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The Madness that is "Ecumenism"

by Christopher A. Ferrara
December 9, 2017

For more than half a century, the Catholic Church has been plagued by a widespread collapse of faith and discipline rivalling the Arian crisis in length. But unlike the Arian crisis, this still ongoing crisis has not been provoked by a single explicit heresy but rather by a swarm of novelties in the liturgical and pastoral realm that have opened the way to the spread of numerous heresies throughout the Church even while the Church’s authentic teaching avoids any official “repeal.”

Monsignor Guido Pozzo, Secretary of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, describes the process thus: “A foreign way of thinking has entered into the Catholic world, stirring up confusion, seducing many souls, and disorienting the faithful. There is a ‘spirit of self-demolition’ that pervades modernism…”

There are three primary vehicles for the penetration of this foreign way of thinking into the Church:

First, a new rite of Mass, devised by committee, that has resulted in what Cardinal Ratzinger admitted is “the collapse of the liturgy.”

Second, an obsession with “dialogue” to the exclusion of the Church’s mission as the sole repository of revealed truth, the Mother and Teacher of all humanity.

Third, “ecumenism,” which abuses the Bride of Christ by attempting to lower her to the level of humanly founded organizations rife with doctrinal and moral corruption, with the result that those outside the Church remain confirmed in their errors while innumerable Catholics absorb the same errors in a kind of thermal equilibrium with the world to which, so we are told, the Church has been “opened” since Vatican II.

Regarding “ecumenism” in particular, it is no exaggeration to say that it has descended into outright ecclesial madness, as we see in the above photograph, which depicts the Vicar of Christ embracing a bogus female “bishop,” one Antje Jackelen, who calls herself the Lutheran “Archbishop” of Uppsala and “primate” of the “Church” of Sweden. By this one scandalous gesture alone, which took place during his visit to Lund, Sweden to “commemorate” the Protestant rebellion as if it were a happy event, Francis confirmed this woman in her diabolical delusion that she is some sort of successor of the Apostles, capable of receiving Holy Orders, and that her “church,” which condones contraception, abortion and sodomy, along with numerous heresies, has a valid commission from God.

And now that same “church” has “voted to adopt a controversial new handbook which says masculine references to God, such as ‘He’ and ‘Lord’ should be scrapped so as to be more ‘inclusive.’” At the same time, a prominent homosexual minister of that “church,” hailed as “the world’s first Lesbian bishop,” has proposed to remove all Christian symbols from her church building, while marking the direction of Mecca inside for the convenience of Muslims, essentially converting the edifice into a mosque.

These are the impostors the Vicar of Christ dignified with his embrace of the head of a veritable coven that calls itself a church. But this is just one of innumerable signs of an ecclesial malaise the likes of which the Church has never before experienced.

It is impossible to see how any Catholic “normalist” can continue to deny that the Catholic Church is now undergoing the worst crisis in her entire history, a disaster of apocalyptic proportions, doubtless foretold in the Third Secret of Fatima, from which the Church can be rescued only by a most dramatic intervention of the Virgin Mother of God.

Therein lies our hope in the midst of this madness.