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The Fatima Crusader Mailbox

"I strongly support you and deeply pray for you as I know satan can beat up a person who is so dedicated to Our Lady. These are very difficult times and this is only the beginning, but, those of us who love and believe in the message of Our Lady are well aware of what is coming and we can be well prepared because of the great devotion and ministry you have given the world... You must at all cost continue your work no matter how difficult it gets. Our Lady needs an Ambassador like you on this planet. I feel it is important for you to keep this movement in the public eye. Satan only works in secret and not with open honesty and as long as we keep hearing from you, all will be okay. Thank you for being a true priest. There are few of those these days and I am grateful for the ones I find."

... Janice S., Columbus, Ohio

"No Father, I have not abandoned you, not by any means. That would be pure stupidity. Anybody that has the guts to put his life on the line for Our Lady is at the top of my list forever. And some day I hope to meet you. That would be a real highlight in my life. ... Don’t let things get you down Father, stick with it, you can’t lose, you’re on the winning side, you’ll win. You have more help than you may realize Father, so don’t lose heart, Our Lady is on your side and with a trooper like that, how can you lose.!"

... Martin R., Dickinson, ND

"Thank you for the extra special Fatima Crusader. Down through the years, we’ve found them to be most informative and interesting in spreading Our Lady’s Message and in the true teachings of the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church. To you, Father Gruner, Coralie Graham, Directors and helpers, thank you so very much. May you all be abundantly blessed from above and always under the protection and guidance of Our Blessed Mother.

It is very sad we have so much deliberate confusion in the Church today. I am very concerned for my children and grandchildren. Thank you, Father Gruner, for your clear teachings and explanations.

Father, I’m praying for your inner peace, extra strength, courage and deep, deep Faith."

... Elizabeth M., Ilderton, On.

 "I send my support to the cause of Our Lady of Fatima and that of Father Gruner.

It is painful – as is indicated in the letter – that when demonstrations of tolerance and friendship are exhibited for dissidents, there is exhibited such hardness and abuse of power toward a good Catholic priest, Marian besides. Like the case of Savonarola that will be reopened and is being planned for his process of Beatification… and so many others."

…Father Alfonso G., Chancellor of a diocese in Spain

 "We want to tell you how thankful and grateful we are for you, and the steadfast Traditional Catholic truth you have educated us in over these many years! On August 29, with the crisis in Russia and the rest of the world, we were compelled to do what you asked and wrote to the Pope… We inserted the article Fatima Overruled by Balamand… It broke our hearts for you that anyone would treat you that way. We pray for those who need to be enlightened to the truth."

… Lucille and Michael K., Castro Valley, CA

"You are a victim soul and I keep on praying and urging others to pray for you but mostly for the sorrow inflicted on the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Please send at least six Mary’s Messenger to me at your earliest convenience. I know that many people are persecuting you because of their ignorance, doubled with the ignorance of some clergy, people who just do not stop and think. What a disgrace those bureaucrats are doing. How clever is satan. But we will win with the help of Our Mother."

… Marie P., Prince Albert, Sask.

     "I am a practicing traditional Catholic and Fatima is very dear to me. I have seen some copies of your magazine The Fatima Crusader and find it perfect in every way. It is wonderful to see a priest doing the will of God on earth by propagating the Fatima devotion and attempting to fulfill Our Lady’s requests. It is also heartening to see your continued successes. I would very much like to receive The Fatima Crusader as a subscriber and your Book Catalog. I would also like to know of any other ways I can help the cause of Our Lady of Fatima."

... Michael G., Herne Bay, Kent, England

  "I am enclosing a cheque of $50 for the defence of Father N. Gruner’s priesthood. Mary’s Messenger says it all most eloquently! ‘All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing’."

... Leo O., London, Ont.

"I am very grateful for the holy card (Fatima Prayers) you sent me. I also cherish all the material you have sent me in the past. Father Nicholas, I know you feel your reputation is at stake. As you know, Jesus was persecuted the same way. Those who are truly good cannot be deceived. Your work is irreplacable. Your work clearly involves the salvation of souls. When most of the world appears to be going in the wrong direction, you can be sure to face some opposition. I wish there were more people like you."

... Mike S., Long Beach, CA

  "Just a few lines along with our donation cheque towards the tremendous work you are doing; witnessing for Our Lord and His sweet Mother. Satan is doing his best to stop all holy work, as we are all so well aware of ourselves. Please know that you are in our prayers of petition to our Holy Mother every day. Thank you for your magazine, The Fatima Crusader. We all read it from cover to cover and again we have also used it, or rather an article or two, to put under our priests’ noses. May God bless you at all times. May Jesus smile on you and may our sweet Mother keep you and your mission under Her mantle."

... Maria C., Geelong, Vic., Australia

  "I read your magazine dated Issue 54 dedicated to Our Lady of Victory. I was much impressed with its context, more especially the sermon that was given by Father Nault, How to go to Heaven, and Bishop Milingo’s Dimension of Evil. It seems to me as, what I have been expecting in my life. On page 13 of Winter 97, you stated "You Can Help", I have volunteered to join the team on the "Road to Triumph". It seems that the writer wrote it because of me. We have been consecrated to work for Our Lady. I need sacramentals to do this work. Please help me."

... Joseph U., Inno State, Nigeria

"We are so pleased with all you and your devoted workers do for Our Blessed Mother. I thank you for remembering us in your prayers and making us feel so important by keeping us up to date with all your valuable literature. Thanks! Thanks a million. I do share all these with my friends and try to spread the messages. We all love reading and praying in our family cenacles."

... Deanna P., Mississauga, Ont.

"I have read the Crusader (Spring-Summer 1998) from cover to cover and found it very rewarding, especially your article Calm Before the Storm and you spoke about the people who do not want to believe you and said you are against the Pope. Well Father, you are speaking the truth and I for one want you to keep on speaking the truth. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia, "but it will be late". In your article you spoke of the two prayers Our Lord asked of Sister Lucy and come to think of it ... I think it was the first time I have ever read them and I have been following Fatima ever since I became a Catholic in 1950. So Father Nicholas, you are right, there certainly has been a conspiracy of silence about these prayers of Our Lord and God. I also liked your article on Sister Lucy Betrayed. I cannot bring myself to believe that she has changed from the original Sister Lucy to someone who is giving out a different message now. There is something seriously wrong, because she would not deviate from the truth.

I hope, despite the critical financial position the apostolate is in, that somehow you can keep going with your work. We pray for you every day Father and especially now as I feel we have reached the climax of this time and the end of the age. … We wish you well Father and I know you are praying for us, as we here remember you at Mass."

... Robert W., Greenwood, WA

"Thank you for the lastest issue of The Fatima Crusader and for being there in all of your works and efforts on our behalf all of these years. God bless all of you!"

... Scott S., Hermantown, MN

"We are living in a Twentieth Century version of the Arian heresy, and it will require Divine intervention to solve the problem. Those who wish to keep the true faith are being (and will continue so) persecuted for that. So be it! Our Lord said this would happen. Our basic weapon is prayer, for ourselves, for the Church and for our enemies."

... Ruth S., Banks, OR

"You don’t know me but you have touched my life and helped me in a most salvific way. My prayers and one Mass and Communion a week are offered for your struggle so that in a small way I struggle with you. May Our Lord continue to bless and strengthen you. May Our Blessed Mother continue to intercede for you. Her message, through faithful servants like you, must be delivered to the flock."

... Wesley W., New Hope, PA

"I want you to know that I am personally at your side too. An attack on you, while you are still a good, loyal, and caring Catholic is an attack on all of us. And yet, much more than this, it is an attack on Our Blessed Lord Himself, Whose Sacred priesthood you faithfully share.

Be of good cheer. Be courageous. Be certain that Our Lady will deliver you safely, battered maybe, but triumphant in Her cause. She is mighty to deliver, call Her, trust Her lovingly. When the tempest rages round you, She will calm the troubled sea!!

Your good name and apostolate was denigrated here in England a few months ago, in a magazine. However, after a very able defence by those who know you better, the editor of the magazine printed, in full, a written refutation of the unsubstantiated charges against you. Justice was done!

We are with you, and for you. We suffer, we pray, with you and for you.

Together we walk the Way of the Cross. By the grace of God, we shall ascend Calvary, and give our lives, one way or another, that we may rise again in the Glory of our God."

... Edward S., Liverpool, England