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We Cannot Remain Silent!

by Coralie Graham, Editor

The enemies of Our Lady of Fatima are getting desperate. They have no real argument against the crusade for the Pope and the bishops to consecrate Russia, and so they resort to trying to silence the leader of the Fatima Crusade, Father Nicholas Gruner, by whatever means, illegal, immoral, or otherwise.

Thus, they have once again sallied forth to make another public attack on Father Gruner — under the pen of no less than a bishop — under the guise of doing an alleged review of Fatima Priest.

Can these lies go unanswered? Most of you have already responded to that question with a resounding No! But let me explain this a little further for our new friends.

We, Father Gruner and this apostolate, are the only ones in the English language promoting the full Message of Fatima worldwide, including the request of Our Lady of Fatima that the Pope and all the Catholic bishops consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, publicly and solemnly, on the same day.

The opponents of the Fatima Crusade would like you to believe that the consecration has already been done. It definitely has not.

Sister Lucy, the last living seer of Fatima, herself, on the rare occasions that she was permitted by the Vatican to speak on these matters, namely on March 21, 1982 and March 19, 1983, clearly and unequivocally stated that Russia must be named in the consecration and that all the Catholic bishops of the world must join in on the same day and in the same hour in a solemn and public manner.

This precise request has not been followed. The consecration is not done. If it had been ...

... why can no one, right up to the Pope, name a day and time it happened?

... Why have we not seen the peace promised to the whole world?

... Why have the Russian people not yet converted to the Catholic Faith?

The opponents of Fatima try to say the request of Our Lady to consecrate Russia was fulfilled in 1984, but the bishops of the world did not join in. As a matter of fact, Pope John Paul II publicly stated himself, twice, right after his consecration of the world on March 25, 1984, that it was not what Our Lady of Fatima requested.

Just after consecrating the world he addressed Our Lady of Fatima and said:

"Enlighten especially the peoples which You Yourself are awaiting our consecration and confiding."

His comment was published in his own newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano. This clearly shows the Pope knows Our Lady is still "awaiting" for he and the bishops to consecrate certain people to Her. Our Lady of Fatima only asked for one certain people to be so consecrated, namely Russia.

The request was specific — it allowed for no deviation. God Himself had spoken with His endorsement of this message by His stupendous Miracle of the Sun.

It might be asked why we would devote such attention to an editorial column in an obscure diocesan newspaper. The answer is that the salvation of billions of souls and the avoidance of global catastrophe depend upon the conversion of Russia, which can only be accomplished by the Consecration of Russia. As recent events in Russia have made clear, there has been no conversion and an open return to a Soviet-style government is underway.

Articles like Bishop Campbell’s perpetuate the dangerous myth that the Message of Fatima is a mere private revelation which the Church can simply ignore. Whenever articles of this sort come to our attention we are obliged to respond in keeping with our right and duty as members of the faithful.

Our Lady came to Fatima with a promise, a tremendous promise of peace and as She said, "If My requests are granted many souls will be saved." But She also delivered a warning, a very serious warning ... if the Pope and the bishops do not obey:

"If My requests are not heeded, Russia will spread her errors throughout the world, provoking wars and persecutions against the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, and various nations will be annihilated."

Even now, people and nations suffer because of these lies construed to prevent the true Consecration of Russia from being done.

With so much at stake, so many souls held ransom by deceit and errors, we cannot be silent. I have asked Christopher Ferrara to reply to Bishop Campbell. We printed his response (see the article "A Reply to Bishop Campbell’s Anti-Fatima Diatribe") so you can be informed, forewarned and forearmed to defend Our Lady of Fatima and Her apostolate.