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Dear Father Gruner,

I first want to express my thanks to you for the work you are doing on behalf of Our Lady. I have read (with mathematical punctiliousness!) everything you have published on the Third Secret, and I am proud of your excellent work and sad for your incredible persecution: may She protect you!

This letter is to communicate to you the following important observation:

In the Presentation of the document issued by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the 26 June 2000, written by Mons. Bertone appears a letter (THE letter from now on) written by Sister Lucia and addressed to The Holy Father John Paul II of 12 May 1982 (you yourself refer to it in Mary Sedore’s interview in The Fatima Crusader issue 64). Four paragraphs of the letter are included in the main text, and the same paragraphs appear in facsimile in footnote 5 at the end of the document. The AMAZING FACT being that it is impossible that this letter is a letter addressed to ANY HOLY FATHER (including, of course, John Paul II). This becomes clear when one reads the facsimile directly in the original Portuguese, (a language that, like Spanish, I know fairly well). If you read paragraph 2 of the letter, you read:

"The third part is a symbolic revelation ..."

While if you read the same paragraph in the facsimile you find a bit more:

"A terceira parte do segredo, que tanto ansiais por conhecer, e uma revelacao simbolica ..."

It is clear that:

1. The words "do segredo, que tanto ansiais por conhecer" have been deliberately omitted in the translation. And the reason is obvious:

2. Ansiais is the second person plural of the Indicative Present of the verb ansiar which means to desire ardently. Thus "Que tanto ansiais por conhecer" can be translated literally as follows: "That all of you (or some of you, or various among you) want ardently to know". Now if the letter were addressed to the Holy Father the words by Lucia would have been in singular; also, Lucia would have never addressed the Holy Father in such a direct way: In Portuguese it would be something like "Que vossa santidade O Santo Padre Tanto anseia conhecer". This in itself shows that the letter cannot be addressed to any Holy Father.

Secondly, why should Lucia assume that the Holy Father does not know the content of the Third Secret? If in fact the Holy Father wants ardently to know the Third Secret he only needs to read it since he has it in his possession!

Remark: There exists the remote possibility of Lucia talking to the Holy Father using the VOS form (like in Spanish, it is used to talk with God, Our Lady, Saints, and is a very old form to talk to the King). However, this is extremely unlikely because nobody used it in 1982 and in no writing of Lucia appears that form of treatment. Moreover, the fact that the sentence has been deliberately deleted shows this crystal clear.

3. As you see, it was essential to eliminate that sentence. Notice that this gives us the quid of the question: Namely, they wanted us to believe that Lucia says no less than to the Holy Father that the revelation is symbolic: this touches the heart of the whole business: if Sister Lucia says it is symbolic we cannot ask for actual words of Our Lady.

As you can clearly see, they have risked a lot.

Is the letter a true letter? I am sure it must be. Otherwise they only needed to prepare a better one. But then, to whom is it addressed? Are the words "Que tanto ansiais por conhecer" Lucia’s own words or do they belong to somebody else?: great mystery!!

Thanking you again for your patience I remain,

Yours Sincerely,

Jose M. Montesinos-Amilibia, Chair of Geometry and Topology, Faculty of Mathematics, Universidad Coplutense, 28040 Madrid, Spain.

Dear Father Gruner,

I am enclosing a letter I sent to the editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Dear Editor,

Thank you for your coverage of the Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima’s and Father Gruner’s visit to the Philadelphia area last month.

As I understand it, the Secret of Fatima are no longer secrets but historical and Divine Truths that have definitely happened in the past, as in the case of World Wars I and II; things that are happening now, such as wars, famines, earthquakes, floods, plagues and other kinds of natural calamities, tragedies and disasters; idolatry, pride, confusion, lies, crimes, immorality, scandals, immodesty, greed, selfishness, lusts, and all kinds of sins and offenses against Divine and Natural Laws, and all these, you name it, the world’s got it, on a global scale. This godlessness is soul-racking!; and events and prophecies awaiting to occur in the future. May Our Good Merciful Mother of Perpetual Help protect and spare us. All these for our edification and sanctification. Let us mend our ways.

Furthermore, they most certainly pertain to eternity, to the salvation of souls, or the loss or condemnation of countless unrepentant and obstinate souls. Where, in the end, it will be up to each soul to side with God and His Holy Virgin Mother or to side with satan and his minions. Let us not ignore these Heavenly signs and warnings.

Our Lady promised to grant a period of True Peace to mankind if Her requests for prayer and penance are heeded. And more particularly if Russia and Russia alone is solemnly consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart by the reigning Vicar of Christ together with the bishops around the world. I hope and pray that the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, obeys the Queen of Heaven’s command before he dies.

What do you mean by controversial priest? By controversial message? I think one does not have to be a genius or a learned scholar to fathom what is happening between Father Gruner and Vatican officials. The latter attempting with all their God-given power and might to abuse, silence and persecute the former for being such a staunch defender and son of the Most Sorrowful and Immaculate Virgin Mary, Mother of the True God and True Man, Jesus Christ, Our Lord, Divine Redeemer and King of kings, Light of the world and Incarnate Word of the One True Living God, Prince of peace.

And poor Father Gruner is only one among the representatives and followers of Christ who are being persecuted, martyred and crucified by the same officials. Biblical and natural history is repeating itself by the fact that, like Jesus, Who was rejected by His own people, the truly faithful Catholics are being condemned and obliterated by their "own" supposedly official church.

Father Gruner is not, certainly never has been, disputatious. On the contrary, he is quite courageous and zealous in protecting, maintaining, sustaining and nurturing the RIGHTS of God and of His Blessed Mother Who are shamelessly offended and disgraced by and in our diabolical modern ways of today. May the Sweet and Merciful Hearts of Jesus and Mary forgive us.

Surely, in supernatural Justice and Divine Charity, no one, not even in the secular world, punishes someone for telling the truth. At least that’s how it should be. Would the One Holy Roman Catholic Apostolic Church excommunicate Her beloved priest, an "alter Christus", for speaking and correctly interpreting the message of the Mother of God? Is it his fault for loving Our Lord and Our Lady too wildly and too well?

Nobody in his right mind, not even the Pope, can excommunicate a priest who loves the Queen of Heaven and the universe so totally and completely as Father Gruner does. I humbly commend myself to his priestly blessing and benediction. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, save souls.

Pille, N, from the Internet

Dear Father Gruner,

I am 81 years old. There are only a few persons left who witnessed the spectacular event that took place on January 25, 1938. I know that what has been called an ‘aurora borealis’ has been mentioned occasionally in relevant publications, but never in so much detail as reported in this, my letter.

For some Catholics the event that happened in October 1917 at Fatima, and the event of January 1938 over a large part of the Northern Hemisphere, are considered private revelations which need not be believed. That is total nonsense. We are confronted not with new revelations, but with fair warnings by the Lord. Both events are closely related. The first was witnessed by some 70,000 under dire weather conditions, the second by millions.

The Church failed miserably to interpret the events and to promote them through the many channels available to her. (Note: I am most certain that John Paul II had seen the event in 1938 in his native Cracow. He is about my age. Does he still remember it?) Because the Church made no efforts to promote the two extraordinary miracles, would it not be the duty of laymen to carry out this job, especially those who have the means to do so – the publishers? Are they afraid to be called "irresponsible alarmists"?

In consideration of the charitable efforts the Lord has made to bring mankind to its senses, I would not be surprised if He will punish those who do not promote the warnings, and especially those who maliciously obstruct them.

Because the message of Our Lady at Fatima is so often overlooked and not taken seriously, it may be useful to repeat here an essential part of it:

"... Unless mankind abandons its sinful ways, there will be another war and it will be preceded by a mysterious light ..."

This clearly identifies the causes of WWII – and by implication of all wars – to the sinful behavior of mankind regardless of what historians and politicians promote, and what they want us to believe.

Surely, any intelligent person will recognize the moral decay after 1918 and its worsening after 1945, especially after 1960. Some 700 million abortions worldwide are just part of it. Unfortunately, most people, including the intelligentsia, believe only in what they learn during their formative years from history books, and later from the presentations by an irresponsible media.

I believe that in not too long a time I will be one of the few who remembers the spectacular light that appeared over Europe on 25/26th January 1938. It has been brushed away as some mysterious form of Northern Lights. ‘Mysterious’ is correct, Northern Lights is wrong.

On that day, I was serving in the Austrian Army in Eisenstadt, close to the border with Hungary. On the eve of the 25th of January, we noticed an unusual sky, all red, and we assumed it to be some distant forest fire. I remember it, and my English teacher remembers it, but nobody attached to it any significance. Not until much later did I become aware of what the mysterious light meant.

First of all, it could not be a Northern Lights. I have seen such lights on occasions. Being a scientist myself, I can make the following comments:

(1) Color: Northern Lights (NL) that I have seen were of a pale yellow/greenish color – the mysterious light was of a reddish color.

(2) Structure: NLs display streaks of color moving about constantly, creating impressions which led Scandinavians of the past to assume that ‘the gods of Walhalla were dancing’. In contrast, the mysterious light was uniform with no structure, a reddish cloud extending over a significant portion of the horizon north of Eisenstadt.

(3) Geographical extension: Normally, NLs are restricted to a small area of the northern hemisphere, usually Scandinavia, and only on rare occasions are they visible farther south. In contrast, the mysterious light extended far down, even to Austria, and also to a part of North America. It was reported by people in Ohio!

(4) NLs are caused by flare-ups of protuberances on the surface of the sun, related to observed sunspots. The scientific records from the University of Oslo shows that there was a minimum of sunspots during this time.1

Therefore secular reasons fail as causes, but Sr. Lucy stated that ‘The Lord is about to chastise the world by another war.’ About one month later Hitler marched into Austria. Sr. Lucy’s assertion was caused by Our Lady’s statement on 13 July 1917, that: "... the present war will come to an end. But unless mankind abandons its sinful ways, there will be another, more devastating war ‘preceded by a mysterious light’!" I was a witness to this light!

How could the notorious Fr. Dhanis, who had such destructive influence on several Popes, ignore this? When Our Lady was correct in predicting the Second World War, why should we not believe Her to predict another, even more destructive war in which several nations will be annihilated? Are the Freemasons in the Vatican so powerful that they can obscure the mind of even well meaning bishops and Cardinals?

I hope that because of your position you can exert some influence in this matter.

Dr. Erich Christian, Raleigh, N.C.


According to a published report by Dr. Carl Stoermer of the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics in Oslo, the great aurora covered an almost unbelievable area of 500,000 square km with a vertical extent of approximately 400 km. Some rays reached the fantastic altitude of 700 km, which is at least 400 km beyond the height of most auroras.1)

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