left to fend for themselves, along with a few priests who have the courage to say what is obvious about this pontificate? Why does it fall to lay people, rather than Princes of the Church, to declare honestly, as one has written, that “the current Pope’s leadership has become a danger to the faith”?

We are confronted with a great mystery of iniquity, one that surely must have been foretold in the Third Secret of Fatima — in the light of which Sister Lucia warned Cardinal Caffarra about a “final battle” that will not be won by futile begging for a papal audience.