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YOU CAN HELP! Our Lady's Volunteer
Team On the Road to Triumph

A plea from your Editor, Coralie Graham

I think you'll notice, Our Lady multiplied (referring to the several Fatima Statues on the podium). And just like with the loaves and the fishes, we are the ones who have to do our part to multiply Her Words, to spread them throughout our hometown, our country and to the world.

I'd like to know what you are doing in your area to promote the Message of Fatima because we can all learn from each other. Some of you have come up with very good ideas and we'd like to hear about them.

Help! What Do I Do Now?

I heard a lot of people speaking through the meal times and that they've learned a lot here and they're very enthusiastic about it.

"But", they say, "when I go home, how am I going to reach the people at home? It's easy enough to dialogue back and forth with the people here because we're kind of all on the same wave-length."

True, when you go home, you will meet more opposition. And all I can say about that is, keep informed as much as you can. Keep reading all of these materials. We have loads of Fatima materials. Keep informed... It is very important. How can you defend your faith and the words of Our Lady if you're not informed yourself? That's the number one key. How else are you going to convince others?

Pray, Pray, and Pray More!

Last, but not least, of course, is prayer. As one of our eminent speakers said here, we must pray. We must pray a lot because we're not Einstein’s, we're not all professional speakers, and we need to know what to say at the right time to convince our neighbor, our local priest, government officials, school teachers, just to mention a few.

We must convince them about the Message of Fatima, that it must be obeyed. But how can you convince them if nobody understands what it is about? It's not going to be obeyed until it is understood. And that's very important for us to understand.

Our layman’s role, at the grassroots, begins by talking to people on an individual basis and praying a Hail Mary to yourself that Our Lady will help us say the right words at the right time to nurture devotion and obedience to Her requests.

Commitment to Our Lady

I would like a commitment from each one of you to take one of these Fatima Statues home and for those who don't have sufficient room for it, we will send it to you.

But we would like a commitment that you are going to go home and start or nurture your own little group. One small way you can start is by visiting from home to home. Just get your friends together or whatever group you might belong to and pray a simple Rosary. We all know how important and how powerful the Rosary is.

Bishop Lopez presents Justine and William CrossChild, Fatima 2000 delegates with a miniature reproduction of the Pilgrim Virgin Statue, in exchange for their pledge to offer volunteer work for Our Lady's Apostolate.

Volunteers; Where Are You?

How about being a Volunteer? Our Lady needs volunteers. We're desperate for volunteers to just go out there and spread Her urgent appeal, plant the seed. God will make it grow. But He gave the seeds to us. He could have planted them Himself, but He chose us. So we must do that.

Another way you could help is simply by praying. There's a whole tier of ways that you can be an effective volunteer. If you're an invalid and can't get out much, you can simply pray a Rosary every day for the intentions of Our Lady of Fatima. This is what we're all working for here.

You could be on a telephone group calling your friends to spread Fatima news. You can help by organizing little groups.

       Another way you can help is to take our Radio program Heaven's Peace Plan and see if you can get it on your local radio station. We have hundreds of audio tapes we could send you.

You can also promote our TV program Fatima: "The Moment Has Come". A lot of channel stations will play them but you have to live in that area to get them on the air. Just think, with all the people in this room right now – consider if each of you were able to put one Fatima video on one of your local cable stations, think of how many people that could be reached, millions, just with that one little attempt.

Father Gruner and Bishop Lopez present Helen Brink, another Fatima 2000 delegate, with a miniature reproduction of the Pilgrim Virgin Statue, in exchange for her pledge of support to volunteer time to Our Lady.

Exercise Your Talents

Now we can't all do everything, but each of you has your own part that you can play in this. Each one of you is different. Each one of you has unique and individual talents and means that God gave you. But God also gave each of us our talents to use. He expects a return on them, like an investment – and what better return could we give God to show our appreciation than the promotion and defense of His Most Holy Mother? Does it seem too difficult? Perhaps if you have greater talents than I and most people, God will expect more – but God never gives us anything we can't handle.

I invite each one of you to share your Volunteer ideas with us.

Think of how far our little Army for Fatima can expand through your own town, through our countries and to the rest of the world.

Coralie Graham, Editor of The Fatima Crusader, discusses Our Lady's Volunteer Program. A number of committed volunteers were given a small reproduction of the Pilgrim Virgin Statue to take home.

You're on Mary's Team

Join Mary's Fatima team now. Fill out the little form "On the Road to Triumph" and send it back to me right away and don't forget to give me all your ideas. I will be sending you all a newsletter to share each of your ideas with each other.

We're on the road to Triumph, you and I. Let’s hear from you soon!

God bless you all.