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The Calm Before the Storm 
Part III

by Father Nicholas Gruner, B. Comm., S.T.L., S.T.D. (Cand.)

Continued from Crusader 57


The Woman in Gen. 3:15 Who will crush the serpent’s head is the Blessed Virgin Mary Who from the first moment of Her Immaculate Conception triumphed over the devil. Our Lord referred to the Blessed Virgin as "Woman", from the cross. (John 19:26) We also have the "Woman" spoken of in chapter 12 of the Apocalypse. In Genesis chapter 3 we read: God speaking to the serpent says, "I will put enmity between thee and the Woman, between thy seed and Her seed and She shall crush thy head with Her heel."

"She Shall Crush Thy Head"

St. Jerome, who died about 430 A.D., is still the greatest Biblical scholar. He translated the Bible from the original, inspired Greek and Hebrew texts, into Latin — into the version which today is called the Vulgate. It is the Council of Trent that teaches there is no doctrinal error in the Vulgate. St. Jerome, unlike any Biblical scholar today, had original texts in Hebrew. One of the early fathers of the Holy Ghost Fathers was a Jewish convert and his father was a rabbi. He points out that the rabbis had changed the scriptures of the Old Testament. It is very easy. If you have ever read any Hebrew or seen Hebrew, Hebrew has little markings among the consonants as vowels and it is very easy to change a text in Hebrew because of the language. And what this scholar said is that the Jewish scribes, about a hundred or two hundred years after the death of Christ, changed the scripture texts because it became more and more evident that the prophecies could only mean that Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah. Jesus is the Christ. And therefore, to maintain their hold on their people, the Jewish scribes changed the text themselves. This is a convert from Judaism whose father was a rabbi, saying this. St. Jerome didn’t have poisoned texts, and he had access besides that to texts that are no longer available, they are just wiped out with time. And St. Jerome translated that passage, by saying, "She shall crush thy head," meaning the Woman will crush. And so when Our Lady of Fatima says "Only I can help you," in a certain sense, not even God can help us, "but only I". Does that sound almost blasphemous, and certainly to Protestants it will sound like it, but I will explain it to you.

Some Special Graces Only Come Through Our Lady

St. Augustine tells us that there are certain favors, certain graces, that God in His love and His mercy wants to give us, but God knows we don’t deserve them, and God knows also that we are going to become very proud thinking that we deserved/earned them. It is very easy for us to do. I think this concept is very easy to understand and we have seen other people, (perhaps we have even noticed it in ourselves) who tend to think of themselves as superior to others because they have some special gift — like more intelligence, or good looks, or charm, or athletic ability, or capacity for speaking, etc. It is not wrong to notice and know of our gifts, but it is wrong when we attribute these abilities to ourselves as if we did not obtain them previously from God. As St. Paul points out, why do you glory in what you have, if you have not received first of all from God. And yet we find people who are arrogant and proud and so forth, and so it is a very common feeling.

So God knows that when we get these extraordinary graces, we might attribute them to ourselves. So God has a dilemma. How is He going to give us these graces He wants to give us and still not let them be an occasion of pride to us, and lead us into thinking that we are better than we are. If we fall into this pride we may somehow or other stop trying to be better because we might say to ourselves "aaaaah, see what I did," so "we don’t have to try any harder to be good." So God has a problem there. He still wants to give us His great graces. St. Augustine tells us God has found a way.

There are certain favors, there are certain graces, that God will only give through the merits and the intercession of the saints. No other way. So that we do not easily fall into this sin of pride when we get such great graces.

Our Consecration banner has been at our three Bishops' Conferences. The bottom half of the banner which is not shown here beautifully portrays Jesus' request "to place devotion to the Immaculate Heart beside devotion to My Sacred Heart."

World Peace Absolutely Will Only Come Through the Immaculate Heart of Mary

At Fatima we are told that the peace of the world has been entrusted to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. So peace in the world would not come about any other way except through the merits and the graces of Our Lady, and the acknowledgement of the same by mankind. That is why Our Lady can say in truth and literally, "Only I can help you." She actually spoke of Herself in this case, in the third person, "Only She can help you." But She was speaking of Our Lady of the Rosary. "Only She can help you."

Why can She say that? Because we cannot get this grace except through Her intercession, except through Her merits, and except through Her getting the credit.

Fatima Will be the Fulfillment of the First Biblical Prophecy

And so now we can better understand the promise that God made "She shall crush thy head (the devil’s head)" at the beginning of the human race (Genesis 3:15). Anything the Blessed Virgin does, of course, is done by the power of God. Nevertheless, God is using Her as an instrument to crush the serpent’s head. If you think about the first prophecy, of the Woman in Sacred Scripture: Genesis 3:15, "She shall crush thy head," you can see it will be fulfilled when the triumph of Our Lady that She promises in our era, will take place. She will crush the serpent’s head, and the victory that was promised to our first parents will be realized in our time.

The second time the Woman is spoken of in Sacred Scripture is at the wedding feast of Cana. The Blessed Virgin obtains by Her prayer, a grace, a miracle which was not scheduled. It was not His time. But at Her request Jesus gave it to Her. You see in the Message of Fatima, Grace and Mercy. We don’t deserve this grace. We don’t deserve this mercy. At the prayer of Our Lady it will be achieved, but even She needs something from us to make people understand what it is about so that when the victory comes, that the credit will be given where it belongs. But it will be through grace and mercy, not through merit on our part. And that is why when people say all we need is more prayers, we need more Rosaries, we have to have more of this ... I agree, we should have more of that. But it is not even going to be by us doing all of these things that we get this extraordinary grace. It is beyond anything any of us can do and all of us together will do.

St. Alphonsus tells us it’s a great thing for a person, for one man, or one woman, to obtain enough grace by their own good works and cooperation with God to save their own soul. It’s a great thing he says. He says it’s still a greater thing when a person has obtained enough grace not only to save his own soul but to save those of his brothers and sisters, his neighbors. And that he says is what the saints do. But he says the greatest of all things is when a creature, when a person, obtains enough grace to save all mankind, and that only the Blessed Virgin has done.

She has already won those graces, but to apply them, God will not let them be applied until She gets the credit. That is why it is reserved to this act of obedience and faith that the Holy Father publicly and solemnly (together with all the Catholic bishops) consecrate specifically Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. And that is why we will have peace in no other way. We don’t deserve it, but God wants to give it to us. He wants the Blessed Virgin to get the credit, and that is why it will come about in no other way.

In the mid-1930s, after seven years of Sister Lucy trying to get it, and the Popes not paying attention, she asked Jesus why He would not convert Russia and bring peace to the world except through that act of consecration. He didn’t say you misunderstood Me My daughter. Those are not really the conditions. It is not really necessary. He didn’t say any of that. What He did say was, "because I want My whole Church to acknowledge that consecration as a triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, so that later on it will put the devotion to this Immaculate Heart beside the devotion to My Sacred Heart." In other words He is saying, "you are right", "you understood Me correctly", "we will not have peace in the world." "You will not have the conversion of Russia unless and until the Holy Father makes that consecration." "I am reserving that grace precisely because I want the whole Church to recognize that it is through the merits and intercession of the Immaculate Heart that this grace is given to mankind". That is why it will come about no other way. You will find that in Sister Lucy’s writings. You will find it in the writings of Frère Michel, and Frère François.

The Triumph of the "Woman"

And so a "Woman" was spoken of from the cross. "Woman behold Thy son." "Son behold thy Mother". The "Woman" of Sacred Scripture is none other than the Blessed Virgin Mary. She is identified. The "Woman" of Genesis 3:15 is identified at the cross as Mary the mother of Jesus’ disciples. She is the "Woman" of Sacred Scripture. She is the "Woman" of Revelation of the Apocalypse, 12:1. She revealed Herself in an approved apparition in 1946 in Rome and She gave Her name as: "I am the Woman of Revelation". How much more clear can She get? She revealed Herself to a Protestant who had a seven-inch knife he had just bought and he was going to put into the heart of the Pope, and She converted him, and She identified Herself. He was a fundamentalist Protestant who saw the Pope as the Antichrist. This man, I believe, is still alive today. He is in his eighties. His name is Bruno, and there is a little shrine, Our Lady of Revelation.

Pope Paul VI when he went to Fatima in 1967 blessed the statue of Our Lady that I travel around the world with. The day he arrived at Fatima, May 13, 1967, he published his encyclical which is known as Signum Magnum, which means the "Great Sign." His encyclical starts off with the words "I saw a Woman clothed with the sun ..." taken from the Apocalypse — which is the Greek word which means Revelation. His encyclical clearly indicates, or at the very least, clearly suggests, that Our Lady of Fatima is none other than the fulfillment of the prophecy of Sacred Scripture, "the Woman clothed with the sun."

It is a very short encyclical, one of the shortest that any pope has ever written, I urge you to read it for the first paragraph alone.

The Third Secret — Faith Is in Crisis

Cardinal Ratzinger tells us that the Third Secret is contained in Sacred Scripture. Sister Lucy one day said, "If you want to know the Secret, read it, it is in the Apocalypse, chapters 8-13."

Pope Paul VI very clearly suggests that Our Lady of Fatima is the fulfillment of Sacred Scripture prophecy of the Woman clothed with the sun. And so, when you piece this all together, it is clear that we are living in a time of apostasy.

We can summarize the contents of Cardinal Ratzinger’s book The Report on the Faith by this one sentence: "The faith is in crisis around the world". The rest of the book is just explaining what that consists of.

It has never been known since the foundation of the Holy Office in the 1540s to the present time that the Cardinal Prefect of the Holy Office has written a book saying that the faith is in crisis around the world. Cardinal Ratzinger did that in 1984. He gave the interview in 1984, the short version was published in 1984 in a magazine, the book was published in 1985.

We’re not here to tell you there is no hope. But we’re not here to give you false hope either. You might as well look at reality the way it is.

Historical Perspective

Because many of us only live from day to day, we don’t have the perspective of history to help us. It is hard for us sometimes to recognize the times we do live in, but when I was in India, (I’ve been there five times now), I remember speaking with an Indian doctor who, by the way, was on the commission of Pope Paul VI before he wrote Humanae Vitae. She was one of the minority on the commission who agreed with the Church’s teachings and which the Pope followed finally in his encyclical Humanae Vitae. She pointed out that even the pagan Indians do not commit abortions. It is not to say there are none absolutely.

But abortion is so counter to nature. It is counter to the law that God has put into people’s hearts. Revelation certainly helps, but you don’t need revelation to know that it is wrong. And taking the 900,000,000 people now living in India, they put us to shame, per capita, in the number of few people that they kill by abortion.

When you read of the butchery that partial-birth abortion is; if you don’t know what partial-birth abortion is, the child is completely born except for maybe one inch of the head left inside the mother before he is executed by having his brains sucked out by a vacuum.

It is time for us to lose some of our lethargy and to stop looking around us and accepting what everyone else accepts as being okay just because everyone else accepts it. It is time for us to realize we are living an historical moment that is a crisis, which means both danger and opportunity. There is tremendous danger for us, even though we don’t agree with these things, to have the blood of these children on our hands, if we don’t do anything. Just by not raising our voices, by carrying on elections as if everything is normal, just as it is, because everyone else accepts it that way, is perhaps a receipt for having their blood on our hands.

Most Extraordinary Miracle

Our Lady is warning us that we are in extraordinary times. Never since the foundation of the world has a miracle been predicted three months ahead of time. The very miracle that the Pharisees asked of Our Lord to give them as a sign in the heavens, Our Lord refused to give it to them. He said you will only see the sign of Jonah. But the very sign the Pharisees asked for is the sign that Our Lady gave us in our generation. It has never before been done.

It is because we are in extraordinary danger and that the times are extraordinary, that we must realize the great mercy that God has given us in the Message of Fatima.

Our Tremendous Responsibility

We must also realize it is a tremendous responsibility. If we do not accept this message and its mercy, we will be all the more guilty. Our Lord said to the cities of Capharnaum and Bethsaida "and now Capharnaum and now Bethsaida, do you think you will be raised as high as Heaven? No, you shall be cast as low as hell". And why did Our Lord say that about Capharnaum and Bethsaida? He explained Himself immediately, "Because if Sodom and Gomorrah had seen the signs that were done in you they might have done penance and been converted and lived to this day."

We must realize that God, although He is absolutely just and fair, He is unequal. He doesn’t give the same graces to everybody. To Sodom and Gomorrah, He didn’t give the graces that He gave to Capharnaum and Bethsaida and because they did not believe, after they saw the miracles that He worked, He said they were more guilty and would be sent to hell for not accepting and not acting on the great miracles that He had worked in their midst.

Now, not everybody in Capharnaum and Bethsaida saw those miracles but there were enough witnesses, enough honest people, that they knew from their friends and neighbors that these miracles really took place. And for refusing referral and acting on that belief, Capharnaum and Bethsaida were to be cast as low as hell.

If that is true of those two cities, then what will Our Lord say of the 20th Century, that has had 70,000 witnesses and the prophecies of Fatima for the last 80 years being fulfilled before our eyes? And we sit down and do nothing because no one else is doing anything. Or because someone spreads some little rumor or lie or whatever it is and tells us that Russia is converting or don’t listen to Father Gruner, because he is a bad guy. It doesn’t matter whether you think I’m a great guy or not. It’s nice to think some people like me but the important thing is research the work yourself and see if I’ve falsified in substance anywhere the Fatima Message. If I have, please show me where. If I haven’t, then please spread the message yourselves.

For the Pope, Bishops and All Else

Some people tell us that this is a matter for the Holy Father and this is a matter for the bishops. I agree 100 percent. If you have worked for 20 years to pay off your mortgage on your house, if you have worked for 20 years to give education to your children and feed them, then I think you have a stake in seeing their well-being in the next few years. If something is going wrong in the school you would go to a parent-teachers meeting and raise your voice and ask that something be corrected. And rightly so. But if that is true for all the things that you do, all of these things are somewhat useless if we don’t do what Our Lady of Fatima asks. I’m not saying therefore don’t do these other good works, I am saying, "Unless the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it. Unless the Lord guards the city, in vain does the guard keep vigil" (Psalm 126:1).

All our own efforts at building up our community, building up our country, building up our society, our families, are all useless if God does not bless our efforts. And Our Lady tells us the exact consequences that will happen to us here and hereafter: "If My requests are granted many souls will be saved and there will be peace. If My requests are not granted, Russia will spread her errors throughout the world raising up wars and persecutions against the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated."

All Need This Information

If it wasn’t important for the general public within the Church to know these things, then I don’t know why the enemies of Our Lady of Fatima are so insistent on spreading lies about what She says, are so insistent in changing Her words and quoting them falsely in public, all the while hypocritically claiming they are spreading devotion to Our Lady. If it wasn’t that important to spread this disinformation, then they wouldn’t bother.

You are on a battlefield whether you realize it or not. You didn’t ask to join in this battle except by your Baptism and your Confirmation. By your Baptism you renounced satan and his pomps and his works. You pledged your allegiance to Jesus Christ and His Mother. For we are faced with an enemy, an enemy that wants to establish the reign of Antichrist, wants to establish the reign of satan. Whether it’s under the guise of the New World Order, or whether it is under the guise of Secular Humanism, or under the guise of the United Nations, or whatever other guise it is, wants to exclude God from our lives in public and in private and you’re being asked to take a side. And there is no fence sitting.

You are For or Against God

To refuse to be on the side of God is to accept to be on the side of the devil. "You are either for Me or against Me." The Church, not just you, but every member of the Church is under the same conditions whether they realize it or not. The Church is under attack, the Church is faced with a choice. This gauntlet was thrown down not only by Marx but by the Illuminati and by the Masons. Go back and read what the Masons said about how to destroy the Church — they see the Church as the enemy — and to destroy the Papacy they say we don’t need a stiletto. A stiletto (a little knife you can put in someone’s heart) is not enough, it is not sufficient to kill the papacy, says this particular document. It comes from the 1840s the Alta Vendita, Masonic Lodge movement. What we must do, says this document, is to corrupt Christians’ hearts. For when we corrupt Christian hearts sufficiently, then the Papacy will fall by itself.

So even though these movies that attack the Church and attack family values don’t make money, quite frequently, they still continue to produce them, because the purpose is not primarily to make money but to promote the corruption of the faithful.

Soon Our Lady’s Victory over All Errors

Leo XIII, in 1884, pointed out that Masonry and communism were fundamentally allied, they are kinsmen of the same anti-God errors. They are both against the family, both promote divorce as a right, both claim that parents’ rights to education is less than the State’s right, both are against private property, both are for bringing about a godless society. This war against the Church has intensified in our century with the establishment of Communist Russia. Pope Pius XII pointed out, in 1517, Luther said, "Yes to God, Yes to Christ and No to the Church." In 1717, the Masons came forward and said, "Yes to God (but they didn’t mean it). They said No to Christ and No to the Church." In 1917, the Marxists said, "No to God."

It is these "Nos" that will be reversed by the consecration of Russia. As Our Lord said, the Church is His bride. You find that in Ephesians. We can’t be for Christ and against His Church as Luther taught. We can’t be for God and against Christ. As Our Lord said to the Pharisees: "If God was your Father you would accept Me because I am the image of My Father. I and the Father are One. No, your father is the devil." God the Son is the image of the Father. "Philip. Do you not know I and the Father are One? You have seen Me, you have seen the Father." And so in a certain sense, Marx was just fulfilling, by saying "No" to God, the logic that’s inherent in "No" to Christ and "No" to His Church. But all of these things will be reversed by the consecration and the conversion of Russia. Even the "No" of the Orthodox, denying the Papal Primacy in 1054 A.D., will be reversed.

In this battle, the Church has been and continues to be faced with organized militant atheism which started over 100 years ago. This total, cultural, spiritual, physical, economic and political war (as well as at times military war) against Christendom and the Catholic Church is coming to its culmination in history and we are at that moment of culmination. Years ago TAN put out a book by Yves Dupont in which he talked about the coming chastisement. He quotes Catholic canonized saints from 300 A.D., 400 A.D., 500 A.D., in fact, for the last 1,700 years, who are all pointing to the last quarter of the 20th Century as the moment of supreme crisis for the Catholic Church and, in fact, for the whole of mankind. The time we are living in right now.

Victory Before 2000 A.D.

All of these things are converging in the next few years. We have the prophecy of Our Lady of Quito, Our Lady of Good Fortune, who tells us in Her own way that the battle will be over by the year 2000. She speaks about the Church giving way to heresy for the latter part of the 19th Century and for the most part of the 20th Century. But it will not dominate for all of the 20th Century.

Saint John Bosco’s prophecies tell us it is before the year 2000 that the triumph is won. He even tells us it is before the month of flowers which has two full moons in it is over, that the reign of peace begins. You will find an account of these prophecies at the back of the book, Tragedy and Triumph. According to some, this will be March, 1999.

Part of the difficulty is for us to get a historical perspective. It’s like trying to see a picture with your nose on the picture. It is very hard to see the rest of the picture when you are so close to it and when you’re only looking at one dot. That’s where many of our contemporaries are, because they are too close to our own times and thus don’t recognize we are in very extraordinary times. That’s why it is important for you to get this perspective so that you can finally react. If you are still paralyzed, at least, if nothing else, pray your Rosary more fervently, more frequently. And whatever else you do, don’t omit to pray your Rosary every day.

Church’s Only Real Choice Explained

I want to finish with one thought here. We are in this battle that has been declared against the Church by Marx and other fellow-travelers. The Church has three choices. The fourth choice would be to give up and forget it and say you win and we will join you. Of course that is apostasy if we do that. So if we want to be faithful to God we have three choices on paper. The first choice is we can run from our persecutors, the second is we can fight our persecutors and the third choice is we can negotiate.

Take the example of Mr. Hunter and Mr. Intended Victim. If Mr. Hunter says to Mr. Victim, "I am going to kill you." Mr. (Intended) Victim has three choices. He can run, he can fight, or he can negotiate. As long as Mr. Hunter has that intention to kill him, those are the only three choices Mr. Intended Victim has: run, fight or negotiate. That’s all he has, and that’s all the Church has. Except we can’t run anywhere because the Church is worldwide as is this militant-atheist conspiracy against the Church, so the Church can’t flee. That leaves us to fight or negotiate and this is crucial. The Vatican has chosen to negotiate. The Vatican has made an agreement, the Vatican-Moscow Agreement. Our Lady says you can’t win that way. You can only win by fighting with the weapon I give you. And that is what all this confusion about the consecration of Russia is all about.

You’ve perhaps never heard the terms of the Vatican-Moscow Agreement before, but it’s very important. I’m surprised that American statesmen have not talked about this in Washington and yet it’s a betrayal of the civic society as well as the Church. Now I’m talking ontologically, that is in itself, in its essence.

I’m not saying the people who entered it did this act of betrayal maliciously. I, even in my writings, justified their intention. It is not my place to judge their motives.

We Are Betrayed

Nevertheless, the fact is that the Vatican-Moscow Agreement betrays the Church and betrays each one of us. When I first saw the word betrayal describing the Vatican-Moscow Agreement, I said, "that is a strong term." I said, "I’m not sure I can agree with that." For I had to think it through myself. I had more time to think about it than you, so I’ll explain this to you.

The Vatican-Moscow Agreement is very simply an agreement on the part of the Vatican not to denounce the errors of communism. This agreement was negotiated between November 22, 1961 and concluded by October 12, 1962. It is published in a number of places. If you want to see it, independent of my writings, you’ll find it in Malachi Martin’s book The Jesuits, on pages 85-88. You’ll also find it in the book by Father Floridi, of Ardis Publishers, out of Ann Arbor, Michigan, called Moscow and the Vatican. His book is about the Vatican’s and Moscow’s diplomatic relations from 1917 to 1979 and he describes the Vatican-Moscow Agreement there. You will find it in communist publications in France. You will find it in Catholic publications in France. You will find the terms outlined in the Delhi paper of November 22, 1961, in which the chief negotiator for Moscow, Archbishop Nikodim, a KGB agent, lays down their terms for the Vatican to agree to and the Vatican has fulfilled those terms to the letter for the last 35 years — except for a brief period from January to September of 1984. Except for that, the Church, the Vatican more exactly, has accepted the terms of the Vatican-Moscow Agreement to not denounce the errors of communism. Now that may seem like a very light thing. But consider for a moment that after the Second World War, before the communists took power in Poland they had a partial victory in the Polish elections, they had a coalition government with non-Communist political parties and they only asked for two things. They asked that they have the interior ministry, that is the police force and the army. That is that they have that portfolio in their coalition government, and the second thing they asked for was that communism not be denounced in the House of Parliament, their equivalent of the House of Congress. And with those two conditions being accepted and put into practice, by 1949 they had taken over Poland.

You see, if no one denounces the errors of Russia and of communism, after a while people forget about them, and they start absorbing them little by little.

When I was growing up, no one could say you could be a Catholic and a communist at the same time. If you talk to a Catholic college student today you will find him defending that, as a possibility. They could never do such a thing if the Vatican had not been silent for the last 35 years about the dangers of communism.

Why then can I call this a betrayal? It is a betrayal pure and simple because the word bishop means watchman. What is the purpose of a watchman but to cry out when he sees the enemy coming. In case you don’t know the duties of a watchman, God tells us what it is in the Old Testament, in the book of Ezechiel: "I have appointed you watchman, now if you see the enemy coming and I have told the watchman to cry out and if you don’t cry out then I will hold you, the watchman, responsible for the deaths of each one of your fellow citizens because you didn’t cry out."

Of what purpose is it to hire a watchman, to have him take his oath of office, and to watch the walled city and to see the enemy coming and to walk down the stairs from his watch tower at 2 in the morning when everyone else is asleep and to make a deal with the enemy not to cry out? Now that is betrayal, pure and simple.

That is what the Vatican has done. It has agreed not to cry out when it sees the enemy coming. And the Vatican has done that for the last 35 years. Am I against the Pope for saying this? No. Not at all. I’m trying to save his neck for the simple reason that Our Lord says "Make it known to My ministers, given that they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My command, like him they will follow him into misfortune." And so either you have negotiations to overcome this problem (which we know have not worked up til now, and Our Lady absolutely assures us they will not only not work but that "the good will be martyred and the Pope will have much to suffer") or you take the weapon Our Lady gives you. You either make the consecration and convert Russia or you negotiate with them. Because you can’t flee and you haven’t got the physical arms to fight them you either negotiate or you take Our Lady’s weapon. Unfortunately, these Vatican officials, Cardinal Casaroli for example, thinks that he knows better than the Blessed Virgin, that we should negotiate. The terms of negotiation that communism has laid down is silence with regard to its errors. All the rest of the confusion about the so-called fulfillment of the request of Our Lady for the consecration of Russia in 1984 is all about what side of the Vatican-Moscow Agreement you are on, either through ignorance or through malice. It is as simple as that. It is so simple that people think we’re against the Pope, which we’re not. The Pope himself acknowledges that he has not done the consecration of Russia. The Pope feels that his hands are tied, that he can’t do anything. What he needs is a groundswell of support both of prayer and of public support for the consecration. Why does he not do it? For one reason. He is afraid that he won’t get the co-operation of a sufficient number of bishops.

Good News

I have some good news to tell you about that. There are about 4,500 Catholic bishops worldwide. Of the 1,900 bishops that have written to me over the last ten years, 81 percent are in favor of what we do, 81 percent. There are only 23 bishops who have proclaimed themselves against what we have said for the last 10 years, 23 bishops and only one militantly. Over the years a number of bishops who support us have died.

Today there are over 60 cardinals who are in favor of what we do for the consecration. That’s 45 percent of them. Of the bishops we don’t have as high a percentage, we have over 1,200 bishops who are on our side on this consecration. I don’t think even the Pope knows that yet. He will know soon. But it’s not quite high enough for the Holy Father. And that is why I’m supposed to continue explaining these things, until enough people realize that what I have been saying publicly is exactly true. No one has found fault yet. They will attack my person, my reputation, my intention, but they cannot attack what I say, neither theologically nor factually. There is no attack because it is true what I say.

Please Help Yourself and Others

The purpose is not to scandalize, the purpose is not to say I am better, but I would be doing a disservice to not tell you the truth. I would be doing a disservice to the Pope and the bishops if I don’t tell the truth in a matter that affects everyone here, and everyone everywhere, our lives and freedom and souls are at stake. I would ask you to help me by your continued prayers and support in any way you can, but above all do what Our Lady asks. First of all pray the Rosary; wear the Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel; do your daily duty which includes your duty to the common good, that means telling the truth and not hiding it when the common good is at stake, even in those matters which you might be misunderstood, when you might be also attacked for being somehow or other considered by the ignorant and the bigoted as "less than Catholic." There are many more things that I would urge you to be informed about. There is much to say on the Message of Fatima and I would urge you to read and be well informed and to pass on what you can to others, by your own speech, by your own words or by passing on good material on Fatima.

Thanks to the prayers and sacrifices of supporters of the Immaculate Heart Orphanage, the new building for the orphans is well underway. Above, Anthony Sebastian, manager of our India Office (with briefcase), inspects the work in progress.