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by Fr. Paul Trinchard, S.T.L.

I agreed to speak at Fr. Gruner's Marian Conference in Rome even though I suffered a heart attack six months previous to the event. Fr. Gruner is one of the very few who has the Fatima Message right and who eagerly, as well as successfully promulgates the most important message for our times. How can I prove this? I can do so from the scandalous opposition that he received from the dysfunctional and horribly corrupt Roman ecclesial establishment, and also, from God's providential signs.

One of these that struck me concerned the time and place for this conference. As you already know, the conference within which this talk was given was entitled: "Fatima 2000: World Peace and the Immaculate Heart of Mary." Providentially, the year of this conference was the two thousandth year after Christ’s birth. Jesus was most likely born in 4 B.C. according to historians and scripture scholars. The hotel within which this conference occurred was across the street from "a most appropriate Marian Basilica." The basilica where the conference was held was entitled: "The Home of Immaculate Mary, the Queen of Peace."

This reminds me of the gospel passage usually read at most of the Marian Masses within the canonized liturgy, of the Latin Rite (John 19:24-28). Jesus said to John, "Behold thy Mother"; and from that moment, he took Her unto his home. The priest, John, was the one who created Mary's home. How? Through the Holy Sacrifice and Holy Sacrament which he, not Our Lady, brought into existence. Each church within which the Canonized Mass liturgy was (is) said was (is) built as "Mary's home." Here, the one Who is identified as "the Lord is with Thee" dwells with Her Son, Jesus Christ.

She alone is the Queen of Peace. Ultimately and essentially, peace is freedom from eternal Hell. The Fatima Message began, "I am the angel of peace." The heart of the Fatima Message is Our Lady's concern for the salvation of souls in these most perilous times. The climax of the Fatima Message occurred at Tuy. Here, Sister Lucy was given the Great Salutary Theophany — the Holy SACRIFICE of the Mass is our only salvation. Thus, we are led back to this Marian basilica — the home of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Queen of Peace. Within this basilica, the following words were etched in the granite of the apse: "Nos concredimus ac consecramus tibi cordi tuo immaculato," which means "Together with Thee, we believe; and, we are sanctified through, and consecrate ourselves to, Thy Immaculate Heart."

We believe unto salvation with the same faith which Mary has and which our Mother gives to the Elect. "Concredimus" — the Elect believe with Mary. "Let all be done to me and by me as God decides." Only by sincerely repeating and implementing Our Lady's words can anyone be saved from eternal Hell.

How are we consecrated or made holy? As each Angelus Prayer assures us — through the sufferings and death of Christ or through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The primary cause of or motivation for the Holy Sacrifice is the Immaculata. The Mediatrix of all Christ-merited graces is the Immaculata.

To the delight of Congress organizers of Fatima 2000, World Peace and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the theme received a stamp of approval it seems from Heaven itself. The Basilica on our doorstep turned out to be dedicated to "The Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of Peace".