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452 Kraft Road, Fort Erie, Ontario 

July 18, 1996

His Grace Darío Castrillón Hoyos, Pro-Prefect
Palazzo delle Congregazioni
Piazza Pio XII, 3
00193 ROMA, Italy

By Fax [011 39 6 69884845] and Registered Mail

Your Grace:

I, Rev. Nicholas Gruner, a Catholic priest ordained on August 22, 1976, do hereby propose recourse against the ecclesiastical penalty inflicted upon me by the decree of the Most Rev. Antonio Forte, O.F.M., dated May 16, 1996 under Protocol No. 102/96, and received by me on May 25, 1996. I also seek recourse from His Excellency's presumed denial of my right to excardination from his diocese, reserving my claim that said excardination has already been granted and that Respondent no longer has jurisdiction over me.

I have complied with the norms of Can. 1734, §1 by petitioning for emendation or revocation of said decree by letter dated May 31, 1996 and sent by Fax and by registered mail on June 3, 1996. (See attached photocopy of proof of mailing of registered letter). Having received no response from Monsignor Forte, I do hereby claim that I have complied with the time limits described by Cann. 1735 and 1737, §2.

This Petition is supported by a Recitation of the Facts and Legal Arguments with Attachments, all appended hereto and hereby made a part thereof.

I respectfully reserve the right to supplement this Petition with additional facts, arguments and documentation as may be necessary.

With sentiments of esteem and assurances of my prayers, I remain,

Your Grace's Servant in Christ,

Rev. Nicholas Gruner

The addresses for Most Rev. Antonio Forte, Bishop of Avellino are: (Enclosed)