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Letter of 
Father Nicholas Gruner
to Pope John Paul II

Father Nicholas Gruner,
452 Kraft Road,
Fort Erie, Ontario CANADA L2A 4M7

June 17, 1996

His Holiness, Pope John Paul II, 
Vatican City, 

Most Holy Father,

It has been about one year since we published in Rome, our Open Letter to Your Holiness in "Il Messaggero" on July 12, 1995. So far we have not had a reply to our invitation to you.

In that letter, we invited you to come to our Bishops Conference in Rome to discuss Our Lady of Fatima's requests to Your Holiness and your brother bishops in order to bring about world peace and at the same time put an end to the horrible sins that the errors of Communism have spread throughout the world; just as Our Lady of Fatima warned.

As you know, Our Lady has absolutely predicted that unless we obtain the conversion of Russia to the Catholic Faith in time, then Russia will enslave the whole world under its godless tyranny.

Each day this is delayed, many more souls are going to hell, and the world spiritually and physically remains in a state of agony.

Even the secular news media is beginning to expose the fact that Russian Communism is not dead. Just yesterday, despite all the propaganda, we again see the evil of Communism in Russia rearing its ugly head.

The only way to obtain the conversion of Russia is "By this means", namely, "The Holy Father together with all the Catholic Bishops of the world consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary", specifically as She requested.

Millions of souls are supporting you by their prayers, to help you fulfill this request.

One report I get from within the Vatican is that you know that the consecration of Russia is the only way to convert Russia and bring peace to the world, but you feel that there is still too much opposition within your own household. Thus, it is reported, you feel you can do nothing.

Holiness, with all respect, I am certain that such a conclusion is simply not correct. (So far we have received replies from 1900 Catholic Bishops worldwide. Of those, 81.5% have indicated their positive support of our initiative for the consecration of Russia.)*

Please help us set the intellectual climate within the College of Cardinals. (Today 72 Cardinals out of a total of 160 favor our work)* and in the Catholic Episcopacy by publicly showing yourself as interested, either by sending your blessing in writing to our Bishops Conference, or by accepting our invitation to come yourself, or by sending a personal representative to our meeting. Any one of these acts on your behalf will help us in our one common purpose – to bring about the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary – to save souls.

Holy Father, if you cannot show your support because you fear some major danger to yourself or the Church, please prevent those in your own household (as we mentioned in our Open Letter of July 12, 1995.)* from inflicting gross injustices on us and on our Apostolates so flagrantly, all the while, claiming to do it in your name.

Please do not allow those of us who bear the brunt of terrible persecutions at the hands of a few Cardinals and Bishops, to have our God-given rights in Canon Law and Natural Law and Divine positive law be trampled on. (See "Petition to Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos" and "A Canonical Recourse to The Sacred Congregation for the Clergy".)* 

Holy Father, I plead to you, for the sake of endangered souls throughout the world, to allow me l5 minutes to speak with you about this and related matters.

Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Father Nicholas Gruner

P.S. If the few contrary reports that reach me are correct, that
say you believe you have already fulfilled Our Lady s request,
then please publicly proclaim that or I respectfully request
that you allow me to meet you and prove it is not true.

* Words in brackets were added by Editor for easier understanding of our readers. 

NOTICE: Specially qualified lay Delegates have by now received their official invitations to The Fatima Crusader's Congress, "Fatima 2000: The Immaculate Heart of Mary and World Peace" to be held in November in Rome. If you feel you are particularly qualified to participate in our third Fatima Conference for Bishops and Priests, write our membership committee for an application.