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The Three Dimensions of Evil

Most Reverend Emmanuel Milingo, native of Zambia, former Archbishop of Lusaka, Zambia, is the founder of an order of nuns with convents in Zambia and Rome. He now works in the Vatican and is Special Delegate of the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerants. Archbishop Milingo is the author of Face to Face with the Devil and other books, and travels throughout the world preaching and healing. We are honored by his presence today as he has just returned from a hectic speaking tour and will be leaving Rome shortly to continue his travels giving even more talks.

By Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo

  My dear brothers and sisters, Father Gruner, and all the organizers of this meeting, I'm very privileged to be with you this morning, to talk about the good and evil. At the same time we cannot forget the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary to carry us through all the turmoil that exists both within and outside our Church.

I have divided my talk into the first, second and third dimension of evil and in the end I have to come back to that we are made in God's image and God's likeness.

Evil Exists

Father Gabriele Armouth here in Rome has made the Church very much aware in Italy of the existence of evil. He has spoken on Radio Maria and even in some articles insisting that it is important to appoint exorcists in order to help so many people who are disturbed, not necessarily through possession but also through different and various ways of tortures.

These various attacks of the devil, we discovered in some people as we go about praying for the sick, the possessed, the disturbed. We discovered that some of them had already been consecrated, even before they were born, to the devil. Some, just as they were born were baptized in the name of the devil. At the age of three some of them are consecrated, sacrificed, killed. The celebration of Black Masses and the above sorts of things continues to go on.

If we read the history of the Church, we find in the life of St. Benedict, whenever he was establishing his new monastery, everytime he found obstacles. Fortunately he was holy and he was able to see how the devil would take different attacks and he fought them through prayer, penance and fasting. And so the monks remained strong, but the devil went so far as to tempt some of his own disciples to want to kill St. Benedict through poisoned food. Again, being so close to God he overcame all that.

Exorcists Needed

Father Armouth, here in Rome had even gone so far as to come back to this subject matter of exorcism to insist with the bishops, to let them know that they have a strict obligation, either they themselves have to do exorcisms, or they have to appoint exorcists, otherwise they are committing a mortal sin. He was very, very courageous to say this.

And why is it they are committing mortal sin? You can't exclude the Gospel, you have three great elements in the Gospel. To preach the Gospel, to cast out devils, and to heal the sick. In the Gospels, the Lord repeats again and again the authority that He gives to the Church over the devil and to heal the sick but purposely, purposely, the Church has neglected these gifts.

We have, at the beginning of Chapter 9 of St. Luke's Gospel, the mission of the twelve Apostles, "He called the twelve apostles together and gave them power and authority over all devils and to cure diseases, and He sent them out to proclaim the Kingdom of God and to heal, He said to them, take nothing for the journey. Not a staff, nor haversack, nor bread, nor money. And let none of you take a spare tunic." "They set out and went from village to village proclaiming the good news and healing everywhere."

If we take Matthew Chapter 10, we see again this strength, which is presented in a different way. Again here is the mission of the twelve. St. Matthew writes, "He summoned His twelve disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits with power to cast them out and to cure all kinds of diseases and sicknesses." This is the part of the Gospel which has been neglected in the Church, and they don't want to take it up.

They think that those who are engaged in this ministry of healing and exorcism, are just individuals who are taking this upon themselves simply upon their own initiative. They think we do this because we are seeking personal fulfilment or publicity.

Now when we speak of the three dimensions of evil, one can say exorcism could be considered something lower, than other forms of fighting the devil because the third dimension is another approach to evil which does not necessarily manifest itself through possession. You may have members who belong to the third dimension of evil. They can be among you and can attend your ceremonies, your homilies, very strong, but they will not react, and I will give you the reasons later on why they don't react.

The First Dimension of Evil

The first dimension is we ourselves; all of us are victims of original sin. As such, we find ourselves divided as in Romans 7. There St. Paul tells us about the inward struggle. He says the law, as we know, is spiritual, but I am unspiritual. I have been sold as a slave to sin, I cannot understand my own behavior, I fail to carry out the things I want to. I find myself doing the very things I hate.

This division within us is innate, and that is why David says in Psalm 50, very clearly, he was born a sinner in his mother’s womb. He is not excusing himself from the fact that he has sinned, but then he remembers that he wants the Lord to mitigate his punishment because he says, "What can I do, I was born a sinner". But after he asks again the Lord that He renew his spirit.

Now all of us we are in that stage, that is the first dimension of evil. Humanity belongs to that, where we are struggling every time to do good. But we must remember at the same time, as James reminds us in Sacred Scripture, that we are not at all tempted by God, but we are tempted by our own concupiscence from within ourselves. We find within ourselves this dualism of good and evil. But sanctity causes us to choose only one way, if you are lukewarm, the Lord says I am not going to accept you. You have to choose. You have to be strong.

We who have received Baptism, have renounced satan with all his works and seductions. So we have to stick to what we have decided. Even if we continue to have within us this struggle, it is up to us to persevere. See how nicely St. James puts it. He gives us the chance to say we have not to despair, but we have to persevere.

James (1:13) says, "Never when you have been tempted say, God sent the temptation. God cannot be tempted to do anything wrong and He does not tempt anybody. Everyone who is tempted is attacked and seduced by his own wrong desire. Desire conceives and gives birth to sin, and when sin is fully grown, it too has a child and the child is death".

We must not say because we are born we have weaknesses — as we are born with original sin — therefore the sin is within us. But we must say very clearly, we have ourselves already died through baptism. We renounce satan, with all his works, with all his seductions. So our perseverance is very important, that is how the saints become saints. They grow within this and they overcome every obstacle until they become saints. So St. James says, now make no mistake about this my dear brothers, all that is good, everything which is perfect is given us from above, it comes down from the Father of all light. With Him there is no such thing as alteration, no shadow of a change.

By His own choice He made us His children, by the message of the truth, so that we should be the first fruits of all that He had created. We know the first dimension, we all belong to that. That is, we all are suffering from this division and we have to struggle through in order that we end winning. Then we are going to belong totally to God as St. Paul teaches very clearly in Galatians, that Christ must be all in all.

Second Dimension of Evil

What is the second dimension of evil? Strange, my dear brothers and sisters, that there are people who have chosen to totally live only for evil. Here in Italy we have a group of people who are called an association of Criminal Sadists. An association of criminal sadists who live only to thoroughly do evil, nothing else. There is nothing in them that tries to do good. Now this is just one group. Luciferians are the same. There is no attempt to do good, and no aspirations to love — nothing! There are differences between luciferians and satanists, because even the angels were of different ranks. Lucifer is to always maintain, even among the devils, his first place. The rest can be categorized as satanists, and that he accepts; but Lucifer does not want the other evil people, satanists to be put on the same level of evil as luciferians. He says luciferians are stronger than satanists; they are an administrative group in the realm of the churches of satan. So now you have a category of human beings ... when we speak of luciferians we are not speaking of the highest fallen angel only, but we are speaking also of the people who are worshipping the devil. And they in there don't talk at all about good and charity. They don't accept it. Their joy as they come together is to destroy completely the existence of the Ten Commandments. And their principle is do what you will.

Here you have, in a lesser degree, some of the magicians who do manipulation tactics. But the second category are those who have chosen to exist only to do evil. And so you have associations of the satanists, criminal association of sadists, the luciferous satanists, the children of satan and all the rest. If they have been Christians, they will never pronounce the "Our Father". They will never say, "Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil." They don't because it is their nature to do evil ... 

Father Gruner listens while His Grace, Archbishop Milingo, speaks to the Bishops and delegates about exorcisms, and the existence of satanic worship that is taking place right inside the Vatican.

Third Dimension of Evil

Now, the third dimension is the most dangerous. It is subtle and the most terrible. You can imagine myself, I have been 24 years combatting evil, and I only came to know this in 1996. I could not believe when I discovered this third dimension of evil. The third dimension is people who follow instructions in satanic sects. This person I am talking about, the founder, Anthony Levy, in the United States. In America they take him for a new messiah. That's how the American Church is. My dear Lord. Oh, you see you take him for a fool. Anthony Levy is not a fool. He has established his church in Los Angeles, Turin, Bassano, Rome and a fourth place, I don't remember the name. Now he has established one on the 31st of October, just before the Feast of All Saints, in Assmara, Africa. Africa still celebrates Halloween with dancing in fires and some still burn in there. Many have been sacrificed. Now in Africa, Levy has appointed someone as a head, like himself, to head up his satanic church there. So he has now reached Africa and they want to cover the whole world.

Now this 'congregation' gives instructions. You first become aspirants, then catechumens, finally you are baptized. Then at the time when you are baptized, it says here, they imitate Christians but they do the opposite of what we do. We say we renounce satan, so they say they renounce God. So they renounce God, Jesus, the whole Holy Trinity. They renounce the Communion of Saints, the Blessed Virgin Mary. They renounce everything. Then they are baptized in the name of satan by an exchange of blood. They take the blood from certain veins here, and mix it with the blood of aborted children or even of something else. The "priest" celebrant mixes the blood and you drink it. With that particular ritual of baptism they take away one's Christian name and give in its place, a new name. Then they put certain things into the satanist's body to wipe away sentiments, affections, everything. So this new kingdom of satan is established completely in them. So that when they are actually sacrificing human beings, these people have completely got no human sentiments, none at all.

Now they are completely transformed. They got to this stage by having abjured their own religion totally and in detail, then they are baptized in the name of Lucifer and they get a new name.

Completely Possessed

Then they are injected and completely possessed. They are transformed and are changed completely. They are completely possessed. Thus, the followers of Lucifer have a rite of initiation just as we have the rite of initiation that is called Baptism. We then have Confirmation. In this Sacrament, the Holy Spirit launches us to lead a public life with power and strength. So too, the satanists do the same from that time on. This one who has become "satanically baptized" in this way is completely demonic.

What privileges do they get? They are strong, they have bi-location, through voices they can talk to people. They can harm someone, destroy someone without being seen. They are able to threaten through voices. If they see one of them wants to get away, they can follow the person, even from a distance. They can beat you from a distance.

Now with this third dimension, I'm sorry to say, our Church belongs to it. I'm very sorry, I could not understand myself, and even now I don't understand. But the only consolation I have is that well, Judas Iscariot was one. Together with Jesus three years, he never changed, then I understand that the third dimension of evil existed not only now, but it existed even then. Because nothing could change the heart of Judas Iscariot, nothing. With all that Jesus did. 

The Italian press coverage of Fatima 2000 especially focused on Archbishop Milingo's speech. The largest Rome daily, Il Messaggero gave front page headlines to Archbishop Milingo's startling accusation that satanists are working in the Vatican. Various other newspapers also featured this revelation of Archbishop Milingo. Because it was so shocking and amazing, the Archbishop called a press conference a few days later and reconfirmed his accusations that satanists are active today in the Vatican. See English translation of excerpts at the end of this article.

In High Places in Our Church

When I found out our Church belongs to this, I thought I would really die of a heart attack. When you see the names of such noble human beings, the highest authorities that you could ever have. But you say, what are they looking for? They are first in the Catholic Church, but what are they looking for, why belong to such a thing? They know it is destructive completely, and it is against humanity, but a priest becomes priest, becomes a bishop, becomes a cardinal, in order that he may be able to save souls. He is there. But why belong to such a thing?

You will see the tactics, what they are going to say. They are going to tell you — —"Oh No. — Milingo speculates." They are going to tell you. Yes, Yes; they are going to tell you, "Ah, No; he is strange." "Don't believe him"; But I am telling you; before long you will see. Then you will understand by what is going to happen to me — by that sign you will understand that what I say is true.

Devil Protected From Exorcist 
by Church Authorities

And one sign is, Milingo is not allowed to do exorcism in this particular diocese in Rome. He can't and it is said, he must not do exorcism here and there. One thing that they don't like for anyone to do is exorcisms.

The devil in the Catholic Church is so protected now that he is like an animal protected by the Government; put on a game preserve that outlaws anyone, especially hunters, from trying to capture or kill it. The devil within the Church today is actually protected by certain Church authorities from the official devil-hunter in the Church - the exorcist. So much so that the exorcist today is forbidden to attack the devil. The devil is so protected that the one who is the hunter, the exorcist, is forbidden to do his job. The hunter in the Catholic Church is told not to disturb the devil. That is very sad, brothers; impossible to believe!

The respect of satan has begun with the Ritual. In Baptism today you must not shout and say to satan, "Vatane satana!" "Begone satan!" you don't do that. You have to be very soft when you are doing Baptism. The formula, you understand, is so beautiful that you must not say too much about the devil. You must be so respectable.

So in the third dimension, it seems the devil, as such, has his own group, his own ministers. We have been given their names. But we do not mention these because we are doing what we are doing ourselves, because we are meeting in the war of the stars with them. So for us, we don't need to fight them by publishing their names. Even if we did, it would not do anything. We must wait, but not to such an extent that we do not fight them by our prayers and other spiritual weapons. We are able to reach them, and that is what Ephesians 6 tells us.

But they are so powerful. To such an extent that they can put people in a trance. They put a curse on your door, you come out and they put you in a car and you, being in a trance, don't even know the one who is driving you. They bring you somewhere, they do anything they want to do with you, bring you back, and only then, after some time you wake up and you try to ask, what is happening. So they have reached that stage.

Although Masonry Invades Church, 
She is not Finished

Now I tell you, I was reflecting very deeply, even if the whole administrative Church is becoming Masonic, and forewarned about the third dimension, because it is the highest power they can have, I must warn you; don't make the mistake that the Church is finished. That is completely wrong. Even if the whole administration part of the Church may become Masonic, and it is, a great part, Masonic; and they become the third dimension of evil, please don't think that the Church is finished. You, indeed, would be completely wrong to side with them.

God Will Defeat Them

This is what I say, myself. Those who are serving satan in the Catholic Church will perish together with him. There is no doubt about this fact. We are surrounded and guided by human persons who are exquisite in their human, natural qualities. We are guided and delayed by the most impressive, educated people in the Catholic Church. Every priest is intellectual. St. John Vianney was known as not being intellectual. But many of the Catholic priests are intellectuals. That is why some become Masonic, because they cannot accept that the devil exists. They can't do that because they are intellectual. The whole world admires our Catholic Church, to be led by the most exquisite, educated persons, and the way we are so marvelously organized. That is us, the Catholic Church. We are led by intellectuals. But we have to remember what Sacred Scripture says in the book of Sirach (19:21): "It is better to have one who has a little intelligence, but who fears the Lord, than to have one who is intelligent, who breaks the law of the Lord."

Father Gruner being interviewed for TV in Rome during the Congress by Enrico Malatesta, who is also author of "Padre Pio ... The Ultimate Secret ..."

The Third Dimension of Good Will Triumph

Now, I wish I could dwell long on that, to tell you they are just the signs of the times. I tell you that when the majority of the Catholic Church leaders will become Masonic and many of them are, to their own destruction, and they will become part of the third dimension of evil. I tell you, don't believe that the Church is finished.

Now we have to look at what is the third dimension of good. This is very important. The third dimension of good is when we combine together what God has done to us to elevate us. We are made in God's image and in the likeness of God. The God image we know He has infused in us to give us life, so we exist. That we have the origin from God is not enough. God has done more than that, He shared His own likeness, and that likeness consists of being in communion with Him in all that we do and that we carry out His will, and at the same time we are invested with what is called the Grace of God. That is very, very important.

Now the likeness of God is exactly that, it makes us live in harmony, in communion with God. Doing His will and growing continuously towards that perfection as Jesus says: Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect.

Now, we ask, how can He say that? He is just laughing at us — no He is not laughing at us. He has everything at our disposal. After He died for us, He once more won for us all the possible graces that can make us advance and be able to acquire again that which was lost by Adam and Eve.

They sinned because they expected they would not die when they committed the sin. They were told by God, you will die if you sin and when they sinned, they found themselves naked. Why were they naked? There was no more union between them and God the Creator. And this we all know:

You give birth to a child, but when it's a drug addict it's not your fault. You have never been a victim of drug addiction or drink.

All kinds of things are happening to children which are not necessarily connected. They do not have their origin from their own parents. Not at all. It's the circumstance in which the person grows and the way he develops his will and the kind of choice that he makes and slowly these conducts separate him from the ideal that his own parents had about him.

So God creates us and He wants us to be like Him, and He tells us the way and He gives us the Ten Commandments and Jesus' love. Love God with all your heart, with all your mind, with all that you are. And love your neighbor as yourself. If you abide by this, you have fulfilled all the laws. If you do that then you are really in the likeness of God. You are in harmony, in communion with God.

First Dimension of Good

Where do we speak of the third dimension of good? We know that the first dimension is when we receive Baptism. Once more we are accepted in the family of God. And then we receive Confirmation and other Sacraments, we have accepted by our own will that we want now to live only for God. And we are speaking even of consecration in our lives. We have made a clear–cut choice. When we are anointed by oil in Baptism and Confirmation, we are consecrated to God. Thus we say we have first been born spiritually, in water, and the Holy Spirit. That's our first dimension — the spiritual one.

The Second and Third Dimensions of Good

And the second spiritual dimension is this clear choice. When the Sacrament of Confirmation was given in the past, the confirmed person was slapped on the cheek to remind him to be like a soldier for Christ. Now you too can stand as a witness to Christ. So the person is sent forth as a Christian just like St. Paul says, "You must shine like the stars that enlighten the Heavens." You too must shine in order that others may see that you really belong to God. Thus, we too, have the second dimension. In our case, it is the second dimension of good.

When we go to the third dimension of good, which is very high, we find it in the lives of the saints. The Fathers of the Catholic Eastern Church, when they speak of the Blessed Virgin Mary, they call Her; "the One Who most resembles the Most High." The Blessed Virgin Mary is the One that is full of grace, and being full of grace you see that She is totally in the hands of the Lord.

Totally, even Her will is so united with the will of God that when God looks at the Blessed Virgin Mary, He is so pleased because all His desires and all His ideas of humanity are fulfilled and realized as God expected from Her. How He wished the Christians, the rest of us, would also do the same.

But you know She was born Immaculate. So in our case we are beginning somewhere. However, nothing impedes us to also succeed, because She is a mother and She likes to see that people imitate Her in what She does. We have to see that She is the one who is the source, that likeness, who has taken it fully. And with Her help, we too can succeed, we too can reach the third dimension of holiness.

Examples of the Saints

There was a saint in Florence, St. Catherine de Ricci. Pope Benedict XIV, in his Papal Bull at the canonization, said we cannot overlook the fact that St. Catherine de Ricci had something very special because she reached a stage where she did not just imitate Christ in her conduct, her behavior, her manners, but Jesus Christ was so content with her that she had the face of Jesus.

Whenever she was in ecstasy, praying, the people saw exactly the face of Jesus in St. Catherine de Ricci of Florence. And Benedict XIV was so impressed that at the canonization he could not, not say that it was something wonderful. So it is possible for the human being to have aspiration, to reach the highest degree of sanctity in such a way that one is able really to correspond to the call of God, by uniting one's total will to God's will, and then doing all that God demands.

And of course the best example is the Blessed Virgin Mary. We are so happy because we have got the Blessed Virgin Mary. But also we have the saints. St. Anthony Abbott of Egypt had just read in the gospel saying, "All that you have, go and sell, give it to the poor, come and follow me". He had a sister and their parents had left them an inheritance. So he told his sister, "Look, now I've read the gospel and I want to follow Jesus; I want to sell everything; so let’s divide the patrimony.

The sister takes what was hers and St. Anthony takes his. He sells it, gives to the poor, and goes in the desert, and lives in the desert 80 years. For 20 of these years he was in an underground cave. There he had water and the people of Egypt made bread that would last one year. They brought him bread every six months for 20 years.

One day the people rebelled, because they did not know if he was living or what had become of him, and so they forced him out and the people were surprised. After his 20 years underground, when he came out he was not older at all. He did not age. His body was as fresh as ever. How is it possible? He was 20 years underground and he did not age. Why? Because his spirit was so high that his body acquired as well, the properties of the soul, and so the soul, together with his body, for a while could not undergo any kind of suffering or decay.

Rejoice! God is More Powerful Than the Devil

So it's true, but why, brothers and sisters, should we in this particular age believe that evil is more powerful? Everywhere, many persons are complaining. They are suffering from the third dimension of evil and they begin to turn against God with despair and commit suicide. But why? It is because the Christian has forgotten that call to perfection: "Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect."

And Jesus is saying ... please, you are not going to mock God as you are doing continuously, it is time now for mercy, but time will come for justice. But you take the responsibility because I send My Mother to warn you, to speak to you, and yet you just put that off without taking the message of the Blessed Virgin Mary seriously.

So my dear brother and sisters, I think I have covered sufficiently to let you digest what I've been saying. Thank you very much Father Gruner and everybody. 

Archbishop Milingo: "Satanists in the Vatican"

Excerpts of press clippings in "The Three Dimensions of Evil".

Are there men of the curia who are followers of satan? "Certainly there are priests and bishops. I stop at this level of ecclesiastical hierarchy - (Archbishop Milingo) said - because I am an arhbishop, higher than this I cannot go." "In December of 1975 - the special delegate of the Pontifical council for the pastoral care of migrants has said - Paul VI said that the smoke of satan had entered the into the Vatican." "He has entered - he commented - but I have not heard that anyone has seen him leave. We must pray so that he will go away."(II Tempo 11/27/96)

The Archbishop Emeritus of Lusaka (Archbishop Milingo), presently working at the Secretariat of the Holy See of Immigrants is certainly convinced that inside the leonine walls (the Vatican) that there are among the bureaucrats at the Roman Curia present today and active some followers of evil forces. The unexpected revelations of satanism has been confirmed by Malachi Martin, the ex-Secretary of Cardinal Augustine Bea. Martin was reached in Manhattan by the magazine The Fatima Crusader. According to Martin, "the prince of darkness has had and continues to have his surogates in the court of St. Peter in Rome". The Fatima Crusader is a magazine for a Fatima movement which is active in both Americas. The North American magazine organizes periodically regional and national conferences for the study of the message of the Madonna given in 1917 to three shepherd children to the Church and humanity. Msgr. Milingo accused parts of the Vatican bureaucracy of having succumbed to the devil, while speaking yesterday at the world congress dedicated to "Fatima 2000, World Peace and the Immaculate Heart of Mary." (II Messaggero 11/24/96)

Satan in the Vatican? When the last explosive declaration of Msgr. Milingo appeared a few days ago in the pages of the newspapers, the effervescent bishop-the African healer, had to be called to order for words which were so compromising. Inperturbably, the ex-Archbishop of Lusaka has called a press conference and ... has confirmed everything. While declaring at the same time to not want to attack the curia but calling in support to his position, none other than the Pope, "Already in 1975, in December, Paul VI said that the smoke of satan had entered into the rooms of the Vatican" and he added with a pause for effect, "no one since that time has said that he has exited from there."(La Nazione 11/27/96)

For more information, see "Satanism is Practiced in Vatican!"