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How to go to Heaven

by Father Marcel Nault

This is the third time I have come and prayed at the World Bishop's Conference.

The Holy Face

I have been inspired that we should have the Holy Face of Jesus with the Blessed Mother. How pleased She must be when we have those World Bishop Conferences and we gaze upon the Blessed Mother and we gaze also on the Holy Face of Jesus. On the First Friday of Lent, 1936, Jesus said to an Italian sister, Maria Pierina, "I firmly wish that My face reflecting the intimate pains of My soul, the suffering and love of My heart be more honored. Whoever gazes upon Me already consoles Me."

After the conference in Mexico in 1994, one of the speakers said, "Father Nault, I have a confession to make to you. During all the conferences in Mexico City, I have looked more often on the Holy Face of Jesus, than on the face of the speaker." I would not be offended if you gaze on the Holy Face of Jesus once in a while. It's not a devotion introduced by a man or a woman. It's of Jesus Himself. On the morning of His Resurrection He arose from the dead — that was a miracle. The angels came down — another miracle, and we have the Shroud, the greatest relic of the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus, according to John Paul II. Let me repeat this phrase of Jesus and I hope it will be planted for life in your memory: "I firmly wish that My Face reflecting the intimate pains of My Heart, My Soul, and the suffering and love of My Heart be more honored. Whoever gazes upon Me already consoles Me." When you only gaze upon the Holy Face of Jesus, when you only look upon the Holy Face of Jesus, you console Jesus.

Francisco of Fatima

You know that Francisco had a special vocation. A lady asked him, "When you grow to be a man, what would you like to do, to become a teacher, to become a doctor, to become an architect?" "No." "Francisco, when you become a man, would you like to be a priest?" "No; no; no." "What do you want to do?" "I want to die." "To die? What for?" "To go to Heaven and console Jesus." At that time Francisco didn't know what Jesus had said to Sister Pierina, "Whoever gazes upon Me already consoles Me."

Yesterday we saw that hell exists. Hell is eternal. This is a Catholic dogma. We would all go to hell, if we die in a state of mortal sin. The conference today will be how to get to Heaven. If you avoid hell, there is only one place you go, that is Heaven for all eternity.


Some Fatima 2000 delegates made a pilgrimage to Subiaco near Rome. It is a little bit of Heaven. St. Benedict's monastery sits on top of the mountain and offers peace and serenity together with magnificent masters, painted on the interior walls centuries ago.

Heaven and Hell

Saint John Bosco said that to go to Heaven you must want to go to Heaven. You must believe in Heaven, you must believe in God. But you don't have to believe in hell to go to hell. Heretics don't believe in Heaven or hell. Because they don't believe in Heaven nor hell doesn't mean they will not go to hell. Because without faith, you cannot please God, said St. Paul. Without faith, you cannot enter Heaven. That's why these conferences are to help you grow in faith, defend your faith and preach your faith in your family and in your parish. How to avoid hell is surely the most important thing to know and to do.

The most important part of my sermon, is to do what Jesus did. He came to save souls from hell and Our Lady of Fatima came for one reason also, to save souls from hell by giving devotion to Her Immaculate Heart, especially through the Rosary, the Brown Scapular, the Miraculous Medal and finally Her great devotion of the Five First Saturdays.

We cannot preach on Fatima without preaching on hell. We cannot preach on Fatima without preaching on the Rosary and we cannot preach on Fatima without preaching on the Brown Scapular because on October 13, 1917, the three children saw Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the Holy Family. Jesus blessed the crowd. Also Saint Joseph and baby Jesus blessed the crowd. The second medallion appearing in the sky was Our Lady of Sorrows. The third medallion appearing in the sky was Our Lady holding a Brown Scapular. If this is not an invitation to wear the Brown Scapular, I don't know what is.

You Must Want to Avoid Hell

To avoid hell, you must want to avoid hell. You must take all the means to avoid hell. To avoid hell you must pay the price and some people have accepted death as martyrs to avoid hell. If one day you are forced to renounce your Faith or face death, you will have only one choice. You must accept death as a martyr to enter Heaven and if you don't accept death as a martyr, you will go straight to hell.

We don't enter Heaven like entering a shopping center. We must pay the price and we know the price that Jesus has paid for your soul. All His suffering was endured for you and me. Jesus did not save mankind through His preaching. Jesus did not save mankind through His miracles. Jesus saved mankind through His suffering, His passion, His scourging, crowning and crucifixion. If Jesus paid that price, we must do our share in order to enter Heaven. We must pay the price.

On Mount Tabor the Heavenly Father said, "This is My Beloved Son. Listen to Him." And Jesus will tell us, "No one goes to My Father except through Me." There is no way to enter Heaven if we don't listen to and obey the word of Jesus. Jews today have rejected Jesus and don't believe in Jesus and I don't believe they will enter Heaven. Moslems don't believe in Jesus, I don't think they will enter Heaven and we know very well the Catholic dogma that outside of the faith of the Catholic Church there is no salvation.

You are not saved by being a Protestant, you are saved if you believe in the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, and you must belong to the Church. This is because there is only one Church on earth, the Church that Jesus founded on the twelve apostles. Go and preach to the world, those who will believe and be baptized will be saved. Those who will not believe, will be damned.

Protestants are not saved. They reject the Body of Christ. They reject the sacrament of Penance.

Devotion to Mary Necessary for Salvation

And like I said yesterday, from the Cross Jesus said, "Woman behold Thy Son," and to Saint John representing mankind, "Behold thy Mother." How can we please Jesus? How can we be brothers of Jesus if we don't accept Mary, the Mother of Jesus? The great Pope Pius XII, a genius and a holy Pope, and also Saint Alphonsus Liguori, the doctor of morals, and more besides, said that without devotion to Mary, there is no salvation.

Is there devotion to Mary when we reject the Holy Rosary, when we know that Her six apparitions at Fatima were confirmed by the greatest miracle, the dancing of the sun? When we know that Mary has repeated Herself — and I think Mary had a great memory and it is not because She forgot — She knew; She repeated Herself in Her six apparitions. She had the children recite the Rosary every day.

Rosary and Scapular

Our Lady said in the fifteen promises of the Rosary that devotion to Her Rosary is a sure sign of predestination. She also said to Saint Simon Stock that all those enrolled in the Brown Scapular and who die wearing the Brown Scapular are assured to not go to hell. If that person is no good, he will remove his Brown Scapular. And I have noticed in my 35 years of Priesthood, all those who recite the Rosary, especially the 15 decades of the Holy Rosary, absolutely all wear the Brown Scapular and become apostles of the Brown Scapular. The Holy Rosary and the Brown Scapular are two sacramentals of predestination. I found also that those who recite the Rosary and wear the Brown Scapular are humble people. The proud do not recite the Rosary, the proud do not wear the Brown Scapular and we know that Jesus said God gives His grace to the humble and rejects the proud. No proud man or woman will ever enter Heaven because to enter Heaven you must accept the Grace of God. You must pray to obtain the Grace of God and like St. Alphonsus Liguori said, those who pray save themselves and those who don't pray don't save themselves.

Power of the Rosary

Recite the Rosary daily and why not recite 15 decades of your Rosary? I recite the 15 decades of the Rosary and something very strange happens. When you take the time to pray to the Blessed Mother Who said Her name is Our Lady of the Rosary, and when you take the time to recite the Rosary, all 15 decades, Mary finds friends to help you to accomplish lots of work. She gives you some helpers and you produce much more if you trust the power of the Holy Rosary. Sister Lucy said there is no problem either moral or physical that cannot be solved by God through the Holy Rosary.

We know in the time of Pope St. Pius V, the Moslems were coming by ship to invade Europe and wherever Moslems go, they destroy Christianity because the Moslem is Antichrist. St. Pius V requested that all the churches throughout Christendom recite the Rosary and thrust the Moslems back, and he saved the Faith of Europe because he had Faith in the Holy Rosary.

Why is it now that communism is spreading and spreading and spreading all over, and Mary said Russia would conquer the world, even Canada and the United States? Why doesn't the Pope use his authority, and request that all Roman Catholics recite the Rosary? There is only one solution. Mary did not say, I will save the world through the Latin Mass of St. Pius V, She never said that. Only She can save you, because God has entrusted world peace to the hands of humble Mary. There is no problem either moral or physical that cannot be solved by the Rosary. If we have a bad habit with liquor, sex, drugs, or whatever, the Rosary can easily be your salvation.

Obey Mary

Without devotion to Mary there is no salvation. We must accept Mary as our Mother. We must trust Mary as our Mother and when She has spoken at Fatima, the Church must put more trust in the wisdom of Mary than the principles of diplomacy. The Church must please God and the Blessed Mother more than Russia. Mary asks for the Consecration of Russia, because Russia is possessed by sin.

You remember Moses led his people to what seemed sure death because the Egyptians chased after them. And God said, "Take your staff and part the Red Sea," and Moses saved his people because he trusted the Word of God. Why does not the Pope and all the Bishops trust the wisdom of God, and the power of God today? It's so easy — stop thinking and start obeying.

Popes Be Not Afraid

The Blessed Mother said: Pray for the conversion of Russia and I want the Pope and all the Bishops to make the Consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart. Pius XI disobeyed and Pius XII as well. They were afraid. We must not be afraid. The Pope must never be afraid of men. We know that the first 29 Popes all died as martyrs. All Popes should be ready to die as martyrs to save the Faith of the Faithful. Pray for the Pope every day. Mary said to Jacinta: Pray for the Pope. Pray for the Pope! Pray for the Pope, because he has the greatest responsibility on his shoulders.

Priests Must Pray Too

Luther, who used to be a Catholic monk, never found the time to recite his breviary. The breviary for him was not important and we know that the priest is not just to be an administrator, a priest is there to pray for the people of God, that the Grace of God will descend on the faithful. There are three vocations for the priest to save souls: The altar where he celebrates the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; the confessional where those in mortal sin rise from death; and the pulpit where he preaches the Faith.

Today we are so busy in administration that very often priests forget to pray. They don't have the time to serve the Faithful in the confessional and we know St. John Mary Vianney and Padre Pio were priests of the altar, the confessional, and the pulpit. Pray for your priests that they never lose sight of their priorities as priests: the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, breviary, confessional and pulpit. Jesus said, "Come and follow Me." Jesus meant, "Be My imitator. Imitate My virtues especially humility, meekness, obedience and charity. My fruit is to do the will of My Father."

Frequent Confession

To avoid hell my friends, we must receive the grace of God through the Holy Eucharist and the sacrament of Penance. How can a Protestant be saved without the sacrament of Penance? We priests are requested to go to Confession once a week. St. Pius X used to go to Confession every morning before celebrating Mass, not because he had committed mortal sin but to remove venial sins and have an increase of Grace. I have a special document from Pope Pius XII regarding frequent confession.

Frequent confession is a privilege and a source of holiness, peace and joy. We have lost maybe 75,000 priests who have abandoned the altar of the Lord. If over 75,000 priests have abandoned their priesthood, it is because they have neglected the sacrament of Penance. A priest cannot live in mortal sin and celebrate the Mass. If a priest has the imprudence and the weakness — this I say for the priests and also for laypeople who commit a sin — there is only one thing you must do my friend, you must run to the church and make a holy confession. Because, otherwise, if you're going to receive Communion, you make a sacrilegious Communion; and even if you make 100,000 Communions, you go to hell because you are in a state of mortal sin. Never be afraid to go to Confession. Priests are human, they understand human weakness. They will understand you, they will receive you but please don't delay, because when you are in the state of mortal sin, demons take the place of the Most Holy Trinity in your soul.

Avoid Occasions of Sin

To avoid hell we must take the time every day to read the Bible with the traditional and short catechism because we think and we believe according to what we read. To avoid hell we must do absolutely everything to keep the Ten Commandments of God, live according to the Beatitudes and hold fast to tradition. To avoid hell, praying is not enough.

To avoid hell, it is not enough to receive the sacraments. St. Alphonsus Liguori said when we avoid the near occasions of sin, we avoid over 90 percent of mortal sin. A person who does not avoid near occasions of sin, commits an act of imprudence that can easily become a mortal sin.

The Ungodly are Blind

John Vennari has given a conference on the crazy theory of Evolution. Are we aware that Darwin was an atheist without God in his soul? The father of the New World Order, Gorbachev, is another atheist and being an atheist is a mortal sin and the angel of Fatima in 1916 has shown it in a little prayer to the three seers. "O My God I believe. I adore, I hope and I love Thee, I ask pardon for those who do not believe" — not to believe is a mortal sin.

Darwin was in mortal sin. Gorbachev is as well. How can they have the wisdom of God and why should we want to follow two atheists with their stupid teaching? When God created Adam and Eve, He created man and woman. Are we going to change the Bible to please Darwin?

The Evil New "One World Religion"

You all probably know this, it is already on paper: Gorbachev is an official of the atheists, and he's in charge of promoting the New World Horizontal Church. They want to abolish all churches on earth: the Catholic Church, Protestant churches, Judaism, Islam. All religions would have to disappear and those who refuse, will be persecuted and killed. It will be absolutely forbidden to cry out the Holy names of Jesus and Mary. It will be forbidden to pronounce the word sin because they don't believe in God, they don't believe in the covenants of God, they don't believe in Heaven and they don't believe in hell.

Frequent Confession Together 
With Frequent Communion

We all now profit by the privilege of frequent Communion since the pontifical decree of St. Pius X on the 20th of December 1905. It is very important to insist on the spiritual benefit which is so worthy for everybody, that is, frequent confession. Saints go often to Confession because they are humble and they believe that they need the grace of God. Saints go often to Confession and those who go to Confession often become saints. Before this decree of St. Pius X the faithful never received Holy Communion without having confessed their sins before receiving Communion. Today it is quite common that people who are new to frequent Holy Communion wait for a long time without going to Confession, under the pretext that it is enough to be more or less in the state of grace to receive Communion. This is obviously an abuse.

No to Communion in the Hand

I also want to mention here what is going on in the parishes of the official church in which everybody is going to receive Communion in the hand without going to Confession. It is the priests themselves who give First Holy Communion to children without preparing them for Confession. When I was a pastor the school principal came to me. He said, "Father Nault it is about time to prepare the children for First Communion. Will you kindly come and practice with them with a little unconsecrated host?" "I will," I replied. We used to do that when we were younger priests. I went to that school, and I started to give communion in the mouth and the children, seven or eight years old, all extended their hands. I was the pastor, but they go over the pastor with the new catechism, and without faith, without respect to tradition, because Communion in the hand is the beginning of the desacralization of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. 

Father Marcel Nault celebrates Holy Mass at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary in Pompei over the tomb of Bartholomew Longo. Assisting him is Michael Egan, one of Our Lady's workers.

 Reverence in Receiving Communion

St. Bernadette received Communion kneeling down, on her tongue. The three seers when Our Lady of Fatima spoke and delivered the Message of Fatima, all received Communion on their knees and on their tongue. According to tradition the Blessed Mother always received Communion on Her knees and on Her tongue from the hands of St. Peter and St. John. The great French Bishop Bossuet said, "Man is great when he is on his knees in front of his Creator."

When the Angel of Fatima came he gave Communion in the mouth. Today many people do not really believe in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Desacralization of the wonderful sacrament of the Body of Christ has become commonplace. Daily Communion requires vigilance, knowledge of ourselves and compunction which will be eased by the frequency of the sacrament of Penance. Let us make a general rule as each one organizes his spiritual life according to his special needs and according to the advice of his confessor.

Daily Communion requires confession every other week and weekly Communion requires confession every three weeks of every month. Our Lady in Pontevedra said, "If you practice My devotion of the Five First Saturdays of the month, I promise you that I will be there before you die to make sure you will receive all the graces necessary to go to Heaven." She promised that with the Five First Saturdays, She would be there at the hour of your death, that you have all the graces necessary to make Heaven.

Let us remember that to do the First Saturdays properly the sacrament of Confession is required — not spiritual confession, but the actual sacrament of Confession, which means the individual penitent tells his sins to a priest in the confessional.

Each of the sacraments indeed have their own specific effect and we cannot use one to get the fruits of the other. Frequent Confession provides the negative part of the spiritual life. We could say the spiritual life which is based on the spirit of humility, of confession, of penance, restores balance and grace lost due to the act of sin. Frequent Communion provides the positive part of the spiritual life which is the life of the love of God in our neighbor.

Pius XII, in the encyclical, Mystical Body mentioned various errors about the spiritual life and about the frequent reception of the sacrament of Penance. This is the result also of that false doctrine which asserts that not so much should be made of frequent Confession: "If you don't have any mortal sin, please don't bother, I'm busy elsewhere." This is an error, especially among young priests.

Pius XII encouraged priests to preach on the spiritual truth of frequent Confession. We wish to commend most especially the pious youth for frequent Confession introduced by the Church under the impulse of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Father confirms this recommendation and encourages the faithful to put frequent Confession into practice in their lives.

A Secret of the Saints

Why is it that those who go to Confession often become saints? Here is an explanation. The spiritual benefits of frequent confession are, first, growth in a proper self-knowledge. We grow in a proper self-knowledge because we have to examine our conscience and make good resolutions. Through frequent confession Christian humility is increased and you know that making a holy confession sometimes requires a great amount of humility. Some go to Confession and hide a sin. If you lie to the priest my friend, you lie to the Holy Ghost and your confession is a sacrilegious confession and you leave the confessional with a greater sin on your soul than before you entered. We need humility, and frequent confession. This destroys bad habits.

Frequent confession gives another spiritual benefit. The conscience is purified, our judgment is purified, and the will is strengthened. Salutary direction is obtained. Grace is increased by the power of the sacrament itself. People come to Confession, and you help them to make a holy confession. Sometimes they are scared. You ask a question and it helps open a door. After a good confession, many times I have seen men and women cry like children. When you have confessed your mortal sin, peace and joy come into your heart.

Make a Retreat/Pray for Priests

Why not at least once or twice in your lifetime make a retreat with the exercises of Saint Ignatius Loyola and make a holy confession. Who knows if you will die sooner than you think? To avoid hell make the first Friday devotions and the first Saturday devotions of the month often.

Pray that your priests love to hear confessions. It's not a waste of time for a priest to hear confessions. It is often a great waste of time to be at meetings. You don't save souls in a meeting. Padre Pio and St. John Mary Vianney were not priests of meetings. They were priests of the altar, the confessional, and the pulpit. Pray for your priests, we need your prayers. Love your priests and if you see a weak priest always remember whoever that priest is, he represents Christ and we have no right to judge the intentions of priests. We might see things that are wrong. Nevertheless we must love all priests and respect all priests and you will do more good to the priest by respecting him, loving him, and praying for him than by criticizing and gossiping.

As Jesus said, whatever you do to the little ones, you do that to Me. If you mistreat a priest, through gossip, you will have to answer to Jesus. And Jesus may deprive you of the sacraments of the Church before you die if you have despised priests. Encourage your priest to hear confessions. You will do him a favor. He might discover that he himself needs to go to Confession often to become a holier priest. I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.